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Save 3% On Zombies VS Zombie Hunters!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 50, toy soldiers are awesome to play with.  These Zombies VS Zombie Hunters plastic figures take the classic toy soldiers and give them a post-apocalyptic horror twist. The pack comes with 35 figures of both zombie hunters (SWAT or Hazmat units) and insatiable zombies. Halloween may be months […]

A Field Guide to Zombies

Don't know a Walker from an Infected? Should you find yourself face-to-face with a zombie, this handy guide will teach you to identify the most common types of zombies and how to kill them.

Weekly Poll: Zombies vs. Vampires

Once upon a time, before vampires were sparkly, they ruled the night. Twilight may get all the PR, but there are still plenty of real vampires out there. Lately, zombies have been moving into the mainstream, encroaching on the vamps’ territory. Who’s the coolest?

Black Ops Zombies Comes to App Store

Activision is bringing Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies to iPhone, iPod, and iPad tomorrow. And by all indications, it’s going to be a blast.

Zombies, Run!

No one can deny that Kickstarter is a great place to discover all sorts of cool stuff, and what I came across today is simply more proof. Zombies, Run! is a video game project being developed in the UK by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman. It is an iOS and Android app that is […]

Loved Star Control II? You’ll enjoy Space Pirates vs Zombies

Inspired by a cult classic, Space Pirates vs Zombies is a highly engaging space sim with a lot of replay value. For those of you young enough to remember playing Star Control II, it is enough to say that Space Pirates vs Zombies brings back the nostalgic feel of that very same space sim and […]

Humans vs. Zombies: It’s the Real Thing

Before there was Plants vs. Zombies, there was Humans vs. Zombies.  Don’t believe me? I don’t know if you have heard of this “movement” in universities all over the world. Humans vs. Zombies is actually a live game, where people play as – you got it – humans and zombies. Forget zombie soccer games or […]

“Night of the Little Dead” – a Short Film About Little People Zombies

“Night of the Little Dead” starring Adam Savage, Penn Jillette, Bill Moseley, Aye Jaye, Erica Taylor, Gary Morgan, Martin Klebba, & James Hurley and directed by Ezekiel Zabrowski and Frank Ippolito. From the makers of “Dracula’s Daughters Vs the Space Brains” (starring Neil Patrick Harris and currently available on iTunes), “Night of the Little Dead” […]

Feed: Zombies and Bloggers

Next to vampires, zombies are the most popular supernatural beings in books, movies and TV shows. Especially since last year with the highly promoted release of The Passage by Justin Cronin. The first book of a trilogy, about vampires. It’s a very thick book which wasn’t all that bad, but did not live up to […]

Bruce Campbell Marries Some Zombies [Video]

I reported last week that Bruce Campbell was officiating the wedding of two lucky fans at ZomBCon and now that wedding has happened! Campbell officiated in front of a large crowd while wearing a very underworld looking red suit. The video shown below comes from Geekscape and is actually of the renewal ceremony which allowed […]

It's Time to Fall in Love with Zombies

This autumn one of the most epic events ever to unfold for zombie lovers will take place: a zombie TV series, and a promising one, at that. There’s never been a better time to fall in love with zombies. (See what I did there? Autumn? “Fall” in love? Get it?) I am of course speaking […]

Zombies, Robots, Man – just who are the monsters?

So two eight-page strips made my head and heart spin, leaving me with the confusion that if I was happy I should be disgusted, but if I was disgusted then I was missing out on the happiness. Appalled, yet willing to keep secrets.

Move over zombies, I can see a new fad!

It would be an understatement to say that mankind has had a fascination with gods for quite for quite some time, but it really seems to have come to the fore recently.

Zombies and the Empire. Get Your Imperial Star Wars Undead T-Shirt!

This is the best T-shirt you’ll see all day long and we already had some really ace tees here at ForeverGeek but this one beats’em all. At least for today. Remember the main rule: Zombie shirts rule’em all!. This time though, things get better than 51Undead.

Zombies + Farmville = Zombie Farm!

What do you get when you combine Zombies and Farmville? You get Zombie Farm! You can’t believe how excited I got when I learned about this iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad app from my sister! Just the other day, a few friends and myself were having a discussion about the various addicting Facebook games. One […]

Plants vs Zombies Paper-Mache (Papier-mâché)

Two good friends are getting married this weekend. For their pre-wedding “hello and meet everyone else” dinner they hired the help of a caterer who is also adept with Papier-mâché. The theme: Plants vs Zombies. According to the caterer, this was the first time she was ever commissioned to do a “Plants vs Zombies” themed […]

A Decade of Zombies IV: Epidemic Rooted in Society

This is Part IV of a series titled ‘A Decade of Zombies.’ Part III is here. “Most people would rather die than think.” – Bertrand Russell The “infection” is a social commentary. When Peter Jackson released King Kong, the reference to the giant ape coming from a place called Skull Island traces its roots back […]

A Decade of Zombies III: Order amidst Chaos

This is Part III of a series titled ‘A Decade of Zombies.’ Part II is here. Perhaps the canon of modern day zombie subculture would be two works of literature by Max Brooks (Mel Brooks’ son). In 2003 he released the Zombie Survival Guide (a copy of which I keep in the glove compartment of […]

A Decade of Zombies II: Apocalypse, Anytime

This is Part II of a series titled ‘A Decade of Zombies.’ Part I is here. Playwright David Ives once said that “it is all in the timing” referring to the concept of the punch line. It appears to be the similar case with the zombie apocalypse where the punch line is made more humorous […]

A Decade of Zombies I: Social Infection and Romero's Influence

It was much simpler back then. Zombies, just like pirates, robots and ninjas became a significant part of pop culture due to the enduring appearances in movies, comics, video games and the Internet. In the past decade however, the term “zombie” has been ironically stratified into many other sub-types. Before the influence of George Romero’s […]