RxMen: In Case You Get a Bad Case of Superhero-itis

Before you ask, I have no idea what superhero-itis is, so you can give it whatever definition you want. RxMen, though, is whole new story. The guys at Shutterstock came up with a cool compilation of original artwork featuring cures (RxMen, Rx; get it?) for possible conditions that our superheroes may have. After all, many of them are human – or partially human – just like us.

So in case you turn out to be like your favorite superhero, and you get sick, make sure you know your RxMen.

Armorol for Tony Stark

 RxMen: In Case You Get a Bad Case of Superhero itis
Just in case you get a really bad case of heartburn due to that immense source of power you’ve got embedded in your chest like everyone’s favorite cocky billionaire, genius, and playboy (well not anymore).

Purple Smash for the Hulk

Purple Smash RxMen: In Case You Get a Bad Case of Superhero itis
Dr. Banner may have said that his secret is that he’s always angry, but Purple Smash might just save him from having to be in that constant state of anger. For those of you who have extreme mood swings triggered by whatever, keep this RxMen cure in mind.

Cerebrex for Charles Xavier

 RxMen: In Case You Get a Bad Case of Superhero itis
Having the ability to read and control minds is awesome, but that probably gives you one heck of a migraine on a regular basis. Whether you have super mind abilities or not, if you get massive migraines and nothing seems to work, maybe this is what you have been looking for all your life.

Tortoisol for Barry Allen

 RxMen: In Case You Get a Bad Case of Superhero itis
The Flash is the fastest man on Earth, but I am sure he could use some calming down from time to time, hence this prescription. After all, even the fastest superdude could use some down time. And, if you’ve been called hyperactive one time too many…

Want more? Get them here.

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