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7 Game of Thrones Gifts on My Christmas Wishlist

Game of Thrones Gifts Christmas Wishlist 1. House Targaryen Cookie Stamp What’s Christmas without cookies? Every family has its own tradition when it comes to Christmas cookies, but who says you can’t start your own tradition by serving up heaps of Game of Thrones cookies? This House Targaryen cookie stamp is a good place to […]

All a Trekkie Wants for Christmas Is a USS Reliant Artisan Replica

One caveat: a Trekkie has to have been on his best behavior all year long for Santa to give him his wish for Christmas. QMx is offering a USS Reliant Artisan Replica, known to Star Trek fans as the ship that was commandeered by none other than KHAAAAAAAAAAN! Khan Noonien Singh while the ship was […]

Meet Brewie, the World’s First Fully Automated Home-Brewery

It’s pretty amazing what you can find on crowdfunding platforms, and if you’re a hipster person who loves his craft beer, then you’ll want to check out this Indiegogo project called Brewie. (I guess they couldn’t come up with a better name.)   Brewie is the world’s first fully automated home-brewery, which allows you to, […]

Speak Up and Save “In the Flesh”

The fascination about zombies and the zombiecalypse has been around for quite some time, and it has risen to new heights in recent months. TV shows like The Walking Dead has certainly added to the awareness and fan-mania. Via Then there are TV shows that are not your run-of-the-mill zombie flicks where you run from […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Donut, Anyone?

A Thanksgiving Turkey Donut doesn’t sound too weird, does it? After all, we see specially decorated donuts all over the place – like this. It’s like a regular sweet donut that looks like a turkey. Perfect Thanksgiving dessert or snack, yes? But what if you had a Thanksgiving turkey donut that had turkey meat in […]

Who would Win in the Battle Batman vs Darth Vader? [Watch]

Has anyone else wondered which of your favorite comic book, movie, or game characters would win, if they were ever pitted against each other? I know I’m not the only one who has thought about this. However, Marvel characters aside, most of my favorites aren’t suddenly going to appear in each others story-lines, just to duke it […]

The Cthurkey Is the Only Thing You Need for Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, people are always looking for creatively delicious dishes to serve at the grand table. While most families will go for the traditional turkey, there are always those who go all out with the famous turducken, which defies all logic – or maybe, is the most logical thing on earth. (Read […]

90s Computer Hacking Supercut: A Whole New World

Several months back, we shared a super cool video – 80s Computer Hacking Supercut. The same guys who brought us that video has moved on to the next decade, which arguably is an even better one. If you came of age in the 90s, then you’ll definitely enjoy this 90s computer hacking supercut from founditemclothing. […]

Adorable Zombie-Themed Engagement Photos will Melt your Heart

Derek and his fiance Brandi weren’t interested in ordinary engagement photos. Running through fields or posing together on the railroad tracks didn’t appeal to this soon-to-be-married couple. Instead, they opted for zombie-themed engagement photos. The groom-to-be worked seasonally at the local Fear Farm in Phoenix, Arizona, working the corn mazes and haunted houses. Both the bride […]

4 Morbid (but also kind of cute) Thanksgiving Cartoons

Thanksgiving is the season of leaves changing colors, pumpkin pie, and beautiful orange and brown turkeys. Children learn how to make turkeys from a hand print and bring home colorful turkey-themed decorations. It seems like everywhere you look, there are decorations with turkeys saying “Happy Thanksgiving” or small plushies of turkeys with pilgrim hats. If […]

4 Surprising Things that are Illegal in Japan

Tokyo is a popular tourist destination for foreigners of all ages. There are the recent college graduates who are “finding themselves” as they visit dozens of temples and shrines in Kyoto. Or the young adults who spend a week in Tokyo stocking up on Pokemon paraphernalia at one of the many “Pokemon Centers” and browsing […]

Redditor’s Clever D&D Themed Resume (for a “Nerdy” Cosmetic Company)

The job market in America is rough, especially for recent high school (or college) graduates with little-to-no relevant work experience. If you’re one of the many people competing for a handful of job openings or unpaid internships, you had better find a way to shine. That’s exactly what redditor Gallifrey63 did with her D&D inspired resume […]

Hilarious 1964 Advertisement full of Sexual Innuendos

A photo of a 1964 advertisement for the WD-40 recently surfaced and, while we’re not sure if this was intentional or not, it is full of hilarious sexual innuendos. [Source] While some people are screaming “fake,” the WD-40 Facebook page only replied “AWESOME!!!” when the photo was shared on their timeline. Real or not, it’s […]

4 Amazing Animal Cafes you can find in Tokyo

Owning an animal in Tokyo is expensive, to say the least. Many apartments will not let you own anything other than a fish (and even those are debatable) or, if they do let you keep a furry creature, you have to pay between 2000 and 8000yen ($20 – $80) extra a month for that privilege. […]

Mario and Peach Break Up Over #GamerGate

We know it’s a serious matter, even with some trolls joining the fray. Whatever your stand is in the GamerGate issue, you’re totally entitled to your opinion. What we have for you today is a video created by the guys at Funny or Die will either make you laugh or piss you off. We’ll just […]

Scientists in Japan Create a Transparent Mouse

While a lot of us might ask “why,” scientists often say “why not?” In this case, scientists at the RIKEN institute (in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the Japan Science and Technology Agency) in Japan found a way to make mice transparent. They look like this: So by “transparent” they mean see-though, not […]

Pink Pepsi Cola: Strawberry Milk Pepsi in Japan

Pepsi has just unveiled their most recent seasonal drink flavor for the Japanese market: strawberry milk pepsi. Every year, Pepsi releases a new unusually-flavored drink. The 2012 red florecent “Salty Watermelon” pepsi  and the recent “Pepsi White” (orange flavored pepsi) both turned quite a few heads. They’ve also had not-so-successful runs with both cucumber and […]