These Chocolate LEGO Bricks Are the Best Things You’ll See Today

Chocolate LEGO

Chocolate LEGO
What’s better than playing with LEGO bricks and creating something that previously only existed in your imagination?

Playing with LEGO bricks and snacking on them afterward!

Thanks to illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi, you can actually create chocolate LEGO. He designed moulds wherein you can pour liquid chocolate into. You just need to wait for the chocolate to cool, and pop out it goes – all ready for you to play with and eat.
Chocolate LEGO 2

Chocolate LEGO robot
Of course, there’s the potential problem of how fast the bricks will melt in your hands (maybe M&Ms has the solution here), but no one can deny the brilliant appeal of chocolate LEGO.

Play and eat. Sold!


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