Handmade Mario and Princess Peach Bras. Get Your DIY Kit Out

Nintendo NES Bra

Almost every day something new and geeky finds its way to an Etsy store and often it’s difficult to keep up with all new awesome items on Etsy – or we think they’re cool but just not cool enough. This time though, user SceeneShoes caught my attention with a serious of handmade bras ((No feminists […]

Star Wars Last Supper Shoot


I just recently did a Star Wars photoshoot in Central GA with the 501st Legion and some amazing models and wanted to submit my blog that shows some of my favorites for your site and would love to get in the magazine! I am planning a larger scale shoot mid year that will hopefully include […]

Most Successful Movies

Most Successful Movies

Of course here at ForeverGeek most of us are movie fans and we do know better than one can imagine that there’s more than Star Wars only. Luckily many movies don’t make it and are never featured here on FG because in all honesty… Hollywood does produce more crap than anything else. Nevertheless many movies […]

There’s A Periodic Table for That! 15 Geeky Periodic Tables

Periodic Coffee Table of Elements

There’s a periodic table for that!(TM) Anyone who has read ForeverGeek for a while knows that we are big fans of periodic tables. Don’t believe me? We even have a periodic table tag. Although not every author in the history of FG totally element focused was and would gladly leave out the creation of a […]