Wednesday Wolf’s Star Wars Art Will Creep You Out

star wars art

Unless you’re creepy, and you’re the one that creeps creepy creatures out.

Wednesday Wolf’s self-description is enough to explain the art.

I want to make the world a little stranger. You might have seen me on Reddit or Tumblr. Maybe you met me at a show or convention. Possibly you found me after searching for odd pornography. I am a member of the human species, a variant of ape originating on the third rock from Sol. My homeland is Hong Kong, though I currently reside in Los Angeles completely legally. There is no need to check the paperwork on the matter.

I paint with watercolour, ink, spit and blood. Everything on this website, dear reader, is a slice of my mind. If you find anything offensive or profane, I recommend googling small animals. If you find anything arousing, titillating or intriguing, inform me. If you are alone, lonely and isolated in the dark of the night, know I am sitting up with you.

Ready for Star Wars art that will give you the heebie-jeebies? I won’t even name names. You can surely recognize them even in this form.

star wars art

star wars art

star wars art

star wars art

What’s the verdict? Are these Star Wars art pieces really that creepy, or am I just too jumpy? Check out more of Wednesday Wolf’s art here. Creepiness aside, it’s actually great work.

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