The Best Open World Games of 2015/16


Open world games offer some of the most exciting, interesting and enticing games to have graced our desktop, laptop and mobile gaming devices since the birth of the industry itself. Growing ever more sophisticated with each coming year, the idea of entering through a game into an entire world doesn’t seem such an impossible to […]

What’s the Best Bond Car?


If there’s one thing Bond fans can’t agree on, it’s which of his cars is the most iconic. There’s literally 50 years’ worth of cars to choose from (that’s how long the secret agent has been taking down baddies on the big screen). Who can say for sure which car is the best? They’re all […]

For Chronic Gamers, Video Game Ergonomics Matter

video game ergonomics

When you hear people talk about ergonomics, it’s typically related to an office setting. Doctors and chiropractors discuss ways to improve posture by suggesting a long list of ways to optimize and tweak workspaces to fit individual needs. While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on workplace ergonomics, it’s unfortunate that gaming ergonomics are rarely discussed. […]

The Hypocrisy of the Female Superhero

female superhero

Editor’s note: This post was written by Danika is a musician from the northwest who sometimes takes a 30-minute break from feminism to enjoy a TV show. You can follow her on Instagram. Views expressed do not necessarily match our own, but we thought a new perspective would elicit some discussion. Feel free to chime […]

The Key Figures That Have Redefined The Gaming World In The Last Decade


The world of gaming has changed a lot over the past ten years. Beyond the obvious improvements in graphics, the smarter AIs, and the sleeker tech, much bigger shifts have occurred – the industry is targeting new markets, experimenting with new approaches in game development and funding, and seeking out new types of in-game narrative […]

6 of the Coolest Star Wars Vehicles Ever Seen on Screen


Life-changing. Earth-shaking. Obsession-inducing. These are just some of the ways to describe the effect the Star Wars series of films have had on geeks and movie aficionados around the world. And with a new series of films on the horizon? The fever is set to come around again. Here we take a look at 6 […]

The Ideology of the Spider-Suit


Editor’s note: This post was written by Morgan Kraljevich, a freelance writer by profession, and a video game addict by self-diagnosis. An avid reader and amateur coffee connoisseur, she can often be found bumming around the local cafes reading and writing in her worn-out journal. Hoping to one day set her sights on each square inch of the […]