Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Reveals the Struggle Between the Soldier and the Weapon

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

The latest iteration in the long history of Call of Duty games brings us not just lots of 1st person shooting and in-your-face explosions, but also some existential struggles between being a man and a solider versus simply becoming a weapon, or worse, another machine as a cog within an even bigger machine. Honestly, all […]

8 Manly Video Games That Ooze A Little Too Much Testosterone

many video games

To clear up right away, when I say manly video games, I mean games filled with space marines and swears and maybe some boobs and blood. Games that seem to cater to the mind of the fourteen year old male specifically, while the actual gaming audience is much wider. While these games may not be […]

How Nintendo Will be Releasing Games for Smartphones Now


Your favorite Nintendo characters will soon be available very close to home — in your own pocket or in the palm of your hand. Nintendo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Japan, recently announced its intent to enter the smartphone gaming market via a partnership with Internet business company DeNA Co., Ltd., also based in Japan. The alliance […]

5 Insanely Gory Mortal Kombat X Fatalities


Mortal Kombat is one video game franchise that has embraced the gore from the start. Hell, that was the selling point for many of us who used to line up at the arcade and plunk our quarters down on the off-chance we would get the chance to rip a fellow gamer’s spine out and be […]

The 6 Coolest Video Game Shields


When it comes to gaming, the same weapons always get props. You hear about guns with chainsaws on them, or swords with guns on them, or guns with swords attached to their guns that are attached to their swords on top of their chainsaws. What you rarely hear about are coolest video game shields. Granted, […]

6 Video Game Plot Twists That Blew Our Minds


Do you remember the first time a video game threw a plot twist at you that just blew your mind? You sat there, holding the controller, dumbfounded. Plot twists and twist endings in movies and books were a common thing, but your first video game plot twist is something you will never forget or get […]

6 Free iOS Games to Download Now

free ios games

Your iPhone 6 is designed to be more than a text message receptacle or device for accessing business apps. As many of you probably already know, it’s a sophisticated gaming system in the palm of your hand! However, with thousands of sub-par games in the App Store, how do you possibly know which ones are […]

Exclusive Interview with Dead Rising: Watchtower Director Zach Lipovsky

Dead Rising: Watchtower on Crackle

There was a considerable amount of zombie-related news over the past weekend. And it had nothing to do with a certain TV season finale. For fans of action-packed video games and the zombies that inhabit them, Legendary Digital released Dead Rising: Watchtower exclusively on If you’ve played Capcom’s Dead Rising video game series, you […]

6 Badass Video Game Weapons We Wish We Owned in Real Life

badass video game weapions

Being a gamer, you can’t help but fantasize about owning some of the badass video game weapons you get to yield in games like Gears of War and Borderlands. While they would only be mounted and placed on our walls (unless there is ever a zombie apocalypse or robot takeover), they would still be mighty awesome to […]