The most affordable desktop 3D printer yet for USD $350.00 (and hoping it’s not vaporware)

Actually this 3D printer only costs USD $300.00. The additional USD $50.00 is to cover for shipping. Global shipping, mind you. The Makibox A6 is the world’s most affordable 3D printer that can fit on your desktop. It occupies the length and width of a sheet of an A6 sized bond paper and you can […]

Ambient Music for the Weekends

After my regular routine before bed, I turn on my iPad (or when I don’t have it, my iPhone) and play a set of ambient music that goes on loop for the rest of the evening. I don’t know about you, but listening to repetitive ambient sounds while in bed really helps me. And it’s […]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is that single player MMO you can relax with

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a fast-paced new franchise by Todd McFarlane and RA Salvatore. As a 30-something guy on the brink of stepping into married life, I can’t thank the gaming industry more for releases such as this. If it’s one thing about the gaming industry that excites me, it’s the fact that for […]

Ticket to Ride Pocket is FREE. Grab it now!

Here at Forevergeek, we regularly try to paint a picture of the multitudinous aspects of geekiness. From science fiction to video gaming, from comics to cosplay. Sometimes, these different paths of geekdom coincide into a central nexus making things so much more fun to report. In this case, it’s when board games and video games […]

Ascension Wedding Proposal

The popular deck building game, Ascension is no stranger at Forevergeek. So when we fond out that a certain Alan Gerding planned an Ascension Wedding Proposal to his girlfriend Crystol Shelton, we were absolutely delighted. Alan contacted Justin Gary’s crew asking for help. He wanted to do an elaborate wedding proposal during one of their […]

Arkham Horror Open Beta for the PC: Sign up now!

A couple of days ago I found a link to a video of a college student who was recreating the popular Arkham Horror board game for the PC. It wasn’t an official release by Fantasy Flight Games, but rather a graduation requirement for school. Her plan seems to be pretty solid. Since this is a […]

Patima’s iPhone 4s underwater case goes down to 300 meters

To the SCUBA geeks out there, you might be a tad excited to know that Patima has released a “pro level” underwater housing for Apple’s iPhone 4s. Similar in construction to most cases, Patima’s casing is made of stainless steel and aluminum making it negatively buoyant. The case comes with four buttons, three to interact […]


Inception has made its mark as one of the most thought provoking films ever made in recent history. What surprises me is that Inception’s IP isn’t being milked for what it’s worth. Call it respect for the franchise or something much deeper. I don’t know. Nonetheless, when I read about a card game based on […]

Anyone remember MAD Magazine: The Board Game?

The famous “green bill” which wasn’t playable in-game but was really fun to poke around with. Over the holidays I was able to unearth an old copy of MAD Magazine: The Board Game. I remember the best moments: post-dinner game night with my family and lunch breaks at school. I’d lug this huge board game […]

Battleship Galaxies: A classic game with a futuristic twist

I got what I wanted for Christmas. I’ve always been curious about a 2011 re-issue of Battleship but my mind was blown when Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast took the classic game I used to play when I was a kid and added a lot more depth into a foray in outer space. Battleship […]