The Beauty of Turn-Based Combat: What Happened To The JRPG?


We have all become spazzes over the last decade. Freaks who have three second attention spans, and this has filtered its way into movies, TV, music, and gaming. Everything now functions on the idea that it can hold the average person’s attention for about (and I kid you not) 3.3 seconds. That is why frames […]

I Bet You Didn’t Know These Legend of Zelda Facts

legend of zelda facts

Or, I could be wrong. Knowing just how you guys love Zelda, you might just know everything in the infographic we’re sharing today – maybe even more. Still, this infographic contains 16 Legend of Zelda facts, some of which may surprise you. The infographic is titled “16 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Nintendo’s […]

5 Video Game Endings That Sucked


There are few feelings as shitty as pouring hours and hours into a video game, only to get to end and have it flame out with a whimper. It would be like being in a relationship for months only to find out later that the person was actually a mole rat. You just feel betrayed […]

5 Funniest Video Games


When people think video games, they often think about gruff space marines running around shooting generic looking aliens with cliche’ plasma rifles. And they would be right. Games have gotten cliche’ as hell. But in the same breath, some games are self aware how lame they are and have some fun with it. It’s true. […]

‘Silent Hills’ and 5 Other Games That Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled

silent hills

Here is something I just cannot grasp. Announce a game. Make the engine. Create most of the game, hire actors and do voice work, release a badass demo that blows people’s minds, and then CANCEL THE GAME. That is exactly what happened with the most recent Silent Hills game that was put out on the […]

Did Rocksteady Know Every Game Was Going To Steal Their Fighting Mechanic?

arkham knight fighting engine

So, as many people know, the Arkham games by developer Rocksteady were originally going to have their fighting mechanic as a sort of music game, which is why the fighting is so rhythmic. Think like a Guitar Hero game, where you hit the right button at the right time to keep the sequence going. It […]

The Best Open World Games of 2015/16


Open world games offer some of the most exciting, interesting and enticing games to have graced our desktop, laptop and mobile gaming devices since the birth of the industry itself. Growing ever more sophisticated with each coming year, the idea of entering through a game into an entire world doesn’t seem such an impossible to […]

5 Movies That Need Video Game Adaptations


Sometimes you will see a movie and walk away from it wishing you could play it. Wishing you could spend more time in that universe because it was fully realized and cool. Sometimes, there are movies that deserve video game adaptations, but for some stupid-ass reason never get them. Why? Because the major game companies […]