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Fandom Friday: Awesome Walking Dead Cakes

In a month’s time, we will all say goodbye to Rick and the rest of The Walking Dead gang once again. Well, at least till the next season, which thankfully has been confirmed. While the show is arguably the goriest one on TV right now, who’s to say that one can’t make sweet cakes inspired […]

10 Awesome Cat Tattoos

Today’s post is for cat lovers the world over. They say that people don’t really own cats and that it’s the other way around, but with cat tattoos, perhaps pet owners may have the chance to say “You’re mine!” Feast your eyes on these awesome cat tattoos we’ve found online. Cats just want to have […]

20 Nerd Sayings and Jokes to Make Your Day

The term nerd is often used, but in varying ways depending on who’s saying it and in what context. Officially, nerd has two meanings according to Oxford Dictionaries. The first one: “A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious”. The second one: “A single-minded expert in a particular technical field”. […]

Fandom Friday: Will You Make the Cut as Sherlock’s Assistant? [QUIZ]

It’s Fandom Friday once again, and this time, we’ve got a quiz for Sherlock fans. Will Sherlock take notice of you? Will he take you on as an assistant? Can you be the next Watson? Take the quiz and find out. Don’t forget to share your results so everyone knows…unless you fail miserably. Featured image […]

7 Nerdy Bookshelves to House Your Just-as-Nerdy Collection

Geeks and nerds devour knowledge like a hungry T-rex faced with a bunch of “tourists” who shouldn’t be there in the first place. While the Internet has certainly made it so much easier to find information, there is nothing like a good old book to hold in your hand. From comic books to omnibuses (or […]

14 Sweet Geeky Cakes That You Won’t Want to Eat

This is pure torture for cake lovers, or anyone who has a sweet tooth for that matter. There is always some room in the tummy for a slice of cake, but with these geeky cakes, you won’t get any more torn between satisfying your craving or not committing sacrilege. Here’s a roundup of 14 geeky […]

The Only Geek Holiday Calendar You’ll Need

Who doesn’t love holidays? “Real” ones give us the perfect time to not work without playing hooky. But who wants to stick to Hallmark holidays when there are many landmark days that geeks can celebrate in our own special way? Some geek holidays such as May the 4th are known by everyone, but there are […]

Geek Baby Accessories: Because You Gotta Start ‘Em Young

Parenting is hard, so they say; but it can be fun if you start molding your kids into geeks and nerds at an early age, can’t it? Whether you’re a geek parent, or the cool aunt/uncle, you’ll want your baby to turn out just right. With these geek baby accessories, you’ll be doing just that. […]

Fandom Friday: How Well Do You Know Your Star Trek Captains? [QUIZ]

This week on Fandom Friday, we have a quiz for Star Trek fans. Whether you’re a badge-carrying old-timer, or you’ve only started to get into Star Trek (your life’s going to be complete now), take the quiz to find out how well you know the Captains. Here goes Fandom Friday Star Trek fans, especially for […]

Woo Your Nerdy Partner with These Date Night Ideas

Not sure how to make your nerdy/geeky partner feel loved on Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret. You’re probably not alone. Weeks before the day of hearts, we’re here to bombard you with geek date night ideas, which are sure to put a smile on your partner’s face. With these romantic date ideas covering a wide range […]

You’ll Want to Come Home Early Every Day With These Awesomely Geeky Doormats

Your doormat is the first thing your visitors see. Don’t you want to make sure they know where your geek loyalties lie? Make sure you have the perfect doormat – and have some fun while you’re at it. Awesomely Geeky Doormats Choose One DIY Doormat Let’s start things off with some DIY. Give people at […]

Fandom Friday: Valentine’s Gifts for Dragon Lovers

Dragons are part of many a fandom, and it just doesn’t seem right not to have an exclusive post for these magnificent creatures. So okay, I am more than a hundred percent biased. I love dragons like nothing else. If there is a dragon lover in your life, then on Valentine’s Day (or any other […]

14 Valentine’s Gifts for Geeky Guys

As promised, here are Valentine’s gifts for your guy. You’re bound to find at least one item that will make him appreciate the kick-ass partner that you are. Trunk – Charging Cable for Smartphones No one likes a tangled mess of cables, but they are essential if you want to make sure your phone doesn’t […]

Dr. Seuss Does Geek Art

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” ― Dr. Seuss Nonsense he may like, Dr. Seuss’s statement totally makes sense, doesn’t it? While he has explicitly stated that he doesn’t really like kids – he didn’t have kids – his books have taught countless kids to […]

Steampunk Geeks, Add Oamaru, NZ to Your Travel Bucket List

Oamaru in North Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand, is the largest town in the area and is a popular tourist destination mainly because of its population of little Blue Penguins. They interestingly describe these animals as “birds that act like fish”, and they’re so cute that people the world over travel great […]

Fandom Friday: 10 Funny Harry Potter Memes for Potterheads

How many times have you seen ALL of the Harry Potter movies? If you haven’t done a marathon in the past six months, then perhaps it’s time to schedule one now with your fellow Potterheads. Of course, that will take some time – coordinating schedules, preparing nachos and dip, getting everyone’s preferred drinks, and making […]

Valentine’s Gifts to Melt Her Geeky Heart

Not everyone celebrates the Hallmark holiday that is Valentine’s Day, but there is something to be said about giving gifts to your SO, or the person you want to be your SO. Whatever the case may be, it’s not too early to think about Valentine’s gifts. Instead of presenting you with generic gift ideas, we […]