10 X-Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Many of you have probably seen the latest X-Men flick by now, and you might be left wanting – for more X-Men goodness. What we’ve got for you today is more than X-Men goodness, though. It’s all about crossing universes, franchises, and whatnot, tapping into the creative minds of our generation.

So we present to you 10 X-Men mashups that will make your day much better.

Star Wars: Days of Future Past (X-Men Mashup) Trailer

Let’s start with a video, which combines the X-Men and The Force. Imagine Logan channeling The Force. He’d really be the ultimate superhero, wouldn’t he?

Another Star Wars X-Men Mashup

Blue Chewie, I like. You?

kurt  i am your mother   colored by arzeno d5do5jg 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Back to the Future Past

back to the future and x men mashup art back to the future past 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day
That’s just full of awesome, isn’t it? TeeFury had this up some time ago, and although they have different designs up for sale now, do check it out – you might be able to make some arrangements.

Mad X-Men: Don Draper’s Future Past

Here’s another video mashup, which I think Mad Men fans will enjoy. (Try overlooking the fact that the video is actually an ad for Quiznos.)

Game of Thrones X-Men:Days of Future Past Mashup

This particular piece of art is the brainchild of Comfort Love and Adam Withers, who basically put the Game of Thrones characters in the comic cover of Uncanny X-Men #141. Check out their site for more details.

 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

American History X-Men

What happens when you put one of the best movies ever together with mutants? This. Edward Norton’s neo-nazi Derek Vinyard versus X-Men’s Wolverine.

Wolverine in Gears of War

Created by Lei-sam of deviantART, this X-Men mashup has been dubbed as the second weirdest crossover ever – by the artist himself.

gears of war 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Smoke Break

Here’s another X-Men mashup from deviantART.

What better company to have during a smoke break? I’d pay to be a fly on the wall…

smoke break by xshaunx 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day


This one’s old, but who can resist the Muppets and the X-Men together?

 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Days of Future Puff?

X-Men Puff? X-Puff Men? I don’t know. It’s so weird, I had to include it in the list.

X Men Puff 10 X Men Mashups That Will Make Your Day

Yes, we love X-Men mashups:

When the Big Bang Theory Meets the X-Men

Meet the Samurai X-Men

Futurama Characters Re-Imagined As X-Men Characters

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