About Darren Burr

A devoted follower of the comics industry and their characters since a child, Darren now plays in many media but always returns to characters in skin-tight costumes beating each other up on the page. Radio host, blogger, fanfic author and producer of You Tube content, Darren idles away his days until his digital conquest of the world is complete.

Eight Great Superman Analogue Movies That Will Never Be Made

A black Superman who was convinced to retire from society in the Fifties because some old white guys felt the world was not ready for him; the themes presented in this tale are sadly as relevant today as in Adam’s original era.

Feeling The T.H.U.N.D.E.R.

Last seen in the old, er, New, erm, old DC Universe in the build up to the Final Crisis, and much like the Crusaders, the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents graft into DC didn’t really take, if indeed they were even in the DCU. So like many licenses lying around, IDW has taken the baton and ran with it.

An Infinity Of Questions

We now have the strongest team of Avengers aligned together that we have ever seen. Not even the nearly forty-strong team that faced the threat of Michael/Korvac possessed such power. Thor, Hyperion, a Star Brand. Captain Universe. Not to mention all of our stalwart heroes who have been there forever. All major players in Infinity.

Serusis – Big Dog Ink Aims High

Now we pride ourselves at ForeverGeek at hunting out and highlighting the more obscure but nevertheless enjoyable aspects of all things Geek. The main qualifier has to be fun, fun, fun, and Big Dogs Ink’s latest foray matches the bill. I have made no secret of my love of Critter (and all of the associated […]

Doctors New And Old, Fifty Years Of Doctor Who

it is Doctor Who canon that a Time-Lord only ever has twelve incarnations. That means that Capaldi is the Penultimate Doctor, unless they deal with this.

A First-Timer’s Impression Of San Diego Comic Con

Now that the San Diego Comic Con is over and the dust has settled, the internet is abound with autopsies into the event. There was NO massive comics news announced, which puts the truth to my previous musings as to just what the major companies could possibly have left to announce regarding their future plans. […]

A Touching SDCC Tribute To Jim Kelly

The Grand Master Lion Man has gives up his SDCC stall in memorial to martial arts master Jim Kelly

Course Of The Force (SDCC)

You don’t have to get into the Convention Centre to enjoy the atmosphere of the San Diego Comic Con 2013, as SDCC related events are spring up all around the Gaslamp area. The Course Of The Force officially ended yesterday, but can be revisited at the Chuck Jones Gallery, who are hosting a series of […]

Preparing for SDCC

Wandering around the streets of San Diego, you can already see the signs of the approaching San Diego Comic Con, the biggest event of the convention calendar. Threatening every year to outgrow the San Diego Convention Centre, SDCC is the Mecca for geeks of every stripe. Attempting to obtain a ticket is almost equivalent to […]

Avengers A.I. Absolutely Inspiring

Well, if the Age of Ultron was the price I had to pay to wait for Avengers A.I., then you can colour me more than satisfied. Not since the pages of West Coast Avengers have we had the opportunity to pick apart Henry Pym, in a fashion that does not leave him being a total […]