Forever Geek is at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – the King of All Cons!

SDCC 2014 Comic-Con show floor crowd

SDCC 2014 Comic-Con show floor crowd Whether you could make it to San Diego Comic-Con 2014 this week or not, Forever Geek has got your back!

We’ll be roaming the halls of the convention center and the streets of San Diego to bring you our man-on-the-street view of the happenings throughout the week, with exclusive words, images, and maybe even sounds to make you feel like you’re really there – or at least make you feel like you’re sitting in a different line than the one you’re currently in (which is half the experience).

In the first of a series, I sit down with the first of many friends at Comic-Con 2014 and we review the day in a short 5 minute “PodBlast”, courtesy of my site,

I know it’s only preview night, and most of the outside stuff isn’t even constructed yet, but here’s our first glimpse at the madness that has descended upon San Diego this week!

Whether it’s comics, movies, television, gaming, or any one of the various crazy exclusive events throughout the week, we’ll be here to cover it. We hope you’ll follow along with us and share your thoughts on everything that’s happening in the comments below.

Images: Doug Kline

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