iOS Racer SXPD is the Perfect Game for the Comic Book Fan

 iOS Racer SXPD is the Perfect Game for the Comic Book Fan
I don’t know about hard numbers supporting the idea that gamers are also huge comic book fans, but if you happen to be a combination of both, and you have an iOS device, then you will want to download the iOS racer game SXPD.

The game is indeed the world’s first game-comic book hybrid and is drawn by Duke Mighten (Batman: Book of Shadows and Judge Dredd) in pen and ink, making the scenes rather breathtaking, not to mention giving you the feeling that you’re playing through a comic book story. Gaming and comic books, what else can you want?

Here’s the launch trailer to tease you a bit.

SXPD used to be for the iPad only, but a recent update has made the game compatible with the iPhone as well. If you want your comics to be more high-speed and exhilarating, the download SXPD. Oh, and if I were you, I’d do it NOW because it’s free as opposed to the original price of $1.99 (you never know when the price goes back up).

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