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6 Best Buddy Cop Movies Of All Time

Buddy cop movies follow a certain pattern. The good ones are as edgy and violent as they are funny. There is a real sense of danger as the two cops who could get the bad guy “if they don’t kill each other first” go head-to-head with ruthless villains capable of any form of evil. The […]

5 Villains Who Deserved The Win

Ever get the feeling the villains in your favorite TV shows and movies deserved to win? Did it hurt the experience for you if they didn’t, or did you breathe a sigh of relief? Today we’re going to look at 5 movie and TV villains who completely deserved the upper hand. See if you agree. […]

6 Christmas Horror Movies To Light Up Your Holiday

The Holidays are here again, and this special time of year just isn’t complete without a marathon of Christmas Horror Movies to get your blood pumping. While the list you’re about to see isn’t exhaustive, these do happen to be the only Christmas Horror Movies we feel are worth your time. Not included because they’re […]

Christmas Movies, Geek Style: 6 Flicks Celebrating The Holidays With A Bang

Christmas movies as defined by any other site might be something like It’s A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story. Fair enough. These are great films in their own right, but they don’t really give us geek-types the charge we’re looking for out of a movie. That’s why we’ve decided to dig a little deeper […]

5 Great Movies That Kind Of Sucked

“Good” and “bad” are subjective when it comes to art, and filmmaking is no exception. But while we all try to get together and assign reasonable standards of what works and what doesn’t, there are moments where we get it wrong. In the same way that films like Office Space can flop upon first release […]

Thanksgiving Horrors! 5 Movie Families Way Worse Than Yours

Thanksgiving will be here on Thursday, and while you may be looking forward to it about as much as your next colonoscopy or pap smear, we’re willing to bet that things could be worse than a day of eating with your family. In fact, here are 5 movie families that are likely way worse than […]

Halloween Shopping: Best Bargains Of The Horror Season

One thing we love about the holidays around here are the slashed prices on some of our favorite things — books, movies, and comics. As it turns out, I made quite the haul this year and thought I would share some of them with you guys. If you’re worried this will be rambling and inappropriate, […]

7 Great Horror Movies For People Who Hate Them

  I love horror movies. And as a person who loves horror movies married to a person who pretty much hates them, I’ve had to find creative ways of indulging my genre of choice over the years. To the wife’s credit, she can tolerate the occasional horror flick, and she has no problem with me […]

10 Best Halloween Themed Horror Movies

Hayrides, candy, carnivals, and horror movies. At one time, Halloween may have been about human sacrifice and witchcraft, but today it’s all about having fun and watching some flicks. And what better way to do that than to cue up some Halloween themed horror movies? After all, Christmas shouldn’t have all the movie fun. Here are […]

5 Most Inappropriate PG Movies Of All Time

MPAA ratings are confusing, to be nice, and downright stupid to be not-so-nice. If you think this is a new thing, then you’d be wrong. Before the PG-13 rating was created, there were a lot of PG movies that would literally be rated R today. Nevertheless, the discrepancies haven’t stopped the Motion Picture Association of America from coming […]

6 Edge-Of-Your-Seat Thrillers You Probably Forgot About

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Hollywood produced a slew of well-thought-out thrill rides that often pitted flawed good guys versus seemingly unstoppable bad guys (or odds) for white-knuckle suspense that kept you guessing. Then they got distracted by a bright shiny new thing called CGI and every theatrical release was pretty much a superhero movie. […]

6 Movie Endings That Will Leave You Speechless

It’s difficult for a movie to move me to that point where I have no words to describe what I’ve just seen. For one, most movies suck these days with all the creativity migrating to television. Anyhow, at one time, film knew how to pull it off. Inspired by a recent Reddit thread on this […]

9 Horror Sequels And Remakes That Might Have Been

Horror movies easily rank among our favorite kind here at ForeverGeek, and they don’t even have to be good to win our hearts. Some are so bad they’re laughable. Some have plenty of blood and gore but not much in way of story. Others are pointless horror sequels and remakes that we love if for […]

Rambo 5 Is Coming! What We’d Like To See

News has been going around that Rambo 5 is Sylvester Stallone’s next project, and as such, the man himself is already getting into shape for a return to the Icon of Action Cinema. While part of us should be excited about this — after all, the fourth entry of Rambo is one of the greatest […]

80s Horror FX Guys: The 5 Best, And Their Masterpieces

The 80s Horror FX guys were the best around. Now that we’ve largely moved on to CGI, even for blood and guts, it seems the Golden Age is over and it’s not coming back. Not to fear! We can still revisit classic 80s horror FX through these five masters and their masterpieces. 5. Stan Winston, […]

Rocky Balboa: 5 Things That Irked Us Even Though We Love It

The Rocky films have hit Amazon Prime for what we hope will be a really long time, even though they didn’t last very long on Netflix Instant. Still, at least once per year, we feel the need to watch all six in order, whether it’s on streaming, Blu-ray, or regular DVD. As a personal bonus, […]

The Expendables Opposite Day: What If Roles Were Reversed?

In a recent thread on Reddit, a number of users attempted to sort out what The Expendables would be like if it were Opposite Day and instead of film’s greatest heroes, we got something completely different. We’re not sure how you guys would answer that question, but it’s a surprisingly more complex one than you […]

5 Best Horror Comic Anthologies Ever

While we certainly appreciate the longform horror tale around here, there’s nothing quite like the short bursts of terror that a great anthology can provide. In the world of horror comic anthologies, there have been many aspiring books that never found their audience. But every now and then, a special one comes along with the […]

7 Most Unhinged Movie Heroes Of All Time

Some movie heroes are rough around the edges, and some are downright crazy. In our opinion, the anti-hero has always been more interesting than your standard boy scout, and one look at the seven names on this list will cause you to agree. Let’s get started, but first, a word of warning: these bad good […]

6 Stupidest Movie Premises

The stupidest movie premises don’t always turn out the stupidest movies. We’ll get that out of the way from the front. Some of the films on this list are pretty good in spite of the log lines they were dealt. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make them any less outlandish. Give these six a look and see […]