Suit Up for the LEGO Exo Suit!

exo Suit Up for the LEGO Exo Suit!
We always expect awesome stuff to come from LEGO Cuusoo/Ideas, and while some ideas may take time from conception/submission to actual production, it’s worth the wait.

Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing the LEGO Exo Suit in real life. Yup, sh#t just got real!

The LEGO Exo Suit is the brainchild of Peter Reid, also known as Legoloverman on Flickr. He submitted his idea some years back, but now, the idea is coming to market in August.

The LEGO Exo Suit will have 321 pieces and will set you back $34.99. Check out the video to see just how cool the set is.

On another note, Peter Reid has another ongoing campaign for the Mini Exo Suit. If you want to help, support him here. This mini version of the Exo Suit, if approved and manufactured, will be a perfect complement to your “normal” sized one when you get your hands on it.

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