Why The World Needs An R-Rated Star Wars Movie

r rated star wars movie

Can we be honest here for a second? The people who grew up on Star Wars are now old(er). While many of us were kids when the first movies came out in the 70’s, many of those same kids are now fully grown adults. Wouldn’t it then make sense that there would be one upcoming […]

Did Rocksteady Know Every Game Was Going To Steal Their Fighting Mechanic?

arkham knight fighting engine

So, as many people know, the Arkham games by developer Rocksteady were originally going to have their fighting mechanic as a sort of music game, which is why the fighting is so rhythmic. Think like a Guitar Hero game, where you hit the right button at the right time to keep the sequence going. It […]

The 5 Most Beautifully Unsettling Things The Joker Has Ever Done

the joker

You ever have the urge to grab someone’s face and jam your thumbs into their eye sockets? Just sink them in until the ocular fluid is pouring all over your hand like so much vaginal discharge? Have you ever looked at a field of flowers and just ran through them, shattering their beautiful petals under […]

Fandom Friday: Suicide Squad Collectibles You Can’t Say No To

cool suicide squad collectibles

When the Suicide Squad trailer was shown at SDCC 2015, the Internet went crazy. Seriously crazy, and it is all justified. The trailer is probably one of the best we’ve seen this year. What’s not to like? Amanda Waller is bada$$. Harley is as crazy as ever, and the Joker…well, he’s the Joker. And then […]

Why You Need To Watch “The Death of Superman Lives”


When Tim Burton was fresh off his two amazing Batman movies, Warner Bros. was looking for him to scoop up a new project they had. They thought Tim would be the perfect fit for the new Superman movie they were working on, Superman Lives. The way they figured it, Burton had such a unique take […]

5 Great Geek Sites That Are Fun For The Whole Family


The problem with nerd and geek sites on the web is, most of them are aimed at teenagers and above. Even more so, they are often squarely aimed at the male demographic, often alienating both families and younger girls who may want to geek out and have some internet fun, too. But don’t be completely […]

8 Reasons Why Fallout Is Better Than The Elder Scrolls Series

skyrim vs fallout

I understand that comparing two games made by the same company that uses the same engine and are extremely similar to one another seems like a strange gimmick for an article, but the truth is, these two games are not as similar as people lay claim. While both are extremely enjoyable, I would like to […]

Why ‘The Last Guardian’ Is Set To Potentially Be The Greatest Game Ever Made

the last guardian

I will start this with a disclaimer. If you have not ever played any Team Ico games (namely, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) you may not want to read this. Only because Team Ico makes a very specific type of game (one that tears out your heart and eats it like George R. R. […]

From Red Rings To Data Loss: Geeks’ Worst Nightmares


We geeks are a simple lot. We don’t need that much out of life. We have our passions, our interests, the things that drive us. Thing is, we like knowing how things will be. Knowing things will work and be in order and be how we planned them. What we don’t like is when fate […]

3D Printing: It’s Not All Just Fun and Games


3D printing’s popularity is on the rise, and there is good reason for this. What can be done and achieved with 3D printing is all but unheard of up until this point in society. But most of us have focused on the fairly shallow aspects of it. Look, it can build Batman armor that looks picture […]