GMaps Pedometer

My entries as of late are making me look like a regular Google fangirl. But I can’t help that people keep creating cool apps with Google APIs, and I have to pass them on. My latest find is GMaps Pedometer. GMaps Pedometer uses Google’s mapping functionality to record distances travelled in running or walking workouts. […]

2005 Tour de France with Google Earth

There are so many uses for neat apps like Celestia and Google Earth — from the educational to the creative. On the creative end is Harry Love’s use of Google Earth to record the Tour de France. Be prepared with lots of RAM, a fair amount of processor speed, and a good video card.

Google Master Plan

All the speculation as to Google’s master plan can now cease since someone has finally captured proof. The Master Plan was documented on the first floor of Google building 43. You’ll notice that rogue scientists, weather control, spy satellites, and Internet 3 are all part of “the plan.”

Mobile Google Maps

It was really only a matter of time before an ambitious someone made Google maps mobile. Mobile GMaps is free software for J2ME-enabled mobile phones and devices that displays Google Maps and Keyhole satellite imagery. The FAQ gives a list of supported phones.

Beginner's Guide to Podcasting

Okay, here’s my full geek disclosure for today: I really don’t know anything about podcasting. There, now you know. Sure, I’ve heard bits about it, but not having an iPod until recently I hadn’t bothered to read much on the subject. Thus why I found Justin Labo’s Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting on CNET useful. It […]

Science Magazine Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Special Online Features

Apparently, Science Magazine is turning 125, and they’re celebrating with a special online collection of articles. In a special collection of articles published beginning 1 July 2005, Science Magazine and its online companion sites celebrate the journal’s 125th anniversary with a look forward — at the most compelling puzzles and questions facing scientists today. The […]

The Hello World Collection

Have you been wondering how to write a hello world program in Octave or Vatical or Snobol? On the very, very off chance that you have, you might find The Hello World Collection handy. The collection includes hello world programs in 181 languages from popular to obscure.

Moxi: Software Rendering the Physics of Ink

In an attempt to make computer animations and illustrations look more realistic, researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have developed Moxi. Moxi is a brush-and-ink style paint program that uses the model of pigment particles in water flowing onto paper. Basically, it shows the detail of paper absorbing water and pigment […]


Want to give your fancy digital shots a little retro touch? Might I suggest the Polaroid-o-nizer? Just give it the url of an image you want to “onize”, change the tilt degree or background color, if you wish, and Polaroidonize away.

Estimating Realistic Project Deadlines

I can’t be alone in the thought that estimating project deadlines is hard. Well, picking a date isn’t hard, but picking a realistic, mostly accurate date is. Bert Webb, of Open Loops has written a helpful post on just that subject, including a nice equation for estimating a realistic deadline. If only I had always […]