Redditor’s Clever D&D Themed Resume (for a “Nerdy” Cosmetic Company)

The job market in America is rough, especially for recent high school (or college) graduates with little-to-no relevant work experience. If you’re one of the many people competing for a handful of job openings or unpaid internships, you had better find a way to shine. That’s exactly what redditor Gallifrey63 did with her D&D inspired resume […]

Hilarious 1964 Advertisement full of Sexual Innuendos

A photo of a 1964 advertisement for the WD-40 recently surfaced and, while we’re not sure if this was intentional or not, it is full of hilarious sexual innuendos. [Source] While some people are screaming “fake,” the WD-40 Facebook page only replied “AWESOME!!!” when the photo was shared on their timeline. Real or not, it’s […]

4 Amazing Animal Cafes you can find in Tokyo

Owning an animal in Tokyo is expensive, to say the least. Many apartments will not let you own anything other than a fish (and even those are debatable) or, if they do let you keep a furry creature, you have to pay between 2000 and 8000yen ($20 – $80) extra a month for that privilege. […]

Mario and Peach Break Up Over #GamerGate

We know it’s a serious matter, even with some trolls joining the fray. Whatever your stand is in the GamerGate issue, you’re totally entitled to your opinion. What we have for you today is a video created by the guys at Funny or Die will either make you laugh or piss you off. We’ll just […]

Scientists in Japan Create a Transparent Mouse

While a lot of us might ask “why,” scientists often say “why not?” In this case, scientists at the RIKEN institute (in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the Japan Science and Technology Agency) in Japan found a way to make mice transparent. They look like this: So by “transparent” they mean see-though, not […]

Pink Pepsi Cola: Strawberry Milk Pepsi in Japan

Pepsi has just unveiled their most recent seasonal drink flavor for the Japanese market: strawberry milk pepsi. Every year, Pepsi releases a new unusually-flavored drink. The 2012 red florecent “Salty Watermelon” pepsi  and the recent “Pepsi White” (orange flavored pepsi) both turned quite a few heads. They’ve also had not-so-successful runs with both cucumber and […]

Use Bitcoin to Buy Poop and Get It Sent to Your Worst Enemy

Or your best friend, if you’re into that kind of prank. In the beginning, some people thought that Bitcoin was just a passing trend, but today, cryptocurrency has expanded its horizons, and more shops – both online and offline – are accepting Bitcoin (among others) as payment. But I think nothing can beat this web site called […]

Luckiest Dude on Earth: He’s Got a Screen Accurate DeLorean

Luckiest if you’re a Back to the Future fan, but who isn’t??? Ollie Wilkey from Keynsham, Somerset in the UK bought the screen accurate DeLorean for a five-figure sum, which he wouldn’t disclose. But you can just imagine… So what does screen accurate mean? Basically, this DeLorean is just like the one used in the […]

If You Ever Want to Spy on Penguins, Get the Chick Rover

I’m a huge fan of documentaries, and while I don’t watch one every day, when I start…well you know how that goes: an entire weekend of nothing but documentaries. Of course, when it comes to documentaries, penguins are right up there at the top of the list together with polar bears and sea lions. If […]

The Ultimate Dystopian Movie Timeline

Science fiction films have been around before the 1920s, and they continue to be popular today. Perhaps more than ever. As we’re looking at Interstellar and the next Hunger Games, the guys at GB POSTERS have put together quite an impressive timeline detailing dystopian movies. They dub it the Ultimate Dystopian Movie Timeline, and it […]

This Photo Is the Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today – Seriously!

I’m not link-baiting. This is for real; and I won’t say much about this photo, because in this case, the cliche “a picture paints a thousands words” doesn’t even cover it. What did I tell you??? This photo was taken by Melissa Rensen of London, Ontario, Canada while her plane was flying above the clouds. […]

Support the ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth Worker Mech’ LEGO Project

AFOLs are always full of ideas as to what they can do with LEGO blocks, but beyond that, they like building their own kits that are officially backed and made by LEGO. That’s why LEGO Ideas is a great place to look for new projects that you might want to back and make a reality. […]

Not Watching Gotham? Now You Have a Reason to: Morena Baccarin!

We loved her as Inara in Firefly, just as much as we loved her as Anna in V. Now, Morena Baccarin is going to be in Gotham, which has received rather good ratings, although some hardcore comics fans were skeptical after the first episode. If you haven’t started watching Gotham yet, then if there’s one […]

Ideas for a Specialty Geek Blog

Geek blogs are all over the place these days, why would you want to start another one that’s just one among the many? I can think of many reasons, but making money is not one of them; so if you’re thinking of starting a geek blog as a money-making activity, you might as well skip […]

When Pigs Drink Whiskey, You Get Whiskey-Flavored Bacon

D’oh. That was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? Although in this case, the pork hasn’t been made into bacon yet. But it’s just a matter of time. Also, who would think of giving pigs whiskey to drink? If you told me that yesterday, I’d say what a waste of whiskey! Source However, it has been proven […]

Before The Conjuring, There Was Annabelle

That’s the tagline in the poster I saw earlier when I went for a short walk. The billboard was humongous, and one just couldn’t ignore this face. Since I saw that billboard in the underpass, I felt chilled to the bone. Let’s just say that horror movies and I don’t mix well, and The Conjuring […]

Be Prepared for the Zombiecalypse with the Zombie Fortification Cabin

I won’t question your belief in the fact that at some point in the future, the zombiecalypse will happen. After all, who in his right mind won’t believe that mankind will do something to make this a reality? There are only two questions that matter: What kind of zombie will we be facing? Are you […]

Feast: Another Disney Short Film to Look Forward To – Or Not

We’re huge fans of short films here at ForeverGeek. When Paperman was released, we even asked everyone to “drop everything” and watch the short immediately. Some of my favorite Disney short films include Geri’s Game, Jack-Jack Attack, The Blue Umbrella, and For the Birds. In my opinion, Partly Cloudy is the best of them all. […]

Get Ready for Black Friday 2014

Black Friday has always been a shopper’s dream day or worst nightmare, depending on how you approach it. There’s no such thing as preparing for the day when the biggest deals can be found across the country. It used to be that Black Friday was an American “thing”, but in recent years, the practice has […]