Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Dread of Reliving The Death of Aeris


First things first, Square has never made it officially clear if her name is Aeris or Aerith. Us Americans assume Aeris, because that is what he got, but some from the East think her first-given name, Aerith, is her real name. So let’s get that stupid-ass argument out of the way right away. I will […]

The Key Figures That Have Redefined The Gaming World In The Last Decade


The world of gaming has changed a lot over the past ten years. Beyond the obvious improvements in graphics, the smarter AIs, and the sleeker tech, much bigger shifts have occurred – the industry is targeting new markets, experimenting with new approaches in game development and funding, and seeking out new types of in-game narrative […]

E3 2015 – My 10 Favorite Moments and Gaming Discoveries

E3 2015 Xbox Playstation

Another June in LA means another E3 Expo has come and gone. When it comes to recapping E3 2015 there was good, there was bad, and then there was just “meh, that again?” You already know whether you want to play “Batman: Arkham Knight” or “Call of Duty: Black Ops III”. No amount of telling […]

The 5 Best Video Game Voice Actors

video game voice actors

First off, if you do not understand the ‘Jill Sandwich’ joke in the intro pic and outro pic to this piece, you should probably be reading something else. Just saying. Anyway, people do not give enough credit to video game voice actors. But if we got more games that sounded like the original Resident Evil […]

Watch all of the E3 Expo 2015 Press Events Here!

E3 2015 Fallout 4 press event videos

Whether they’ve already happened or you want to watch them live as they air from Los Angeles, here’s your chance to see all of the major press events without actually being at E3 Expo 2015! If the press event has already aired, you can watch the replay, complete with Gamespot pre- and post-shows (click PLAY […]

6 Things We Cannot Wait To Experience in Fallout 4


When I heard the news about the Fallout 4 trailer and then saw it, my bowels gave out. That’s right. I was so excited I shit myself. I am not proud of it, but seeing the 400 hours I put into Fallout 3 and New Vegas, this genuine and overwhelming joy was completely justified. And […]

6 Video Game Glitches That Are Too Funny For Words

game glitches

Can we please take a moment to talk about how effing awesome video glitches are? Keep in mind, when they break a game or keep you from finishing it, they are inexcusable (coughs, Bethesda, coughs). But in most cases, the glitches we get in modern gaming end up being a small coding glitch that ends […]

Dear Video Game Industry: Can You Please Stop Sexualizing Men To Sell Games?

video game industry

There has been a LOT of talk in the video game industry lately about the way they represent and treat women. Half naked, huge tits, and the intellectual minds of a seven year old. Not exactly the best way to represent a gender who has fought oppression for as long as they have existed. But […]