The Greatest Gamer Fears

gamer fears

Hi, my name is Noemi. I’m an Injustice: Gods Among Us addict. My greatest “fear” is that the servers go offline, and I can’t get my battle rating up for the week’s tournament.

If you don’t think that’s silly at all, then you probably spend quite some time gaming yourself; and if that is the case, I bet you have at least one of the greatest gamer fears that Dorkly has put together. It’s a series of images that illustrates the things that give gamers chills down their spine.

Like when you don’t save for the longest time, and then you die because of something totally stupid.

gamer fears
And, if your game is disc-based, there’s this.

gamer fears
Then there’s EA taking over the gaming world.

gamer fears

Do you think these deserve to be part of the greatest gamer fears? Check out more at Dorkly.

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