Make Sure You Look the Part With This Sin City Grayscale Makeup Tutorial

sin city grayscale makeup

sin city grayscale makeup
I have to admit that when I first saw Sin City, I was drained. And that was only after watching the first part. I had to take a considerable break before finishing the movie, and more than the story itself, I do think the whole atmosphere and looks of the characters added to my draining experience. But I went back for more.

And now that I think about it, that grayscale look is not so bad at all. Especially if you’re the one wearing it.

Thanks to Katie Alves and Halloween Costumes, anyone can now have that Sin City grayscale look.

Check out this Sin City Grayscale Makeup Tutorial. It’s perfect timing for when you go to see the movie in the theaters.

Sin City Grayscale Makeup Tutorial

So what do you think? Is the Sin City grayscale makeup look doable?

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