Pioneer One: Not Lost in Space

Pioneer One

Here’s a bold statement: episode three of Pioneer One may go down in history as one of the most program-revolutionizing episodes in a series, ever. In this episode we saw a complete gear shift – characters were fleshed out and brought to life in a hitherto unexplored fashion, giving far more depth to the show […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 19


More of Australia in Internet security news, while donations to Japan fail, stealth robots take evasive action, Duke Nukem takes evasive action too, and geek TV gets some good news. It’s been a busy week, so onward we go. WIN: Stealth Robots Lockheed Martin have developed a robot that’s programmed to hide while mapping its […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 18

Revenge of the Nerds Poindexter

You’d be lucky to own the Sun, but you might want to steer clear of emoticons on XXX. If the preceding made no sense, it’s because you haven’t been keeping up with this week’s wins and fails in all things geek! Read on for the scoop… WIN: Selling the Sun Since Oracle announced it’d be […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 17

Crocodile Dundee

I’m up in arms over ham radio legislation and BioWare’s back-ends, while Australia’s up in arms over cyberwarfare and nobody in particular seems upset about the massive onslaught of Star Trek in Discovery’s final voyage. But whatever side you take on the major stories, there’s no denying it’s been a particularly interesting week in geek. […]

Digital Download: An Anathema

EADM Error

If you’ve ever been to your local game shop chances are you’ve noticed the selection for PC games is, well, pretty much piss poor. And this is somewhat understandable. Consoles have been the focal point of many gaming companies for aeons now. The PC, despite the fact that it can offer a very rich gaming […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 16

Kiss Controller

Hot geek threesomes (who’da thunk it?), French kiss (leave Meg Ryan out of this), Microsoft oopsies (not that a Microsoft mistake is newsworthy), Verizon being daft (when are they not?) and Amazon on the warpath (Amazon vs. Netflix will be more interesting than the entire catalog of either company’s on demand video). It’s a steamy […]

Army of Me

Startopia Races

I already divulged my love for RPGs some months ago, and was pleased with the majority of your suggestions when I put out the call for decent RPGs my new big bastard, monster gaming machine could tackle. Well, the machine is a few months less new now, but it’s still a monster. I’ve tried your […]

Wins and Fails This Week in Geek v 15

Watson on Jeopardy

What do you get when the DHS, trivia ‘bots, Facebook stress and comets collide? You get the wins and fails this week in geek! Read on to discover the best and worst this week had to offer. FAIL: Doing Your Homework …which is precisely what the Department of Homeland Security failed to do when it […]