Wonder Woman Ban by Elementary School: PC Brigade Much?

wonder woman ban

Last week, the superhero community was rocked by the news that an elementary school implemented a “Wonder Woman ban”. That may seem like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. If you haven’t read about it, the issue revolves around a little girl bringing a Wonder Woman lunchbox to school, and the school authorities considering that […]

Fandom Friday: Best Star Wars VII Fan Art

best star wars vii fan art

Four months till Star Wars VII hits the theaters. Can you wait that long? Not that you have any choice, but there’s a lot of material to keep you busy. There have been leaks for months now, trailers, and speculation left and right. For Fandom Friday this week, we won’t go into all that. Instead, let’s highlight the […]

Win a 3-Month Subscription From Narwhal Bacon Box and Receive Geeky Surprises Monthly!

Narwhal Bacon Box

They got me at Narwhal! Or Bacon. Both, actually. One can’t ask for a better combination. Unless it’s unicorn and bacon perhaps. But since the narwhal is the unicorn of the sea… I’ll stop myself right here before I get carried away, and get to the point. What is Narwhal Bacon Box? You may have […]

Space Brew: A New Sci-Fi Drinking Game

space brew

It never hurts to have drinks at any gathering. Whether you’re playing D&D, or you’re just hanging out discussing the merits of your superhero of choice (or bashing the ones you dislike), drinks are always welcome. And, of course, drinking games add to the fun. Especially if they’re along the lines of Sci-Fi drinking games. […]

People Will Be Unable to Unglue Their Eyes Off You With This 3D-printed Spider-Man Mask

Spider-man SDCC

Here’s the best thing we found on the Internet today: a 3D-printed Spider-Man mask. 3D printing has reached a new geeky level, thanks to Dutch designer Yuri Schuurkes. We stumbled upon his work via 3DPrint.com, which showcases the amazingly detailed work the designer has done. This is the mask, or face shell, that goes with […]