Why ‘The Last Of Us’ Is The Best Video Game Ever Made


There are video games that transcend their medium. They transport you into a different world that is so engrossing, it actually starts feeling real to you. Though these game worlds are few and far between (think Rapture from the original Bioshock as another example), when they happen, they stick with you. Not just for days […]

6 Reasons Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Will Be Their Best Cinematic Event


As you all know, there are a bunch of Marvel movies coming in the next five years. Like, a BUNCH. And while some of them sound really good, there is one all fans of Marvel are really keeping their eyes peeled for. The Civil War that takes place between Marvel’s heroes that will happen in […]

5 Reasons ‘Terminator Genisys’ Looks Like It ‘Jumps The Shark’

terminator genisys

I can still recall the EXACT feelings of jubilation I had while seeing Terminator 2 in the movie theater as a teen. That movie blew my mind, and I had to go see it multiple times on the big screen just to process how amazing it was. But since that entry, seems the Terminator franchise […]

7 Brutal Death Scenes from Video Games

dead eye

Many aspects of gaming have changed and evolved over the years. From basic mechanics to visuals, one could say it is an ever-changing and evolving medium. One way games have really changed is their violence. Once upon a time, you would die in a game and your character would make a surprised face and fall […]

Awful Geek Tattoo Fails


There’s nothing like having an awesome tattoo to show what you’re proud of or what you love. There are some people, however, that make you wonder what kind of decisions they have made in life. If these tattoos are anything to go by, these people need help. While tattoos can be removed nowadays, these geek […]

6 Most Underrated Sci Fi Movies of Past Decade

underrated sci fi films

It seems when people talk about sci fi movies, they always talk about the same films. Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Aliens, but there are a slew of hugely underrated sci fi movies that just seem to get ignored by everyone, and being such a huge fan of the genre for so long, I cannot […]

The 5 Greatest ‘Final Fantasy’ Summons

final fantasy summons

I grew up being a huge fan of old school Final Fantasy games. In my opinion, when it came to JRPG’s, you just couldn’t top the grandeur of the FF series. And one of the greatest things about this stellar series are the summons you can call on to aid you in battle. Some are […]

6 Progressive Females From Gaming


As mentioned in an article last week, females in gaming are not always represented as well as they should be. From fighting off demons naked to being used as objects to be exploited, it is fair to say that gaming has not always been kind to the gender. But we can’t forget amid all the […]

7 Upcoming Video Game Movies in 2015 and 2016

video game movies 2015 2016

The video game industry is worth a gazillion, and while the movie industry is worth more than that, the latter just cannot help but take advantage of the former. And why not, if there is more money to make? Even if video game nerds may bash the movie versions, the movie producers are still reasonably […]