Give Your Dog the Ultimate Geeky Present: the Dog Space Suit

Russian dog space suit

It really can’t get any geekier than this for dog lovers. Forget those cutesy superhero dog outfits that you can buy anywhere online and from brick-and-mortar pet stores. They have nothing – absolutely nothing – on this dog space suit.

Russian dog space suit
For one, it is a space suit. For dogs. What else can you say about that?

Second, this dog space suit is the real deal. It was worn by a real dog who went to space. For real.

The story is that in the 1950s, the Russians sent out two canines into space. We all know that the Russians were racing with the other superpowers to get out their, but I honestly didn’t know that dogs were part of the missions. I always thought that was monkey territory!

But no, dogs were their choice of animals, because they were able to sit still for longer periods of time – as opposed to chimpanzees, which the Americans preferred. Who would have thunk?

So yes, this dog space suit was used by a canine during the Sputnik 5 mission, and it is being auctioned on the 13th of September in Berlin.

The starting price is 4,000 euros, although the estimated value is double that at 8,000 euros. You can even place an absentee bid online in case you’re located somewhere else.

Now I’m normally not a fan of dressing up pets. I think it’s ridiculous, but if I had the money, I’d buy this dog space suit in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?

Love pets? So do we.

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