This Real Life Game of Thrones Wedding Dared to Defy GRRM

And we love the couple for it! We all know how weddings and Game of Thrones don’t exactly go well together, but that’s because GRRM has deemed it so. And while we have all gone through a wide range of emotions – from being horrified to feeling vindicated to feeling grossed out to feeling utterly […]

Suit Up for the LEGO Exo Suit!

We always expect awesome stuff to come from LEGO Cuusoo/Ideas, and while some ideas may take time from conception/submission to actual production, it’s worth the wait. Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing the LEGO Exo Suit in real life. Yup, sh#t just got real! The LEGO Exo Suit is the brainchild of Peter Reid, also known […]

The Chemistry Behind the Brazuca – Who Would Have Thunk?

Yeah, well, I am sure the guys who made this year’s soccer ball for the World Cup put a lot of thought into making it; although the average football fan may not immediately think about it, there’s a lot of chemistry that went into the making of the Brazuca. While it may not be as […]

Just How Good is Legolas’ Eyesight? [Here Comes the Science]

Elves have always been known to have the best eyesight, although there are creatures that would put that to question. And then there are the science – physics, to be exact – nerds. So here we are, faced with a scientific analysis of just how good an elf’s eyesight is. Not surprisingly, Legolas is taken […]

Family Guy Goes Game of Thrones

When two un-PC TV shows meet, there’s bound to be a lot of [insert your reaction here, depending on how politically correct you are]. One thing is for sure: if anyone deserves the Iron Throne, Stewie it is. End of conversation. Game of Thrones Family Guy – here you go. There’s more where these came […]

New Guardians of the Galaxy Website, The Galaxy Getaways, Gives You Galactic Travel Tips

Just in case you’re planning a galactic trip in the future, Marvel has decided to give you some guidance with their new web site, The Galaxy Getaways. It’s a companion site to the upcoming, much hyped movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy, which opens on August 1. The Galaxy Getaways is the ultimate travel site […]

Tech for the Geek at Heart

The amount of technology that continually enters the market on a daily basis is nothing short of inspiring. In addition to the constant array of smartphones, PCs and other mobile gadgets, new tech also dares to offer other possibilities. Hours Map Whether traveling across the state or across the country, Hours Map has a free […]

This Might Just Be the Coolest Water Pistol Ever

If you can even use “pistol” to describe the beast that Sugru has created. Sugru is a material, “self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand. It moulds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight.” Obviously, the video they’ve created featuring the “coolest water pistol” in the […]

Retro Robot Illustrations Are Quite Impressive – Kid and Adult Friendly!

Robots are cool, retro probably even better. Brian Edward Miller, the owner, artist, and illustrator behind the Orlin Culture Shop (OCS for short) put these two elements together as a result of his initial response to a tweet by Giuseppe Castellano @pinocastellano), who works with Penguin US. “Illustrators, lets do it again. We’re looking for […]

Maleficent Concept Art Reeks of Undeniable Maleficence

Everyone I know who’s seen Maleficent has good things to say about it, and I believe Angelina Jolie playing the head villain is one of the big reasons behind the movie’s success. But what an artist takes things into his own hands and creates some Maleficent concept art? That’s what Jerad S Marantz of Valley […]