Cosplay Highlight: Disney Warrior Princesses

We all love the Disney princesses, although I think I wouldn’t be totally wrong if I say that sometimes, we want a little more oomph to them. Some time ago, an artist turned the dainty princesses into Disney warrior princesses instead.

This time, women dress up for real – as real as real can be – as Disney Warrior Princesses. And they rock.

These photos are by William Phan, which he took at Anime Revolution in Vancouver.

Disney Warrior Princesses Cosplay Highlight: Disney Warrior Princesses

Disney Warrior Princesses 2 Cosplay Highlight: Disney Warrior Princesses

I am not sure who this is…help?

Disney Warrior Princesses 3 Cosplay Highlight: Disney Warrior Princesses

I think this is the best I’ve seen Snow White yet. (Disclosure: she’s not exactly my favorite Disney princess.)

Snow White Cosplay Highlight: Disney Warrior Princesses

So what do you think of these real-life Disney princesses who are more ready to kick butt than burst into song and dance? Think you can one-up them?


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  1. Daemondea says:

    she is Cinderella and shes an awesome cosplayer!

  2. Perfect for Halloween!

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