Splitterbot does just what a standard audio splitter does, but cuter

I feel just a little shame posting this Splitterbot guy just after some important leakage, but the fact is that anything with a little robot face on it has to be worth a look, even if it’s more expensive and barely more functional than a standard audio splitter. Yes, indeed, the Splitterbot is a friendly […]

Would you pay $1m for Top10.com domain name?

I’m not one for playing the domain name game: any time I’ve even dabbled I’ve got it wrong, the chances of finding a few names worth a lot are pretty slim, and I don’t have the time or inclination to work with a lot of small names making a few bucks here and there. Oh, […]

L'Oreal marketing: MP3 better than Vinyl? Huh?

L’Oreal recently ran a TV ad campaign in the UK for its new hair care product “INOA”, suggesting that its funkily-named coloration product is altogether better than any existing system. Maybe it is, but to a music-appreciating tech geek, the comparisons fall a little flat. Take a look: (Hopefully that video is still there, though […]

OV'L: Wall clock tells time with circles and dashes

Regular readers will know what a fan I am of alternative clocks and watches. Any way of spicing up the chore of time-telling has to be a good thing. I didn’t come up with this idea when I created five concept watch designs, but I wish I had. Called OV’L, this wall clock displays both […]

Three iPhones, One Girl: Irreplaceable

Using multiple iPhones to create music isn’t new, but this video demonstrates one of the easier-on-the-eye/ear versions. Forget the possibility that a Beyonce track may not count as geek music (far too mainstream, right?) or that you don’t have to be an uber-geek in order to set this up… …kudos to this girl for (a) […]

Five concept watch designs that make you calculate the time

Inspired by the likes of Tokyo Flash watches, I started thinking about some concept watch designs that would force the wearer to work the old grey matter in order to work out what time it was. Some offer more precision that others, and some are easier to read, but all are definitely not your average […]

Sony and CBS unveil 3D consumer research centre

As consumers get their heads around all things high definition, the next big thing is 3D TV. We already know that a number of consumer electronics companies and broadcasters are pushing full steam ahead with plans to launch hardware and programming in 3D, and now Sony and CBS have partnered to open up a 3D […]

Careless laptop users emitting Wi-Fi and alerting thieves

One of the latest warning issued by a security specialist is that of turning off your Wi-Fi connection before hibernating your notebook PC. According to Credant Technologies, some users are unwittingly advertising the location of their laptop to anyone with a cheap off-the-shelf handheld wireless signal detector. Apparently one of the global hotspots for this […]

Logitech launches laptop speaker bar: Z205

Remember the times before laptops came with webcams as standard and you had to clip one on to the top of the screen? Well, it seems Logitech has applied this approach to the latest set of portable speakers. The Z205 is a speaker ‘bar’ that attaches to the top of your notebook’s screen and delivers […]

Sony shows off advanced digital voice recorders

Dictaphones: that’s what they used to be called. Today, though, those silly little cassette tapes and fiddly controls have all but gone and we’ve turned digital. In fact, after years of wanting a digital recorder, I now use my iPhone. However, there are still some nice features on these new recorders from Sony that would […]