Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Watch Cats Vs Zombies

badass cat

The Walking Dead has shown us that there are some members of the animal kingdom left after the zombie apocalypse. There was the horse Rick rode. There were Hershel’s cattle. There were even a couple of dogs. Then there was the fish that Glenn and the girls caught with a makeshift fishing net. Oh, and […]

Hollywood Auction 74 Star Wars Collection Will Drive You Crazy With Desire

death star

Who wouldn’t want to own a real prop from Star Wars movie sets? I know many of you would give a lot to have one, and here is your chance to get your hands on a prop and/or costume. For a price. Online auction marketplace Invaluable is giving you the chance to add priceless (though not for […]

Fandom Friday: The Walking Dead Home Decor for the Real Fan

zombie home decor

Zombies are coming, and so are the Walking Dead crew. We all can’t wait, but there’s no reason not to feed our obsession enthusiasm for the show. Looking to add some zombie love to your home? Check these out. Walking Dead home decor Vinyl Door Decal Don’t Open Dead Inside A classic for any Walking […]

When Disney Girls and Oktoberfest Collide

disney girls oktoberfest

We at ForeverGeek love our beer. Practically every year, we look forward to International Beer Day (August 5) to enjoy our favorite brews and discover new ones. Don’t miss this: Vostok 4 Pines Stout Goes Boldly Where No Beer Has Gone Before While August has come and gone, another landmark in the world of beer […]

Nerdy With Children: Real Heroes for Real Kids

nerdy with children

Meet Nick Veneris and Jessica Trebing, business partners who are also winners at parenting. They created Nerdy With Children, a company that aimed (aims) to “connect with their kids through their love of technology, sci-fi and art, among other geekery”. People after our own heart. So what is Nerdy With Children? An online shop for […]

Dodge Stormtrooper Chargers Will Feed the Motorhead in You

Dodge Stormtrooper Chargers Star Wars

You may just discover your inner motorhead (if you’re not a self-confessed one) with Dodge’s new promotional stunt riding on the back of the Star Wars hype. Together with Hot Wheels and Uber, the automotive company has caught the attention of Star Wars fans (and others) with the blinged up Dodge Stormtrooper Chargers. Why the […]

Long Beach Comic-Con 2015 Returns Bigger and Better than Ever!

Long Beach Comic-Con 2015

I’ve been attending the Long Beach Comic-Con in Southern California since it started in 2009 and it still manages to surprise me. Their annual fall show has always been the bigger of the two Long Beach shows they host per year (the other is Long Beach Comic Expo), but this time they outdid themselves. Considering […]

Fandom Friday: 5 Joker Action Figures to Add to Your Collection

The Joker Wallpaper

A superhero wouldn’t be as good if he didn’t have an arch nemesis, and we know that the Joker brings out the best (or worst) in Batman. While they hunt and fight each other with a passion, there seems to be an underlying bad bromance somewhere in there. As the Joker said to Batman: I […]