Web2.Doh – Trusting the user too much

Digg This As the web 2.0 hype continues to become ever more frothy, it becomes more and more obvious that abusing the inherent ‘social goodness’ is not really that difficult. To take a step back, the big trust in social sites is that most users are good, and the few that are bad, the good […]

The Magic of Wildcards – How Cameroon and CNet are making a killing

Anyone remember the ol’ Site Finder Service from Verisign? Claiming that it was for the benefit of normal end users, it basically wildcarded *.com and threw up a page full of ads when a domain did not exist. Now, ads on domains are a very large business. We won’t go into details here, but estimates […]

Web 2.0 Doesn't Mean Being Lazy

The Web 2.0 hype machine is in full swing. YouTube is supposedly worth a billion dollars. Fantastic websites are popping up left and right. And for many, you are just a registration away from the gloriousness of social nirvana. And yet while these massive valuations and VC investment numbers fly around, it seems like finding […]

25% of Blog Readers are FireFox Users

With the recent news that FireFox has reached a 16% share in the browser market. Blog Flux, a blog services site, has published the data that has been gathered by their MapStats program. WIth over 20 million unique visitors tracked every month, 25% of these people are using FireFox. The really interesting thing is that […]

GoDaddy Sucks

Reddit this article Digg this article I’d like to write the first entry in what may turn into a series, however I haven’t decided yet. My first victim is going to be GoDaddy. I’ve never liked GoDaddy. They suck…..hard. Anybody who uses them knows that there administration system is crappy, and the signup process for […]

Poll: What would you like more content on?

Just running a quick poll to see what the users here would like to see more content on. Vote now! Thanks :) Take the poll Free Poll by Blog Flux

Bathroom iPod Stereo Deck

Do you ever get bored while doing your business in the bathroom? Well, be bored no longer. There now is a stereo dock with speakers for the iPod that also doubles as a tissue holder. Enter the bathroom, place your iPod on the dock, and waste away hours upon hours listening to music and just […]

Digg Army: Right in Line

Digg is 99% fantastic. Fast furious news, troll comments, sites being hammered to oblivion – its Slashdot for the masses! So while I was on the site today, I noticed two frontpage diggs for A List Apart. Also a wonderful site, it piqued my interest how both were submitted by Spit1ire. So I did some […]

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Let the Posts Begin!

Well, we should be able to post again. We moved to a new server and had a few problems, but everything should be back to normal again! :)