6 Stupidest Movie Premises

The stupidest movie premises don’t always turn out the stupidest movies. We’ll get that out of the way from the front. Some of the films on this list are pretty good in spite of the log lines they were dealt. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make them any less outlandish. Give these six a look and see […]

6 Movies We’d Like To See Again For The First Time

“See it again, for the first time!” With these words, George Lucas launched his reissues of the space opera that defined a generation. It set us to thinking: what movies would we watch again for the first time if we could? In this fantasy scenario, we wouldn’t be jaded by the filmgoing experiences that came […]

Beverly Hills Cop, 5 Other Movie Cops We’d Like To Revisit

Beverly Hills Cop Axel Foley is returning to the big screen after grossing close to $800 million worldwide throughout the life of the series. True, the third one was weak and the recent CBS pilot was not picked up, but a fourth film still excites our sense of nostalgia for those great classic cop flicks […]

13 Intense Movie Moments We Can Barely Sit Through

Intense movie moments are generally the sign of a fine motion picture. If you recoil or tense up or even leave the room during a specific part, then in our book, the film has done its job. That’s led us to pick out our 13 favorite intense movie moments. See if you agree. (SPOILERS ahead!) […]

8 Movie Heroes Who Didn’t Finish The Job

Movie heroes are generally supposed to finish what they start. However, sometimes circumstances call for things to go differently. Be it a premature death or some other form of unexpected twist, it’s a good thing these guys had a strong supporting cast to finish things out. Before we get going, THIS IS YOUR SPOILER ALERT. […]

8 Saddest Screen Deaths We’ve Ever Witnessed

The saddest screen deaths of all time have often occurred in summer blockbusters and hero-centric films where the good guy is always supposed to win. Well, sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. Here are the eight saddest we’ve ever witnessed. SPOILERS after this point; ready the tissues!  8. The Iron Giant When the Iron […]

8 Worst Movies We Somehow Managed To Finish

Usually when a film fails to hold our interests we turn off the television and go do something more worthwhile. (Actually that’s a lie; we just find something else to watch.) Anyhow, some are terrible, but for some reason we keep watching. That’s led us to share with you, our readers, these 8 Worst Movies […]

7 Surprising Movies That Should Have Sucked (But Didn’t)

We’ve seen some surprising movies in our time, especially when it comes to those that should have been decent but ended up terrible — like these 8 Geek Movies We’d Like To Obliterate From Existence, for example. Luckily, every now and then, such flicks come along that go the opposite direction. They’re so good, even […]

8 Best James Bond Opening Title Songs (And Sequences)

The James Bond opening is as iconic as the suave, sophisticated secret agent himself. It simply wouldn’t be a Bond film if it didn’t begin with a slam-bang action sequence that then dissolves into a sexy, alluring music video (of sorts). In honor of this well-honored tradition, we’ve decided to pick the 8 Best James […]

8 Geek Movies We’d Like To Obliterate From Existence

Often, when we talk about geek movies, superheroes come to mind; but in reality, the definition goes far beyond that to pretty much anything my 12-year-old self would have eagerly consumed. By adopting the broader label, we can mingle superheroes with summer blockbusters, sci-fi, and more. And when I was a youngster, I was always […]