SDCC 2014: San Diego Comic-Con Thursday Wrap Up

SDCC 214 - Batman Cape and Cowl exhibit - The Joker

SDCC 214 - Batman Cape and Cowl exhibit - The Joker
Thursday is the first full day at San Diego Comic-Con, and it usually ends up being most people’s first glimpse at the massive event. I talked to two veterans of the Comic-Con experience, my friends Jessica and Holly, who gave their female point of view on the experience. Sure, the female point of view shouldn’t be much different than anyone else’s, but between their route in getting to the Gaslamp District to how they chose what parts of the event to take in during their limited visit, they had a lot to say.

In part 2 of our Comic-Con coverage series, we review the day in a short 5 minute “PodBlast”, courtesy of my site, Take a listen to our 5 Geeky Minutes on San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – Thursday night review!

PodBlasted – 5 Geeky Minutes on… San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Thursday

And here’s more than a few images from San Diego Comic-Con 2014…

To hear our comments on Wednesday’s preview night as well as check out some images, click here.

Images: Doug Kline

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