BRICKNADO: Because Sharknado Is Better in LEGO


Sharknado was so bad it got so much attention, and we even sat through the whole movie as bad as it was! As proof of its success (I think), the producers have made Sharknado 2, which just aired on Syfy.

So bad that it’s good…b’okay.

Then again, even awesome guys like The Brothers Brick have picked up on the Sharknado “craze” and held a contest to showcase the best Sharknado LEGO creations by their fans. Dubbed BRICKNADO (what else can you name it?), the contest had 24 entries, and of these, three got the glory.

BRICKNADO First Place Winner


BRICKNADO Second Place Winner


BRICKNADO Third Place Winner


What do you think of the winners? If you want to see more BRICKNADO creations, visit the official Flickr page.

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