Mark Your Territory With the Batlighter

But don’t be over enthusiastic, as you might be arrested for vandalism.

It’s technically called a Batman Branding Iron, because that’s what it does: burn Batman’s logo (or brand) onto wood.

 Mark Your Territory With the Batlighter

The lighter part comes into the picture, because you need some heat to get that Batlighter going and leave your Batman’s logo behind. It clips right onto the top of a Bic lighter, which you can find anywhere.

How to use it?

Just connect the Batlighter to your Bic, and then light it for 60-90 seconds, and press the stamp into the surface you want to brand.

 Mark Your Territory With the Batlighter

Now, children, this is NOT a toy, although I have to admit I can’t help of think of it as such. As our parent always told us, don’t play with fire. But this is technically not direct fire, right?

You can get the Batlighter at niquegeek for $30.60.

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