6 Movies Featuring Evil A.I That Will Make You Rethink Your Future


I think we all just need to accept the fact, right now, that we will be overtaken by robots at some point. First, they will take our jobs. Then, they will disguise themselves as us and steal our spouses. Then, they shall tear off their fake skin and distend their jaws to swallow our infants […]

Fandom Friday: Awesome Supernatural Fan Art

supernatural fan art

Hey, Supernatural fans. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, one of the biggest fandoms on earth. This week on Fandom Friday, we bring you some awesome Supernatural fan art. You’re welcome. Sam “Sam (Jared Padalecki) Dry Brush on A4 Canson paper brushes, black oil painting and eraser” Via Dean What’s up with the cat? The […]

Why The ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Cost The Show Millions Of Faithful Fans

game of thrones finale

Why do we enjoy the fantasy worlds we read and watch so much? Because for most of us, they provide an awesome distraction from real life. Bills and relationship problems are the last thing you are thinking about when massive dragons are flying around, roasting people like marshmallows. It provides an essential escape for many […]

5 Post Apocalyptic Movies Almost As Good As ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

post apocalyptic movies

One day, all of this is going to change. All of it. The way you live your daily lives. How you find food. Who you keep contact with. ALL OF IT is going to change. Some say it will be after the bombs fall. Some think it will be the result of us tapping this […]

5 Underrated Nerd Movies More Geeks Need To See


We all know the big name nerd movies that everyone loves. LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, all the comic book movies etc. But there are a shit-ton of really good geek movies out there that just don’t get the love and attention they deserve because the big boys take all the credit. The problem is, […]

6 Things They Need To Do With New ‘Star Wars’ Boba Fett Spin Off Movie

Boba Fett

While many of us are sitting around, waiting for The Force Awakens to drop at the end of this year, slow news about the Star Wars spin-off movies have begun leaking. First, we heard about the spin-off about the rebels raiding the Death Star for the original Death Star plans. With a great director at […]

5 Netflix Daredevil Quotes that Can Teach Us About Life

Netflix daredevil quotes

Netflix Daredevil has taken the TV viewing audience by storm, with even skeptics changing their mind. While the show is far from perfect, as hardcore fans will point out, there is a lot that makes it one of the most kickass-est TV shows this year. You probably feel the same way as I do when […]

6 Weird Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie


Right now, when it comes to comic book adaptations, anything goes. If you had told my teenage geek self that Deadpool and Ant Man and Avengers and Batman VS. Superman would have been eventual movies, I would’ve called you a liar and ran off crying because of your cruel lies. Thing is, here we are. […]