Hilarious “Texts from Superheroes:” Thanksgiving Edition

texts from superheros

Texts from Superheros is by far one of the best blogs on Tumblr. The website is run by the comedic duo Diana McCallum and Andrew Ivimey, who poke fun at the superhero universe by composing imaginary texts between the characters. It’s easy to get lost on this site for hours, regardless of whether you are well-versed […]

Captain America Winter Soldier 80s Version

captain america winter soldiers 80s

If you have a lot of time on your hands, what would you do? Well, it depends on what you like doing, and this guy on YouTube, ChiefBrodyRules likes to make mashups. One of his most recent creations is Captain America Winter Soldier 80s Version. The movie got a decent rating of 7.9 out 10 […]

The Cost of Being a Comic Fan

cost of being a comic fan

Let’s admit it, being a comic fan is not cheap. While movies based on comic books are making tons of money, the original content – comics – are not enjoying the same. Thus, prices have to go up as well. The cost of being a comic fan According to John Rogers, Hollywood screenwriter and cofounder […]

New Pokemon Themed Keyboard

pokemon keyboard

Add a little bit of character to your desktop computer with this clever Pokemon-themed keyboard! Created by Ingrid Pierre, this Pokemon keyboard is a great way to spice up your work place and make those dull reports a bit more fun to type. Upon closer inspection, you might notice that the Pokemon printouts completely cover […]

5 Awesome Cosplay Cafes you need to visit in Tokyo

Cosplay cafe maid cafe tokyo

1. Maid Dreamin Maid Dreamin is the mother of all maid cafes. It is a mega-chain with branches all throughout Tokyo. It’s also a good “starter cafe” if you want to visit a maid cafe but are unsure of how deep you want to go. You can also browse through their popular maids online here. Maid Dreamin […]

The Totoro Baby Bouncer Will Calm Your Baby Like Nothing Else

totoro baby bouncer

Anyone who has watched My Neighbor Totoro will know just how cute the ginormous creature is. No matter how huge he is, he is adorable and brings happiness to children – and adults, too. Of course, it helps that the animated movie has Hayao Miyazaki behind it. So it’s not surprise that blogger Cation Designs […]