The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking

You obviously know what the title is referencing, but just in case, check it here. The reference can be seen as a long stretch, but once you see the infographic (of sorts) that explores hacking, its history, and how it is relevant to you today, I think you just might be a tad impressed.

The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking 930x433 The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking

The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking was created by the guys at Norton Internet Security (surprise, surprise!), and they did a pretty swell job of presenting facts about hacking, a topic which is not boring in the first place, but the graphic really does take things to a new level I think.

From the MIT Train Hackers to Hollywood hackers, you’ll find a lot of interesting history.

MIT Train Hackers 930x450 The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking

For more recent data, you can also find out which countries have most hackers.

hacker origins 930x433 The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking

Since it’s an interactive graphic, it’s best seen in its original form in the web site:  The Hitchhikers Guide to Hacking. Enjoy!

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