Funko Blind-Boxed Sci-Fi Minifigs Coming Soon!

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THIS is why people go broke. Funko, you can go to wherever people who make cool stuff so that we can throw our money at them go!!!

If you think I’ve gone mad, well, I’m nearly there anyway…

But what’s getting toy collectors all over the place excited (and making sure they’ll have enough cash or credit on their cards) is that Funko Blind-Boxed Sci-Fi Minifigs are coming soon!

It’s not enough that we already want to spend money on Dancing Groot?! (On that note, do check out Vin Diesel’s #PlantATreeForGroot campaign and take part if you can.)

So here are the images of the wee toys that are going to make you go broke soon.

funko blind-boxed sci-fi minifigs

funko blind-boxed sci-fi minifigs


Which one would you love to get first?


More toys. Just because.

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One thought on “Funko Blind-Boxed Sci-Fi Minifigs Coming Soon!

  1. Robbie, the Robot. Then Spock. Then Mal. Although if they had a Kosh, he’d be at the head of the line. No love for Babylon 5. :(

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