90s Computer Hacking Supercut: A Whole New World

Several months back, we shared a super cool video – 80s Computer Hacking Supercut. The same guys who brought us that video has moved on to the next decade, which arguably is an even better one. If you came of age in the 90s, then you’ll definitely enjoy this 90s computer hacking supercut from founditemclothing. […]

Hilarious “Texts from Superheroes:” Thanksgiving Edition

Texts from Superheros is by far one of the best blogs on Tumblr. The website is run by the comedic duo Diana McCallum and Andrew Ivimey, who poke fun at the superhero universe by composing imaginary texts between the characters. It’s easy to get lost on this site for hours, regardless of whether you are well-versed […]

Adorable Zombie-Themed Engagement Photos will Melt your Heart

Derek and his fiance Brandi weren’t interested in ordinary engagement photos. Running through fields or posing together on the railroad tracks didn’t appeal to this soon-to-be-married couple. Instead, they opted for zombie-themed engagement photos. The groom-to-be worked seasonally at the local Fear Farm in Phoenix, Arizona, working the corn mazes and haunted houses. Both the bride […]

Best 7 Black Friday Deals for Laptop Computers [2014]

Black Friday is just around the corner and with it comes midnight shopping, waiting in lines for 3-4 hours to score $100 off a new tablet, and possibly some violence in the sales aisle. Each year seems to get just a little bit worse. We’ve collected what we deem to be the top 7 deals […]

Tetris with Pillows is Oddly Satisfying

Everyone knows tetris, that block stacking game that gets increasingly harder until you inevitably fail. There are tetris Halloween costumes, tetris themed parties, tetris apparel, and a whole string of other tetris-related things. Someone even found a way to let trick-or-treating children (and adults) play tetris on carved pumpkin a couple Halloweens back. The love […]

Redditor’s Clever D&D Themed Resume (for a “Nerdy” Cosmetic Company)

The job market in America is rough, especially for recent high school (or college) graduates with little-to-no relevant work experience. If you’re one of the many people competing for a handful of job openings or unpaid internships, you had better find a way to shine. That’s exactly what redditor Gallifrey63 did with her D&D inspired resume […]

Hilarious 1964 Advertisement full of Sexual Innuendos

A photo of a 1964 advertisement for the WD-40 recently surfaced and, while we’re not sure if this was intentional or not, it is full of hilarious sexual innuendos. [Source] While some people are screaming “fake,” the WD-40 Facebook page only replied “AWESOME!!!” when the photo was shared on their timeline. Real or not, it’s […]

Simple, Flat Ring Case for Surprise Marriage Proposals

You’ve got the girl, the ring, and the idea for the perfect proposal… now it all comes down to how you’re going to get the ring from Point A (your house) to Point B (her ring finger). Sure, there are the traditional ring boxes, but those are bulky and obvious. Then there’s the “Clifton,” the […]

7 Fantastic Lightsaber Chopsticks (you can buy on eBay)

We’ve seen Star Wars clothing and merchandise on this site before, like the incredibly sexy Star Wars Swimsuits and elegant Star Wars Maxi-Dresses. It’s always wonderful to see your childhood interact with the real world, through practical, every-day necessities. Even if you’re not the type to dress up in Star Wars clothes, there are still options for […]

9 Great Gifts for the Geek on Your Christmas List

It’s the holiday season again, and the annual race is on to find just the right gift for everyone on your list. If you have someone in your life who can be affectionately referred to as a geek, you might be dealing with a personality that can be fun, and a little nerve-wracking, to shop […]