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10 Movie Sequels that Took Way too Long

Movie sequels can be unpredictable; not only are they occasionally terrible, but some may also go into production many years, if not decades later. The good news is that oftentimes these long-awaited movie sequels bring a sense of nostalgia, which undoubtedly gives us a happy feeling inside. In celebration of procrastination and endless script rewrites, […]

7 Most Inappropriate Movie Titles

We all love movies that have catchy titles. Sometimes, a movie title may make or break a film. I honestly don’t envy the job of those who have to come up with a hit title. There are times, though, when movie titles just go so wrong they become ridiculous. Either you end up with a […]

8 Comic Book Movies Coming Soon

Note: In reality, there are around 40 upcoming superhero films throughout the year 2020. However, this list is based on our personal, most anticipated movies. Believe it or not, superhero movies are still in their infancy, as Hollywood has many more characters to explore over the next several years. Thanks to successes such as Iron […]

Fandom Friday: Star Wars Episode VII Leaks Collection [Read at Your Own Risk]

[UPDATED: February 25, 2015] Director J.J. Abrams talked to BBC News and has some interesting things to say about all the rumors and leaks surrounding Star Wars VII. In the report, the director says: There are a ton of rumours – some true, some false. But I’m grateful for everyone who would want to read […]

7 Best 80s Movies on Netflix to Watch

If you’re a child of the 80s, and you want to go back to the times when things were simple, then you’ll definitely want to see some of the movies you saw back then. Even if you were born much later, but you appreciate that decade, then head over to Netflix to watch some of […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is bound to be AMC’s next big hit, partly thanks to Breaking Bad’s phenomenal and critically acclaimed success. As the show is still in its infancy, we explore some fun facts you probably didn’t know about the already-popular dramedy. Let’s kick off the list with this interesting Better Call Saul trailer, in […]

5 Odd Movie Couples That Touched Our Hearts

“Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine.” ― Whoopi Goldberg Some people have an idea of what a “normal” couple should be. Real life, however, reflects Whoopi Goldberg’s quote. Who’s to say what normal is? And, Hollywood has shown us time and again that odd movie couples can – and have – touched […]

The Ultimate List of Geeky Shows in 2015

The past decade has been tough for science fiction and drama enthusiasts. With the never-ending influx of reality TV, good ol’ scripted series have been rather spotty at best. While we have been introduced to great shows like The Flash, The Walking Dead and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., many still long for greater consistency across major […]

The 8 Best Movie Posters of 2015 (So Far)

There’s always something magical about movie posters, as they can often tell a great story without the need for special effects and cutting-edge surround sound. These are works of art that perfectly blend with the best marketing tactics to date, making you stare at them like you simply have nothing better to do. Speaking of […]

The 7 Scariest TV Shows Currently On the Air

In a generation that primarily consists of reality TV and police drama, being able to indulge in fear and horror actually seems like a great thing. The following TV shows offer everything from vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons and much more. Best of all, these creepy TV series are all alive and kicking, with no cancellation […]

Is a Female Ghostbusters Cast a Bad Idea?

Rumors about a new Ghostbusters movie came out around mid-2014, inciting mixed reactions among fans. With Ghostbusters being the iconic movie that it is, resulting in people feeling a sense of “ownership” – as is the case with many a franchise, the idea of rebooting the movie more than two decades later understandably makes fans […]

Fandom Friday: 5 Johnny Depp Movies That Are Worth Re-Watching

Johnny Depp is the talk of the town these days, but not necessarily in a flattering way. With the recent release of his comedy movie, Mortdecai, the actor has received a lot of flak, and has even been labeled as not really being a movie star – at least in the sense of opening a […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Supernatural

Supernatural has undoubtedly turned into one of CW’s longest running series to date, matching closely with the likes of Smallville, which ran from 2001 to 2011. To be more specific, Sam and Dean Winchester have been hunting and slaughtering all kinds of dangerous creatures for nearly 10 years now. Thanks to its longevity, fans of […]

Netflix Movie Removal List for February 1, 2015: Watch Them While You Can!

For many a movie and/or TV watcher, Netflix has become the go-to platform; and why not? It allows you to enjoy the comfort of your own couch or bed with unlimited drinks and popcorn – as long as you remember to stock your pantry. Then again, you can’t rely on Netflix to always have your […]

6 Canceled TV Shows You Want to Make a Comeback

So, you’re watching your favorite TV show without a care in the world. Out of nowhere, however, you suddenly realize that it has been abruptly canceled. Worst of all, the network in question left it on a very baffling and unfair cliffhanger. This is the sad reality that we all face every year. In fact, […]

Fandom Friday: How Well Do You Know Your Star Trek Captains? [QUIZ]

This week on Fandom Friday, we have a quiz for Star Trek fans. Whether you’re a badge-carrying old-timer, or you’ve only started to get into Star Trek (your life’s going to be complete now), take the quiz to find out how well you know the Captains. Here goes Fandom Friday Star Trek fans, especially for […]

Major Cable Network Is Looking for Nerds and Geeks for a New Show!

This is your chance, boys and girls. If you’ve always wanted to be on TV for whatever reason, you might actually get to do it. A major cable network is looking for geeks and nerds for a new show, and they want the real deal. Whether your circle has an Amy, Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, […]

6 Best Buddy Cop Movies Of All Time

Buddy cop movies follow a certain pattern. The good ones are as edgy and violent as they are funny. There is a real sense of danger as the two cops who could get the bad guy “if they don’t kill each other first” go head-to-head with ruthless villains capable of any form of evil. The […]

Movies, TV Shows, and Games to Look Forward to in 2015

It’s the first full week of 2015, and there’s already plenty to look forward to in terms of movies, TV shows, and games. Many of these were announced last year, but you’ll want a handy one-stop-shop to look at the details, although some may not have definite release dates yet. We bring you our hand-picked […]

Fandom Friday: Game of Thrones Special in February (Plus Some Other Tidbits)

UPDATE: January 8, 2015. HBO just announced the premiere for Season 5: APRIL 12, 2015! Is HBO following BBC when it comes to specials for its Game of Thrones fandom? Christmas Day is the traditional day for Whovians, and while BBC has been doing that for years now, HBO is releasing a Game of Thrones […]