Sherlock Hound: Animated Steampunk Sherlock Holmes by Hayao Miyazaki

animated steampunk sherlock holmes

Animated. Steampunk. Sherlock. Miyazaki. That is too much awesome in one line that it might explode anytime! But it’s not wishful thinking. It’s as true as all the other videos you can watch on YouTube, or TV shows and movies on Hulu and Netflix. We all love Miyazaki for his works such as Princess Mononoke […]

3 Things That Sucked and 3 Things That Ruled about Netflix Daredevil


Oh, Netflix Daredevil. I do not know what to make of thee. On one hand, when comparing you to the DC shows like Arrow, you clearly kick the most ass. You do not water down your show and clearly are not aiming it at teens, which works in your favor. But in the same breath, […]

#FandomFriday: 10 #TheFlash Merchandise You’ll Want to Buy in a Flash

the flash funko tv

The CW’s The Flash is one of our favorite TV series for easy watching. It’s lighter than other superhero series on TV right now, and who can resist Barry Allen’s childlike charm? If you like The Flash, then you’ll want to take a look at our selection of The Flash merchandise. You’re welcome. 1. Flash […]

The Hall of Iron Man Buster Armors

iron man buster armors

Who’s seen Age of Ultron? I have to admit I haven’t yet, but judging by critics, things are not looking good for the (previously) anticipated movie. Sure, “haters gonna hate”, but some people have taken things to a whole new, ridiculous level by trolling and issuing death threats to Joss Whedon. Talk about stupid. In […]

6 Most Underrated Sci Fi Movies of Past Decade

underrated sci fi films

It seems when people talk about sci fi movies, they always talk about the same films. Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Aliens, but there are a slew of hugely underrated sci fi movies that just seem to get ignored by everyone, and being such a huge fan of the genre for so long, I cannot […]

7 Upcoming Video Game Movies in 2015 and 2016

video game movies 2015 2016

The video game industry is worth a gazillion, and while the movie industry is worth more than that, the latter just cannot help but take advantage of the former. And why not, if there is more money to make? Even if video game nerds may bash the movie versions, the movie producers are still reasonably […]