With Great Pun Comes Great Responsibility

Editor’s note: This post was written by Travis Parker, the brains behind Hey, That’s Super! I grew up reading and falling in geek-love with some truly amazing comic book characters. Colossus, the man of steel with a heart soft as butter. Flash, who made me feel insanely slow in everything I ever did. Magneto, the man who […]

These Game of Thrones World Cup Kits Will Make You Want to Play Football

The World Cup is at its height, disrupting the lives – and sleeping patterns – of fans from the world over. Of course, those in the same time zone as Brazil are doing better in terms of sleep. But who knew that the Houses of Westeros are also caught up in the World Cup fever? […]

13 Intense Movie Moments We Can Barely Sit Through

Intense movie moments are generally the sign of a fine motion picture. If you recoil or tense up or even leave the room during a specific part, then in our book, the film has done its job. That’s led us to pick out our 13 favorite intense movie moments. See if you agree. (SPOILERS ahead!) […]

8 Movie Heroes Who Didn’t Finish The Job

Movie heroes are generally supposed to finish what they start. However, sometimes circumstances call for things to go differently. Be it a premature death or some other form of unexpected twist, it’s a good thing these guys had a strong supporting cast to finish things out. Before we get going, THIS IS YOUR SPOILER ALERT. […]

You’ll Never See Spock the Same Way Again with These Spock Mashups

I may be wrong, but I think Spock is the most loved Star Trek characters. Then again, there’s definitely a lot of bias that went into that statement. But hey, tell me you didn’t shed a tear when Spock died! Accurate or not, I thought it would be fun to scour the web of various […]

Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Jack of All Trades Clothing!

Hey, boys and girls. How does another superhero t-shirt giveaway sound to you? I’m going to go out on a limb here (NOT), and say you wouldn’t mind at all. Not.at.all. This week, we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate which you can use to purchase whatever you want from Jack of All Trades Clothing, […]

8 Saddest Screen Deaths We’ve Ever Witnessed

The saddest screen deaths of all time have often occurred in summer blockbusters and hero-centric films where the good guy is always supposed to win. Well, sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. Here are the eight saddest we’ve ever witnessed. SPOILERS after this point; ready the tissues!  8. The Iron Giant When the Iron […]

Doctor Who Merchandise: Wear It Loud and Proud!

Also USE. There is no lack of Doctor Who merchandise online and offline, and you can find anything from t-shirts to home stuff to bathrobes to bags. Just looking for Doctor Who items makes me dizzy because of all the choices. You’re probably experiencing the same thing, so I’ve done a bit of legwork for […]

Doctor Who and Supernatural Fans, We’ve Got a Giveaway for You!

Doctor Who and Supernatural fans, this week’s giveaway is for you. We’ve partnered up with Evangelina’s Closet, an online shop featuring all sorts of geeky items – from keychains to tees to underwear to tote bags. Whatever fandom you may belong to, you’re sure to find something that will prod you to make an excited […]

8 Worst Movies We Somehow Managed To Finish

Usually when a film fails to hold our interests we turn off the television and go do something more worthwhile. (Actually that’s a lie; we just find something else to watch.) Anyhow, some are terrible, but for some reason we keep watching. That’s led us to share with you, our readers, these 8 Worst Movies […]