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ForeverGeek was started in 2004 by the almighty online procrastinator Scrivs. The aim of ForeverGeek is to bring you cool, less mainstream, geeky news. If it’s cool and Gizmodo or Endgadget don’t have it, this is where you’ll find it.

The author team of ForeverGeek currently consists of…

Noemi Twigg

Noemi Twigg Noemi is a full-fledged work-in-bed freelance writer/editor who sees it her duty to “keep tabs on the industry”. That may or may not include having to read up on the latest TV shows, fantasy and sci-fi books, geek merchandise, and the like.

A resident of the tropics, this bookworm is a beach bum wannabe, a digital hobo, and a professional nap-taker rolled into one.

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Doug Kline

Doug Kline
Based in Los Angeles, Doug is the writer of the San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide, the creator of The Conmunity, and the original Pop Culture Geek. He’s 7th row center on opening night at my favorite theater, he watches 70+ TV series in the course of a year, reads way too many comics, and prefers PC gaming, even if he owns the consoles but only has time to play stuff on his phone and tablet.

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Nopy Nopy is an engineer and a rabid fan of anime. He also enjoys collecting anime figures, reading manga, and viewing artwork from anime/manga artists. Nopy began blogging about anime in 2008 and joined the Forever Geek team in 2009. Besides anime and manga, he also enjoys the occasional video game and catching the latest internet memes.

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Previous Contributors

Darren Burr

Darren Burr A devoted follower of the comics industry and their characters since a child, Darren now plays in many media but always returns to characters in skin-tight costumes beating each other up on the page. Radio host, blogger, fanfic author and producer of You Tube content, Darren idles away his days until his digital conquest of the world is complete.

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Robin Parrish

Robin Parrish Writer of words. Lots and lots of words. In novels and on the Internet. Father of two, husband of one. Snappy dresser. General blogger and head Gaming Geek for ForeverGeek (@FGgamer). Blogger, Erati: TV With Brains (@EratiTV). Games Reviewer, Apple Gazette. Columnist, Freelance Writing Jobs.

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Aimee Long

aimeepic2Aimee once wanted to be a librarian, but fell into writing by chance and circumstance. Loves too many things. Huge fan of Fringe (Enough to enlist social media to save it, as co-founder of fan group Fringenuity.) X-Phile. Loves rock-and-roll with a vengeance. Interested in all types of geekery from gaming (cards, dice, and table) to conventions. An avid reader who enjoys learning new things, but her main interests are history, politics, philosophy, science, fantasy, horror, science fiction…This could go on all day… Likes to imagine that her alternate versions do the things that there just isn’t time to do in one lifetime.

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