Con*Quest Adventure Journal – A Journal for Comic Cons

What do you do with all the stuff you get from a comic con such as the signed photos, stickers, business cards and other memorabilia? Stuff it in a box? Throw it all in a bag? Wouldn’t it be more practical and way more cooler if you had one place you could keep all this safe as […]

Killer Facts and Odds of Dying [Infographic]

It’s not our intention to be maudlin, but if you watch shows like Penny Dreadful, Grimm, Orphan Black, and the likes, you shouldn’t be too put off by the topic of dying. Then there are those phobias which can make the most staid person you know suddenly freak out. (Are you one of those?) In […]

Tech for the Geek at Heart

The amount of technology that continually enters the market on a daily basis is nothing short of inspiring. In addition to the constant array of smartphones, PCs and other mobile gadgets, new tech also dares to offer other possibilities. Hours Map Whether traveling across the state or across the country, Hours Map has a free […]

Tech Giants Going All Out on Wearable Tech, a Reason for Gadget Geeks to Rejoice!

These are exciting times for gadget geeks, as technology is moving at a faster pace than ever. There is no doubt that wearable tech is at the forefront of the scene, with tech giants throwing their money into research, obtaining patents, and making sure they get ahead of their competitors. Image source Earlier this year, […]

The Best Films of All Time to Watch on UHD TVs

Movies have improved in leaps and bounds over the years. In fact, it’s hard to imagine going back to the bygone era of films where quality was denoted by top-notch acting rather than computer generated special effects. However, a lack of unbelievable special effects does not mean that a film is boring. In fact, we […]

Delta Blue, the New Genre-Bending Web Series

We all love a good genre bend. From the space-westerns of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop to the golden clockwork of Steampunk literature, the classics all have a sense of familiarity and thrilling wonder of the new. Delta Blue is the next step in a long lineage of retro-futuristic depictions of morality, humor, and edge-of-your-seat entertainment. […]

Design an Awesome Ara Project and Get $100,000

First came the official announcement that Google’s Project Ara will be coming soon. It’s the first build it yourself smartphone from the tech giant, and starts at just $50 for a base model “skeleton.” Higher end bases can be scored for $500, which is a paltry sum if you have your eye on the grand […]

Can Xbox One Topple PS4′s Early Dominance?

  In the continuing next-gen console wars, there’s only been one winner so far. The PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One in January 2014 according to data from the National Purchase Diary (NPD Group), and although the NPD Group haven’t been specific about their figures, it’s rumoured that PlayStation 4 sales have been double those […]

Good Habits of People Who Have Awesome Geek Collections

We all have our collections, no matter how large or small they may be. Your collection may focus on specific items, like action figures, for examples. Or perhaps you have a book collection that completely fills up your room – floor included. Then there are game collections, which, sometimes, no matter how big, seems like […]

Bean Bags: A Favourite with Gamers Everywhere

You know how it is, you race home from school, college or work for some well-earned gaming time and just as you relax and get into your gamer’s groove, numbness and discomfort start creeping into your limbs like Bond on a stealth mission. It happens to the best of us. Image source But you can […]