The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game Is Online!

30 years ago, computers only had text. That’s right, young’uns. Back in our day, we didn’t have these fancy gifs to express our exasperation at things. But even though things were simpler back then, it certainly wasn’t any less fun. Three decades ago, a text game for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy delighted many […]

Portal Board Game Is Coming This Year!

It may not be the sequel you’re looking for, but Portal is making its way to toy stores late this year in the form of a tabletop game. Cryptozoic announced the game during Toy Fair, saying that its tentative title is “Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game.” The game is made with 2-4 players in mind, with custom […]

How Game Rentals Are Helping Gamers Save a Ton of Money

Although gaming is nothing new, the ability to play video games on all sorts of recent mobile technology has ensured that the gaming industry has continued to grow. Despite their seeming ubiquity, many people are not aware that they don’t necessarily have to pay for brand-new games outright. More and more gamers are deciding to […]

5 Gift Ideas For Geeky Board Games!

It’s pretty hard to buy gifts for geeks. They most likely already have shelves of merchandise or rooms filled with memorabilia. So what do you get the geek that has it all? Aside from gifting them a person to share their geekiness with (we kid, we kid), you can never go wrong with geeky board […]

They’re Making A Minecraft Movie!

The inevitable sequel to The LEGO Movie might be a bit far away, but we just received news of a potentially bigger and blockier adaptation. Worldwide gaming phenomenon Minecraft and its rights were reportedly acquired by Warner Brothers. LEGO Movie producer Jill Messick and Roy Lee are supposed to be on board for this venture. We’re going […]

Höyük Kickstarter

Imagine yourself some 10,000 years ago in the Middle East… Your clan has left the ancient nomadic life and settled with four other clans in the valley. Once again the community has been successful in harvesting crop, and some families are getting better at raising animals: next moon will see the birth of a new […]

Win an OUYA Game Console With The Forevergeek Kickstarter Store!

Who wants to win an OUYA game console? Over at our very own Kickstarter Store we have TWO to give-away in a Twitter competition! To enter all you need to do is follow @fg_store and then Tweet the following: Win an OUYA from @FG_store and @PlayOUYA – RT and follow to enter #OuyaForevergeek #win The competition […]

This Bioshock Cosplay Blows Everything Else Out of the Water

When cosplay is so good that we can’t tell the difference between it and a screenshot of the game, is it still called “realistic”? Whatever it is, it’s super awesome. This incredible Bioshock cosplay has Eve Beauregard as Elizabeth and Nathan DeLuca as Booker with background art from Bioshock Infinite so it looks like it was taken straight from the […]

Sesame Street Fighter Is A Real Game!

We recently posted about Super Sesame Street Fighter and just when you thought the fun was over, it jumped several awesomeness levels higher! Enter Sesame Street Fighter, a game developed by Cocoalasca inspired by the illustrations we featured. It’s an HTML5 game that lets you choose between Ernie/Ken, Bert/Ryu, and Oscar/Blanca as you type your way to victory. […]

Wild West Exodus

Alternate universe tabletop games are a dime a dozen, but Wild West Exodus is the miniatures-based tabletop wargame you need to check out. Set in a dark Wild West, the world you play in is torn apart by the evil forces of the Enlightened. Take the frontier as your battleground and battle it out with armies […]