Moving Photographs

Animated Photo

Remember how GIF ((Graphics Interchange Format (GIF))) animated icons used to be all that in the early days of internet? Then they became the bane of the internet. Even in these days I have had clients requesting to use GIF images on their website. Big and blinking still are the big no no that some […]

Artistic Movie Posters

tomasz opasinski

If you like movies, art and wall decorations you should check out Tomasz Opasinski’s work. He creates abstract posters of movies like, Inception, Tron, Black Swan and even A Nightmare on Elm Street. For a lot of the posters he uses a plain or modified munny doll. Tomasz art is very abstract and modern. If […]

Rebirth of the Commodore 64 PC


Commodore has re-booted their 64 PC line, now packing more power than the first release in 1982. Keeping the same, now retro casing, but fully fitted with the most recent technology. Offering 5 price class, from a barebone case of $250 to a fully equipped case, containing amongst other a Blue Ray drive and 1 […]

The Body Shop Mix Ups

body shop mixups

Fictional mechanical characters are very popular amongst geek. Yes, The General Lee is as much a character in The Dukes of Hazzard as Daisy Duke is. Same goes for Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters and several other movies and cartoons. There is always new fan designs to be found based on popular cars, robots, characters, etc. Artist […]

The Pathology of Inactive Life

MBike ads

MBike, a bike brand, has a very unique ad campaign using a threesome of fictional pathology illustrations depicting the consequences of an inactive life due to our modern way of life. With computers and machines doing most of the work, we humans spend a lot more time sitting behind a computer than 60 years ago. […]

9 Peanuts Tattoos To Drool Over

Peanuts Tattoos

In keeping up with the tattoos series, I looked around the internet for Peanuts tattoos. Who doesn’t know Peanuts or it’s main character Charlie Brown? They never bore, each year without missing they are on TV for the holidays in the U.S. The comics are full of imparting wisdom’s. I found nine tattoos good enough […]

Auto Ink: An Art Machine


Artist Chris Eckert designed and build an ink machine. The main idea was to make it a tattoo machine, but currently it is fitted with a custom ink pen. The idea for the machine is inspired by religion. Chris believes that you are born into your religion, thus being defined by geography. Chris states that […]