Maleficent Concept Art Reeks of Undeniable Maleficence

Maleficent concept art

Everyone I know who’s seen Maleficent has good things to say about it, and I believe Angelina Jolie playing the head villain is one of the big reasons behind the movie’s success. But what an artist takes things into his own hands and creates some Maleficent concept art?

That’s what Jerad S Marantz of Valley Village, California has done, and boy, oh boy, he has got this thing nailed down. I guess it’s not surprising, given that he’s been working in the film, TV, and gaming industry for more than 15 years.

I guess his Maleficent concept art started with something like this.
Maleficent concept art

And we get some really sweet eye candy as a result.
Maleficent concept art

Maleficent concept art

Maleficent concept art

The next time you get Maleficent nightmares, they might take on a different twist with these pieces in mind.

Via Jared S Marantz

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