Vin Diesel Starts #PlantATreeForGroot Campaign

Vin Diesel may be a bit on the narcissistic side – based on his Facebook posts, that is – but he does concrete things to help others out. (That being said, I’m his biggest fan.) We already have him on record doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, challenging none other than Putin himself.

Additionally, he’s gone in another direction, launching #PlantATreeForGroot Campaign. While we’re not sure whether the pun is intended or not, the #PlantATreeForGroot Campaign is for real, and he is challenging people to actually go out there and plant trees.

Whether you do it for Groot or not, the result is the same: you get to contribute to a good cause. For Lord knows this world needs more trees.

Vin Diesel is challenging other celebrities to join his #PlantATreeForGroot campaign, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind if a horde of non-celebrities like you and me do it, too.

So what say you? Are you up to the challenge?

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