Watch Hayao Miyazaki’s 90s Music Video and Be Amazed at His Talent Yet Again

Hayao Miyazaki Figurine

Just when you thought you couldn’t be even more impressed by master Hayao Miyazaki’s artistic talent, this music video he created in the 90s comes up. And, by God, no one can deny that he is indeed a master of his art.

Take note that this was created more than a decade ago, when he was actually in the process of finishing Princess Mononoke, which is now one of the most loved anime films. As the story goes, Hayao Miyazaki was struggling with the film, so he did some things on the side, and this music video is the result.

The video is actually for a “real” song titled by “On Your Mark”, which is performed by Japanese rock band Chage and Aska.

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