6 Games That Are Very Hard To Beat

6 hardest video games to beat

A game can be a lot like a tough bully. It messes with you a lot and is damn near impossible to beat. The thing is, most gamers take those types of games as challenges. Rather than let these games beat them, they put all they can into beating the game and not letting that […]

8 Reasons Why Fallout Is Better Than The Elder Scrolls Series

skyrim vs fallout

I understand that comparing two games made by the same company that uses the same engine and are extremely similar to one another seems like a strange gimmick for an article, but the truth is, these two games are not as similar as people lay claim. While both are extremely enjoyable, I would like to […]

The 5 Best Opening Levels from Video Games

best opening levels from games

The opening levels from video games are incredibly important. They are the first hand that comes in and grabs you by the collar, hoping to keep you in its grasp for the entire game. There was a point in gaming when you knew that the last levels of video games were going to be the […]

6 Must Own Video Games for 2015 (So Far)

must own video games of 2015

Crazy to think it, but 2015 is halfway over. And while many developers like to wait until the last quarter of a year to usually drop their best games (the lineup for this Xmas season is insane), that does not mean this year has not already had some real triple-A titles. The must own games […]

6 Seventh Generation Games That Need Eighth Generation Sequels

seventh generation games

We are in a market saturated with game sequels, and that is both a good and bad thing. Good because if there is a game world you like that did well on the market, there is a chance you will be able to visit it again. Bad because the influx of sequels tend to keep […]

Why ‘The Last Guardian’ Is Set To Potentially Be The Greatest Game Ever Made

the last guardian

I will start this with a disclaimer. If you have not ever played any Team Ico games (namely, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) you may not want to read this. Only because Team Ico makes a very specific type of game (one that tears out your heart and eats it like George R. R. […]

Virtual Tears: The 5 Saddest Video Game Endings


Video games can be a lot like relationships. You think you need them in your life and that they make you a better person, but some of them like to make you cry without any warning. While most of us may escape into the world of video game fiction because it is an alternative reality […]

6 Examples of Weird Nudity in Gaming

weird nudity in gaming

I truly respect the fact that gaming wants to be the next level in narrative and story telling. I understand they want to be seen and respected as an adult medium. That’s fine, and there are a great many games that stand as a testimony to this. The only problem is, on the other side, […]

The Hardcore Gamer (VS) The Casual Gamer

hardcore gamers

Being born into the era when the Nintendo Entertainment System was growing in popularity, I had no choice growing up but to be a hardcore gamer. Why? There were no easy games. Hell, there were rarely even save points or passwords. If you wanted to beat a game (think Mega Man series or Mike Tyson’s […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Dread of Reliving The Death of Aeris


First things first, Square has never made it officially clear if her name is Aeris or Aerith. Us Americans assume Aeris, because that is what he got, but some from the East think her first-given name, Aerith, is her real name. So let’s get that stupid-ass argument out of the way right away. I will […]