Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Watch Cats Vs Zombies

badass cat

The Walking Dead has shown us that there are some members of the animal kingdom left after the zombie apocalypse. There was the horse Rick rode. There were Hershel’s cattle. There were even a couple of dogs. Then there was the fish that Glenn and the girls caught with a makeshift fishing net. Oh, and […]

The Most Iconic Sidekicks

most iconic sidekicks

Behind every great man is an even greater woman. Oops, wrong quote. But you know what I mean. Practically every superhero or protagonist in literature, comics, movie, or TV show has a sidekick that the former can’t live without. There’s Batman’s Robin. There’s Frodo’s Sam. (Let’s please not even entertain the thought of a bromance […]

Nerdy With Children: Real Heroes for Real Kids

nerdy with children

Meet Nick Veneris and Jessica Trebing, business partners who are also winners at parenting. They created Nerdy With Children, a company that aimed (aims) to “connect with their kids through their love of technology, sci-fi and art, among other geekery”. People after our own heart. So what is Nerdy With Children? An online shop for […]

I Bet You Didn’t Know These Legend of Zelda Facts

legend of zelda facts

Or, I could be wrong. Knowing just how you guys love Zelda, you might just know everything in the infographic we’re sharing today – maybe even more. Still, this infographic contains 16 Legend of Zelda facts, some of which may surprise you. The infographic is titled “16 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Nintendo’s […]

Start Your Week With a Bang With This Awesome Wonder Woman Cosplay

awesome wonder woman cosplay

Let’s keep this short and sweet. After that annoying news about an elementary school disallowing a little girl’s Wonder Woman lunchbox, it’s nice to see sensible people celebrate beauty, strength, and well, awesomeness. Joanna Mari showed up at Inbeon Cosplay early August dressed up as Wonder Woman, and she looked oh so good. Take a […]

Hayao Miyazaki Children’s Nature Retreat Is Something To Look Forward To

hayao miyazaki childrens nature retreat

Hayao Miyazaki’s not done yet. Far from it. Everyone’s favorite animator may not have been in the spotlight a lot for animations, but he is not sitting idly twiddling his thumbs. In fact, he is planning to build a children’s nature retreat in an island in Okinawa. It’s an awesome real-life reflection of his films. […]

Wonder Woman Ban by Elementary School: PC Brigade Much?

wonder woman ban

Last week, the superhero community was rocked by the news that an elementary school implemented a “Wonder Woman ban”. That may seem like an exaggeration, but it really isn’t. If you haven’t read about it, the issue revolves around a little girl bringing a Wonder Woman lunchbox to school, and the school authorities considering that […]