Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con with John Barrowman and our Cosplay Gallery!

Amazing Las Vegas 2015 - John Barrowman

Where do you go in Las Vegas in June when the temperatures reach a scorching 111 degrees Fahrenheit during the day? You head to the cool comfort of a convention center floor at the South Point Casino & Spa for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con! Okay, maybe you didn’t, but I sure did. It was […]

Fancy Darth Vader in Carbonite?

Darth Vader in Carbonite

Move over, Han Solo in carbonite. Darth Vader has arrived, and he’s in carbonite, too. Then again, this might just be the best revenge one can have. This project is the brainchild of Salient Technologies, a company that offers services such as product design, reverse engineering, 3D modeling, prototyping, animation, and then some. While all […]

Get This Uber Cute Totoro T-Shirt for FREE (3 Up for Grabs!)

totoro t-shirt giveaway

Who doesn’t like My Neighbor Totoro? If you’re one of them, sorry, this isn’t your day. We have always declared our love for Totoro – check out this Totoro Baby Bouncer and Totoro Dress – and when the guys at Threadless (which everyone knows about) showed us the cutest t-shirt we’ve seen in a while…well, this is […]

Support the Magic Wheelchair Costume Project for Kids

magic wheelchair

Children with special needs have always been close to my heart because my oldest nephew is one. So when I saw this campaign, the Magic Wheelchair Costume Project for Kids, I knew I had to spread the word. The Magic Wheelchair Costume Project for Kids is a creation of non-profit organization, Magic Wheelchair. Their concept […]

5 Epic Cons of Summer 2015 – E3, Amazing Vegas, Anime, SDCC, and D23!

Epic Summer Cons 2015

‘Tis the season to get geeky! We’re not even half way through 2015 and we’ve still got some of the biggest geek conventions of the year ahead of us. Sure, there have been lots of shows around the world so far this year that we’ve loved, including CES, Long Beach Comic Expo, WonderCon, Emerald City […]

Win a $50 GC From Geek Shop “Neurons Not Included”


“Accoutrements of Exceptional Geekery” and “Purveyors of thoughtful things for those with IQs higher than a ham sandwich – which rules out a surprisingly large percentage of the population.” How can you not want to check out a store with those taglines? The name “Neurons Not Included” should be enough, actually. “Neurons Not Included” is […]

Nothing Beats Drinking Beer Out of The “Number One Bigfoot Stein”


Before you say anything, don’t tell me you don’t think Bigfoot doesn’t exist. If you do, just stop right there and don’t go on reading. Bigfoot exists, as so many have had sightings. We just don’t have solid proof yet, but when the time’s right, he’ll show himself. Period. For the moment, we can get […]

FIVE Ocarina of Time Replicas from Legend of Zelda Kokiri Edition Up for Grabs!

ocarina of time giveaway

If you didn’t win the Laser-etched Wood Hyrule Map from Neutral Ground, here’s your chance to get free Zelda stuff. We know just how much you guys love swag, and we’re all lucky to have very generous people who provide ForeverGeek readers awesome gizmos and gadgets. This week, we’re giving away not one, not two, not even […]