7 Upcoming Video Game Movies in 2015 and 2016

video game movies 2015 2016

The video game industry is worth a gazillion, and while the movie industry is worth more than that, the latter just cannot help but take advantage of the former. And why not, if there is more money to make? Even if video game nerds may bash the movie versions, the movie producers are still reasonably […]

Win Licensed Geek T-shirts From Fifth Sun!


We’re on a roll, boys and girls. Right after we’ve announced the winners for last week’s giveaway, we have another one for you. If you didn’t win last time, here’s another chance. Because we believe in second chances. ;) Thanks to the guys at Fifth Sun, a provider of officially licensed t-shirts; and of course, […]

#FandomFriday: 4 Best DC Arrow Characters (TV Show)

Arrow cast

[POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD] With only three episodes remaining for this season, Arrow fans are certainly sitting on the edge of their seats, at the same time dreading that day when the finale is aired. I know I am. The past several episodes has increased my stress levels, not to mention the urge to throw something […]

5 Anime About Music

anime about music

Anime has a big following, but not everyone is on the hunt for anime about music. There are, however, some good series that focus on music, and for those who are both anime AND music lovers, here are five anime that you will want to check out. 1. Nodame Cantabile Originally manga written and illustrated […]

We’re Giving Away Two Geek T-Shirts from Teetbee!

geek t-shirts

Attention fellow t-shirt geeks, we’ve got something freebies for you this week! Meet Teetbee – one of the new coolest t-shirt shop on Earth. They’ve got an impressive collection of geek t-tshirts inspired by TV shows, games, movies, and cartoons, available 24/7. That means no need to worry about time constraints such as 24 hour-only […]

#FandomFriday: 5 Sherlock Infographics for the #Sherlocked


Sherlock is one of the biggest fandoms out there, especially considering the fact that it has a lot of versions. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock undoubtedly takes the number one spot, but Jonny Lee Miller’s Elementary is not far behind (surely also because of Lucy Liu). Then there’s Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock. Bearing all these in mind, […]

Movies That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby

movies that will make you cry

Movies provide a way to discover different worlds and live different lives vicariously. Blah blah blah. Seriously, we watch movies for a variety of reasons depending on our mood. There are times when we want to watch something stupid that doesn’t require brain cells. There are times when we want to watch testosterone overloaded movies. […]

Emotiboxes: the Geeky Way to Send Greeting Cards


Who sends old school greeting cards these days? If you do, then you’re going to love Emotiboxes. If you don’t, you might just change your mind, and start sending tangible greeting cards. Emotiboxes are paper greeting cards but not your usual ones. They’re actually cardboard boxes/cutouts of geeky characters. Not only are the characters close […]