Is The Future Of Bikes In The Sky?

Move over, ET! Here’s one concept that can truly put bikes in the sky. A design concept by Martin Angelov for urban transportation proposes overhead cables meant for supporting bicycles. Inspired by ski lifts, the system involves a half-pipe that supports the bike’s wheels, and support cables for balance on either side. The cables are […]

Cornucopia: The Printer that Prints Food


We’ve talked about printers printing human organs, and toasters printing images on bread. How about a printer that actually prints food? Over at the MIT Labs, the Fluid Interfaces Group is running a project that involves what they call Cornucopia, a “personal food factory” which is essentially a three-dimensional printer that brings together ingredients to […]

Self-Charging Robots That Sense Wall Outlets


A common issue faced by any robot designer would not only be how to power the machine, but how the robot will recharge. If you’ve watched WALL-E, you’ll know that this cute little critter has to bask in the sunlight for a few moments to recharge his batteries (after which the familiar Apple-like sound would […]

This Weapon Can Make You Sick. Or It Can Spice Up Your Party


Non-lethal armaments are the weapon of choice for urban crowd dispersals and generally when you just want someone to back off. Some would prefer tasers and pepper sprays, but while non-lethal, those still have painful (and sometimes debilitating) effects. Some weapons, like flashbangs, just aim for enemies stunned. Some are truly bedazzling, like the Bedazzler. […]

Electronic Excuse Generator: A Nifty Gadget For School and Office

My dog ate my homework. That’s probably the most cliche’d excuse one would ever hear. But as someone who has overseen students and writers at certain points in my professional career, I can say I’ve heard all sorts of excuses. Some of these come off as mildly amusing, while some are definitely annoying. My computer […]

Who Says Hybrid Cars Can't Look Mean?

Toyota Prius

Sure, hybrid cars are cool to environmentalists and auto geeks like us. But to the mainstream, hybrid cars are mostly seen as slow people-movers with drab, uninspired designs. Not all hybrid owners are tree-hugging hippies, though. And for this reason, tuning and body kit companies have found a market for dressed-up hybrid and electric cars. […]