Win Premium Minifig Accessories from Brick Warriors!

lego minifig accessories

How’s your LEGO minifig collection doing? Are you looking to customize and accessorize them more? I guess that was kind of stupid of me to ask that question, but here’s something that will delight AFOLs. We’ve partnered up with the awesome guys at BrickWarriors, a small (5 people!) toy company based out of Wilmington, Delaware […]

You’ll Never Want to Get Up With This Baymax Bed

baymax toy

This Baymax bed is the coolest thing we’ve seen online today. Big Hero 6 was a huge hit, not in the least because of Baymax, the irresistible robotic superhero created by a young engineering student. He’s your personal healthcare companion. He’ll give you a fist bump when no one else will (with accompanying sound). He’ll […]

Soon You Can Drink Real Duff Beer from the Simpsons

real duff beer

Who doesn’t recognize the beer from the (arguably) best animated TV series in the world? As Homer himself said, Duff is “the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”. What better way to pay homage to the beverage? Everyone knows just how much Homer and his buddies love Duff, and anyone who watches […]

Fandom Friday: Declare Your Clone Love With These Orphan Black Goodies

Orphan Black Poster

Canadian TV series Orphan Black is perhaps one of the best running shows, especially for science nerds. And, even if you’re not one, you’ll easily find yourself drawn into the world of clones, intrigue, and some drama. Orphan Black wasn’t exactly a hit when it first aired, but last year, its viewership skyrocketed – from […]

Geeky Bow Tie Giveaway – the Doctor Approves

Bow ties are cool

Bow ties are cool. Never doubted that for one minute after hearing – seeing? – the 11th. If you’re not particularly keen on the 11th Doctor (c’mon now), check these out. You’ll probably change your mind. And even when he was saying goodbye…(tears) As sad as that goodbye may have been, get that chin up. […]

The Best Captain America Collectibles to Celebrate the 4th of July

top captain america collectibles

Captain America may not be the most popular Marvel superhero – in fact, Spiderman is undisputedly the most profitable one, which may or may not be proof that he is the most popular – but he certainly stands for the values that America was built upon. We’ve got to admit that “good” and “noble” are […]