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With only three episodes remaining for this season, Arrow fans are certainly sitting on the edge of their seats, at the same time dreading that day when the finale is aired.

I know I am.

The past several episodes has increased my stress levels, not to mention the urge to throw something at the TV because of the cliffhangers; but enough of that.

Today is Fandom Friday, and let’s look at The best DC Arrow characters – at least those in the TV show. You may or may not expect the people mentioned in this article, but each to his own, right?

Note: I am not including Oliver Queen/The Arrow and Felicity anymore, as they’re a given.

Best DC Arrow characters, in no particular order

1. John Diggle

best dc arrow charactersSource

A guy who stands by your side no matter what, but does not hesitate to speak his mind – also knows when to keep his gob shut. What else can you ask from a character in a superhero TV show?

Oh, and he’s a pretty badass fighter/shooter, too. But that’s not really what makes Diggle one of the best members of Team Arrow. It’s how he somehow serves as Oliver’s conscience, at the same time pushing him to the limits.

2. Maseo Yamashiro/Sarab

best dc arrow charactersSource

No one can’t help but like Maseo Yamashiro, the family man who would do anything to protect his family and help his friends – in spite of being “under the influence” of Amanda Waller. We only see this aspect of his life in flashback scenes, but in present day, Maseo has become one of Ra’s al Ghul’s most trusted men.

His inner struggle with who he was and what he is (or believe to be) now makes his character one of the best in the series. One moment he’s shooting arrows at innocent people. Another moment he’s helping Felicity and company escape Nanda Parbat. The next, he admits his guilt to Ra’s and offers his life as penance.

What’s he going to be like in the next three episodes as The Arrow turns into something I never really thought he would. (Although no one really knows at this point except the showrunners, I guess.)

3. Malcolm Merlyn

best dc arrow charactersSource

A detestable character, especially in the earlier seasons, Malcolm Merlyn does have one redeeming quality: he truly loves his daughter, as seen in the last couple episodes.

But is that enough to say he’s a good man? It depends on your worldview. After all, this is the same man who manipulated his daughter in ways I can hardly imagine a father doing.

What makes Malcolm a great character is that he is the epitome of a villain: he believes that what he is doing is right.

4. Slade Wilson

best arrow charactersSource

While I personally think that Manu Bennett is not the best actor out there, he portrays Deathstroke/Slade Wilson rather well. From the tough mentor in the island to insanely in love dude to the quietly scary businessman to the badass fighter, he is one to look out for.

He has been MIA for most of this season, but I’m going to bet that his comeback is going to be an explosive one. After all, he’s not one to allow Oliver Queen the victory without a fight.

What do you think of these choices? Who’s missing, or who should be excluded?

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8 Manly Video Games That Ooze A Little Too Much Testosterone Thu, 23 Apr 2015 16:39:07 +0000 To clear up right away, when I say manly video games, I mean games filled with space marines and swears and maybe some boobs and blood. Games that seem to cater to the mind of the fourteen year old male specifically, while the actual gaming audience is much wider. While these games may not be bad per say, (some really are, though) these 8 games seem to come a little heavy with the testosterone at times. Again, not comdemning them, but also, in a few cases, some growing up is needed in this writer’s personal opinion. Not every game needs to have the weight of Journey, but exploitative lesbian love scenes for no reason in a video game just seems a little out of place at this point. Here are eight games that want you to know they (think they) have giant, hairy balls, even if females are the lead in a few cases.

Duke Nukem Forever

Keep in mind, when the first games came out and I was in my teens, I ate it up. Oh man, strippers and cops as pigs? This game is so EDGY (by 14 year old boy standards). But then, when they waited and let their audience age two decades before bringing a sequel, they didn’t factor in that audience may have aged a bit, and we did.

I recall the moment I got an achievement for picking up a piece of sh*t out of a toilet and knowing I was about the spend ten hours in the subconscious of a mindless teenager. Problem is, later on you are murdering naked lesbians and shit. It goes from juvenile to cruel really quickly, and just didn’t appeal to ANYONE.


Allow me to preface anything I say about this game with the fact that I loved it. I did. I thought the gameplay was great fun. The leash mechanic and point system added much to the FPS formula, and the graphical sheen and bullet-hell madness was a good time.

But let’s not forget, every other word in this game was phuck, and you got extra points for shooting guys in the butthole. Hell, you even for an achievement called “Fire in the hole” for that. Yes, we can laugh at it, but we wont deny how childish and MANLY it wants us to think it is.


Okay, so straight up, one of my favorite action games of ALL TIME. the action is blistering, and the mayhem on screen is unmatched in gaming. BUT, has there ever been a more sexualized female protagonist in a mainstream game than the ‘tit’ular character in this game?

Though she may act feminine and demure, you can tell from the glasses to the librarian mannerisms, she was born from the mind of a man. Hell, she even has special attacks that involve her being naked. The thing is, like Bulletstorm, Bayonetta kind of embraces its campiness, and if you can look past the sexism, you get the best action game this side of God of War (which should also place on the list but people have talked about those threesome mini-games enough by now).

Metroid: Other M

This game bothered a lot of people because, not only did it change up the game formula for a third time of this beloved series, it seemed to want to focus on just how sexual and sexy Samus was. NOT focusing on that up to this point in her gaming career is what made her such a stellar example of females in games. What a step back.

Suddenly, her body suit is front and center, she has a sexy voice, and she seems to enjoy moving more like catwoman than the Samus we all know and love. I like Team Ninja for the most part, but this was a HUGE mishandling of an otherwise beloved franchise and character.

Metal Gear Series

Again, great series. Fun, original, complex, and sometimes silly. But I knew something was amiss in Metal Gear Solid when I could climb into the ceiling panel and watch Meryl strip. That, to me, felt deviant (and I had to go out of my way to do it, which proves I was just that), and it only seemed to amp up from that point on.

A better example would be part 4, where you could take photos of the sexy bosses as they pose for you like porn models. I know Hideo is kinky and stuff, but come on. That is just weird, dude. If someone is THAT hard up, they should look at Red Tube. Leave that smut out of gaming, as it only sullies its rep.

(Dis)Honorable Mention:

Anything by Suda51. Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer 7, Shadows of the Damned, which brings this list to 8. Love the dude, but boobs and ball jokes permeate a lot of what he does. He is like the Roger Corman of video games.


Speaking of manly video games that ooze testosterone….

 5 Insanely Gory Mortal Kombat X Fatalities 

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5 Anime About Music Thu, 23 Apr 2015 14:00:53 +0000 Anime has a big following, but not everyone is on the hunt for anime about music. There are, however, some good series that focus on music, and for those who are both anime AND music lovers, here are five anime that you will want to check out.

1. Nodame Cantabile

Originally manga written and illustrated by Tomoko Ninomiya, Nodame Cantabile was serialized by Kodansha from July 2001 to October 2009. It was then adapted to TV.

This anime about music is also about school romance, but appreciation for classical music stands out. With some pieces of classical music in each episode, this can hardly be denied. If you’re into this genre, Nodame Cantabile is anime to watch.

2. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

Based on the manga Beck, this 26-episode TV series is definitely anime about music. The story revolves around Yukio Tanaka, a 14-year-old boy in junior high. His life was pretty boring but things took a different turn when he rescued Beck, an unusual-looking dog. His owner – Ryusuke Minami – as it turned out, was in a rock band. He encourages Yukio to play the guitar and the rest is history.

3. Kids on the Slope

From the creators of Cowboy Bebop – that ought to say something – Kids on the Slope is all about jazz. The life of Kaoru, the protagonist, has always been in a state of flux, but when he moves to a seaside town, things change. His new friends introduces him to jazz, and he discovers a whole new world.

You can buy Kids on the Slope here.

4. Karaoke Fighter Mike Jiro

anime about music

Karaoke Fighter Mike Jiro is not too popular a series, but as the title suggests, it’s all about karaoke battles. Not an unusual thing in the land of karaoke.

The protagonist is an orphan boy who can’t sing for sh#t but when gets this magic mic from a mysterious old man, he turns into an awesome karaoke singer who battles his way to stardom in each episode.

5. Prayers

anime about music

Prayers only has four episodes, but it may very well become your favorite anime about music. The setting is 2014, where Shibuya has been segregated by the government.

The players are special youngsters who have the power to injure and kill their opponents in band battles.

Interesting enough?

10 Musically Incline Anime

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3 Tips for Organizing Your Fandom Memorabilia in Your Geek Lair Thu, 23 Apr 2015 12:00:23 +0000 You’re a nerd, loud and proud. You’ve got mountains of memorabilia covering the walls, floors, shelves, and closets of your geek lair that support your favorite fandoms of all time. And while you’re proud of the plethora of comic books, posters, DVDs/Blu-rays, and apparel you’ve been able to amass, that amount of merchandise can sometimes be overwhelming.

You need to get all that stuff organized in a way to showcase everything perfectly. No, you’re not OCD…but to help you better display your love of Spiderman, Sherlock, Star Wars, or whatever you geek out on, here are some tips for turning your space into the ultimate nerd lair and for organizing all your fandom memorabilia.

Create a Focal Point

Regardless of the theme of your room, in order to create a space that is cohesive, you need to have a focal point. According to About Home, having a solid focal point will re-energize your space and help you to draw attention to the area that you want as the main attraction. Because human eyes tend to follow lines in design, the focal point is usually where lines converge in your room.

How do you create this point which will undoubtedly cement your geek cred? 

Choose the piece of memorabilia that’s either your favorite or the largest, and place it in the area of your space that will draw the eye the fastest. This could be as simple of a map of Middle Earth on your wall or a coffee table engraved with the Batman symbol.

Fandom Memorabilia in Your Geek Lair

Maximize Your Space

Whether your space is large or small, organization is vital for displaying your items in the way they deserve. Michelle Lovrine Honeyager, contributor for, suggests adding various shelving units and cases in order to best show off your merchandise, without having it prohibit you from having a functional room.

Depending on the amount of memorabilia you’ve collected, you could line the walls with shelves to hold your figures, toys, books and movies or just bring in a few shelves to give a sense of order to the chaos. Check out some of Honeyager’s example photos to get some inspiration for how to implement organizational units into your lair.

Fandom Memorabilia in Your Geek Lair

Give your room some TLC

When showing off your favorite show, movie or book, it’s easy to get carried away with your passion – quite understandably so.

However, if you rent your place (not all of us can afford our own house – yet!), decorating and renovating may need more consideration. According to Green Residential, landlords closely check flooring, walls and fire hazards when inspecting the property, so make sure you haven’t done anything to your geek lair that can get you in trouble with your landlord, including painting the walls, blocking exits, or harming the flooring. As an alternative to painting your walls – and to give your fandom an even more real-life representation – look for wall decals that you can stick on the wall rather than painting on them yourself.

Showcasing your love for something is a part of who you are, and by creating a space where you can be free to express that love for your chosen fandom, you’re giving yourself and others permission to geek out in the best possible environment.

So get some organizational shelves, some wall decals, and a focal point and get to work on setting up the nerd cave of your dreams!

Featured image

Image 1

Image 2

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6 Reasons We Are Excited For ‘Ant-Man’ Wed, 22 Apr 2015 16:23:07 +0000 Amid all the hype about Batman Vs. Superman and the new Star Wars trailer, seems a trailer dropped that was quite awesome and it kind of got ignored. A trailer that hints that we might just break away from the darkness and nastiness in all movies we seem to be getting lately and get back to the idea of what a superhero summer movie should be: fun. I am talking about the Paul Rudd lead Ant-Man, of course. The trailer was stupid fun and looks like the summer movie fix we really want. Here are six reasons we are really excited about Ant-Man and you should be, too.

Paul Rudd

ant man

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? Honestly, he is one of those actors who just seems so unphased by the level of success he has reached and just seems like such a nice guy. Honestly, also the last guy we ever expected to land in a superhero movie, which makes the casting even more brilliant.

Also, there is a goofiness to the Ant-Man character that Rudd will be able to pull of better than anyone. A sort of boyish nativity that will lend itself fantastically to the part.

Actual Fun

ant man

We know the crumbling tower scenes in Avengers were fun, and we know that there are plenty of fun moments in other comic book movies, but overall, their tone has gotten much darker. Ant-Man looks to offer up a nice break from that by having humor and actual mirth injected into the film.

While it is cool to see bad guys and good guys clash and raise hell. Did you see that tiny train scene from the trailer? I cannot recall a trailer moment in recent memory that made me laugh that hard.

A Different Side of Marvel


Come on, admit if you were handed a list of comic heroes you could make into a movie lead, Ant-Man would not have even placed in the top ten. THAT is exactly what makes it such a bold and brave move for Marvel. Remember, people talked the same smack about a movie involving a talking tree and raccoon, and it was one of the best things Marvel has done in years.

Plus, this hearkens back to the golden age of comics, which could also be very nostalgic for many.

Stark Industries

ant man

We Marvel geeks love when the movies make nods to other characters or connect and show us the movies are all taking place in the same world. That will happen again with Ant-Man, as Tony Stark’s Dad will be a character in the movie. Granted, it may not be the RDJ cameo we all may have wanted, but it shows us that they intend to bring all these characters together at one point, and that is going to be SO EPIC!

Also, Peggy Carter. Like we ever get tired of looking at her, and she will be here, too.

Honey, I Shrunk the Superhero


Honey I Shrunk the Kids was such an awesome movie for many of us geeks when we were kids, so to get to imagine a super sized world and see it again, only this time with a superhero inside of it, will be a great deal of fun. When you are the size of an ant, anything becomes a huge obstacle (or source of comedy gold) so it should be fun to see how Scott Lang deals with his smaller size and some of the scenarios he ends up in as a result.

Yes, it will be lighter fare than we are used to, but why is that a bad thing?

 Long Time Coming

I know we are all still sad Edgar Wright left the movie, as it was a passion project for him. But many people think aspects he worked out for the script and character may still be used, so we may feel Wright’s touch on this, even with his hands off of it. Also, you sit and scrub away at a piece of coal long enough, you just might end up with a diamond.

Here’s hoping the years of waiting means we will have an Ant-Man sized diamond this summer to enjoy.

ant man

Yoda Fan Art That Will Awaken The Geek In You

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7 Geeky Couches That Will Bring Out the Couch Potato in You Wed, 22 Apr 2015 12:30:07 +0000 Not that your inner couch potato has already come out. I think I won’t be far off the mark if I say that many of us spend considerable amounts of time on the couch, especially on our days off.

Whether it’s gaming, watching TV (or movies), reading, or just chilling – it’s the couch that we often turn to. And since you’re a self-professed geek, why not make sure that your couch fits your preferences?

Others pimp their rides, but we pimp our couches. Because that’s how we roll.

Here are 7 awesomely geeky couches that will not only make you happy, but will also score you lots of points with your geek friends.

1. Alien-inspired Couch

geeky couches

That might not look comfortable, but if you believe that the truth is out there, then this alien-inspired couch is the best choice. Also, it’s got that cool-creepy vibe that seems to suck you in. Or is it just me?


2. Sofa with Tetris Cushions

geeky couches

If you can’t get your hands on a decked out geeky sofa, then why not accessorize your existing one? Make Tetris pillows like these, place them on your couch, and you’re good to go!

3. Chocolate Sofa

geeky couches

Who can resist chocolate? I doubt that this couch is a version of chocolate-covered bacon, but it’s still a sight for sore eyes.


4. Nintendo

nerdy couches

This is but a concept couch, part of a series called “If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture“.

If this ever becomes a reality, it will be a perfect match for this Nintendo Controller table.

5. USB Couches

nerdy couches

What do you need when the nerd herd comes over with each individual bringing his laptop along? A USB couch, of course! That is, couches that are wired so that you can exchange files via USB.

But that’s kind of a lie. These days, there’s really not much need for a USB-connected sofa with Wi-Fi and all, but hey, the mere idea is quite nerdy. Not to mention that symbol behind the couch. (Just make sure you arrange your furniture so that the back is seen!)


6. Pac-Man Sofa

nerdy couches

This modular piece of furniture is made up of Pac-Man components so you can play around with it.


7. Totoro Sofa/Bed

geeky couches

One word: Totoro.

Sure, this is not exactly a couch, but did I mention Totoro?

On another note, the teddy bear may not be as geeky as Totoro, but it’s still cute.

You can actually buy this Totoro sofa/bed here.

More Geeky Couches

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How Nintendo Will be Releasing Games for Smartphones Now Wed, 22 Apr 2015 11:00:19 +0000 Your favorite Nintendo characters will soon be available very close to home — in your own pocket or in the palm of your hand.

Nintendo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Japan, recently announced its intent to enter the smartphone gaming market via a partnership with Internet business company DeNA Co., Ltd., also based in Japan. The alliance will jointly develop games that feature Nintendo’s familiar — and wildly popular — gaming personalities.

The games haven’t hit the market yet but one can only assume that a new game vividly featuring Mario, Luigi, and the gang on phones like the Samsung Galaxy s6 looks great.

Why Smartphone Gaming?

Nintendo Entertainment System launched in 1983, but the company has been around as a maker of games and entertainment long before then. It started as a playing card company in 1933. But most aficionados today know the organization as the maker of iconic video games, including the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo DS — just to name a few.

Nintendo also owns the rights to legendary video game franchises, including Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

DeNA has been focused on mobile services since 2004 and has “accumulated world-class expertise in Internet services, including mobile games,” Nintendo said in its release.

It’s no surprise that Nintendo would want to focus on the mobile gaming market. Revenues reportedly increased to $25 billion in 2014.

But that’s not all — mobile game revenues are projected to overtake console games in 2015, according to Forbes. The western markets showed particularly large growth in 2014, and now North America is expected to see a 47 percent jump and western Europe is projected to see a 51 percent increase year after year. Japan is also seeing a substantial increase in iOS and Android game revenues, Forbes reported.

Put in the context of the ever-increasing popularity of gaming on a tablet or high-end smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, the combination of beloved characters plus new technology and reliable networks makes sound business and financial sense.

A Surprising Decision


But the decision was met with some surprise, after Nintendo seemed to be fighting entering the smartphone gaming market.

One concern of the company is mobile’s free app gaming culture, which prompts in-app purchases rather than charge for the game itself, which would eat into company profits.

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, told reporters at a news conference that he’s not totally against the free-to-play model, but that he wouldn’t be too happy with many in-game purchases.

“The company seems to have totally changed its mind-set, after having resisted against mobile game development, publicly complained about the low quality of content in mobile and played down its role in the game world overall,” said Serkan Toto, a Tokyo-based game consultant. “This is about the most drastic, bold shift in strategy Nintendo could have undertaken.”

Now the world is watching to see if the strategy will pay off.

What’s the Next Move?

The partnership between Nintendo and DeNA was inked in March 2015.

“Nintendo and DeNA intend to jointly operate new gaming applications featuring Nintendo IP, which they will develop specifically for smart devices,” Nintendo said. “Consequently, Nintendo expects to benefit from new business opportunities as more consumers encounter Nintendo IP, and DeNA expects to strengthen its core business of mobile gaming internationally through the use of Nintendo [Intellectual Property].”

The video game culture is already abuzz with an expectation that games will be released this year.

There will be new games developed on existing characters, rather than games adapted simply for mobile play. Nintendo hopes to reach hundreds of millions of new customers with the move. A new game distribution service will be available in the fall, Iwata told reporters in March.

But don’t count Nintendo out of the console game yet. The video game giant is also expected to release new hardware, dubbed with the codename NX. That gaming system is being hailed as “an entirely new concept.” More details will be released next year.

When Nintendo Meets Marvel, the Incredible Kong We Get


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Did You Miss Star Wars Celebration Anaheim? We’ve Got It All Here! Tue, 21 Apr 2015 20:00:35 +0000 Heard any good Star Wars news recently? If you’re one of the billions with an internet connection this past week, you might have heard a little something about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and a certain internet-breaking teaser trailer that left men, women, and children cheering and weeping with joy at the convention center or in front of their computer monitors.

If you weren’t one of the many who broke down upon hearing the words “Chewie, we’re home”, you’re probably not a Star Wars fan. If that’s the case, then I find it odd that you’d be reading this. Of course, seeing Chewbacca and Han Solo standing side-by-side once again after more than 30 years, was just the tip of the Hoth-sized iceberg when it came to the happenings at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. From stunning cosplay to exclusive collectibles to behind-the-scenes footage and our first glimpse of props and costumes from the upcoming film, there was an overwhelming amount of Star Wars goodness to discover and experience – too much for any one person to take in over just 4 days.

Speaking of which, did you see the amazing Star Wars Rebels trailer that debuted at the event? It’s second only to The Force Awakens teaser in awesomeness!

But even if you weren’t one of the fortunate nearly one-hundred thousand attendees that descended upon Anaheim this past weekend, gave fans around the world the chance to experience the spectacle of the ultimate Star Wars fan event through a daily live streaming feed from a recreation of the Mos Eisley cantina and the various stages throughout the convention center. If you missed any part of the event, including interviews with The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams or Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, along with a host of celebrity guest appearances throughout the week, now’s your chance to catch up on the biggest events of the past week.

Watch all four days of programming from the comfort of your home computer or tablet (and skip over any of the parts that don’t interest you) right here, running approximately 6 to 10 hours each day. Of course, if you want to watch a few of the other highlights, we’ve got those listed below as well if you want to cut to the chase.

So sit back, pop open a bottle of blue milk, and blow a day or so enjoying some of the most historic moments of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 right here on Forever Geek! There won’t be another event of its kind until Star Wars Celebration Europe arrives next July 15-17 in London, England. Tickets are on sale now!

Star Wars Celebration Livestream Day 1

(skip ahead to minute 9 to see the actual start of the broadcast, unless you just want to soak up the John Williams soundtrack goodness)

Star Wars Celebration Livestream Day 2

Star Wars Celebration Livestream Day 3

Star Wars Celebration Livestream Day 4

Here’s a few highlights from the biggest Star Wars week in Anaheim…

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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Images: Cosplay, Props, Collectibles, and More! Tue, 21 Apr 2015 17:30:08 +0000 There’s so much to do and see at a Star Wars Celebration that it’s easy to miss a lot of what’s happening, from the exhibition hall floor to the panel rooms and even right out in front of the convention center where everyone gathers to meet friends and take pictures of thousands of cosplayers. I’ve been to all 7 US-based Star Wars Celebrations and have taken thousands of pictures at each of them since 1999, mostly just for fun and to share with those not fortunate enough to experience these massive events in person as I’ve been lucky enough to do. Let’s just say I’ve been doing this so long that my first batch of images was shot on FILM! (kids, have your parents explain what film is)

You’d think that after all this time, I’d be a little jaded to the happenings at shows like this or events like San Diego Comic-Con. But Star Wars Celebration is not just another comic-con or geek convention. Sure, it’s got a singular focus that I’m sure you can figure out, but it’s about much more than that. To me, Star Wars Celebration is the gathering place where the people that organize it and attend it make up a massively extended family. For almost anyone who takes part in Star Wars Celebration, the words Han Solo spoke at the end of the new teaser trailer that debuted at the event rang true: “We’re home”. Not only is the spirit of the original trilogy back with the return of the veteran cast, but when we gather to celebrate Star Wars, the devoted share a common bond through our passion for the characters, the story, and inspiration it gives us to be creative and contribute to the ever-expanding universe of a pop culture phenomenon that is much more than a collection of movies, toys, and art. Star Wars taps into our innate love of myth and the stories we share to connect us to others with the same sense of adventure and a creative desire to explore beyond the world we live in, even if the other worlds don’t really exist.

If that kind of connection and passion doesn’t make sense to you, I’m sorry. Maybe you’ll make your way to a Star Wars Celebration in the US or elsewhere in the world (next year’s Celebration is in London!) and you can discover first hand what it’s all about. All you need is a love for Star Wars and a desire to share that passion with others (and a ticket).

Until then, here is a glimpse of what I was able to capture digitally at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015.

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - 501st photo shoot Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens cast Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Vader Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Stormtroopers Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - cars Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens Finn concept art Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Battlefront Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Sith Elsa Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Roxy the Rancor Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - R2 and 3PO on the Falcon Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - LEGO Tie Fighter Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens speeder Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens Stormtroopers Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Jawas and droids Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Jabba and his dancers Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Emperor Heff and his bunnies Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Imperial Iron Man Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Hasbro Ahsoka prototype Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - little George Lucas cosplay Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Furbacca and friends Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens Rey costume Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens Kylo Ren's lightsaber hilt Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens Kylo Ren costume Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens cast Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Bespin Leia action figure cosplay Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Force Awakens BB8 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Emperor and his walker Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Doctor Who Jedi Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Darth Vader art Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - custom R2-D2 art Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - custom R2-D2 art Buzz Lightyear Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - custom action figures Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Celebration Stage Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - cantina denizens Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - BB8 meets R2-D2 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Bad Robot Jedi Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - AT-AT cosplay Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - art mural]]> 0
5 Insanely Gory Mortal Kombat X Fatalities Tue, 21 Apr 2015 14:20:13 +0000 Mortal Kombat is one video game franchise that has embraced the gore from the start. Hell, that was the selling point for many of us who used to line up at the arcade and plunk our quarters down on the off-chance we would get the chance to rip a fellow gamer’s spine out and be able to gloat about it. But over the years, the fatalities in the series have gone from comical to holy sh*t. While we may have assumed MK9 reached the gore peak, as you are about to see, we were way off on that prediction. The Mortal Kombat X fatalities are a site to behold and would make the sicko from the Saw franchise pop wood. Here are 5 of the most memorable we have seen so far. Warning, very violent and NSFL.

Cassie Cage: Bubblegum

Thought we would start off somewhat comically and just get worse and worse. For those wondering, Luke Cage and Sonya Blade had a baby named Cassie who you can play as in MK X, and one of her fatalities involves some crafty use of bubblegum and is quite unlike any other fatality we have seen in this series so far.

Ferra/Torr: Fastball

Honestly, these two are the coolest addition to the new game, and their Mortal Kombat X fatalities in the game are a site to behold. A definite homage to certain character(s) from the Mad Max movie series, these two deal some serious damage and seem to get quite a thrill out of doing so.

Nowhere is this demonstrated better then when one is used as a fastball and tossed at an enemy, instantly eviscerating them. A shield would have really helped I bet. Is it weird I find this beautiful? Yes, it is.

Kotal Khan: Heart Feast

Just like the above mentioned entry, Kotal Kahn is no stranger to particularly grim Mortal Kombat X fatalities. The best moment to show this is when he slices the chest of his enemy, reaches into the cavity, pulls out their heart, and then holds it over his head, squeezing the blood out into his mouth and face. Whoa, bro, chill.

I think even in a horror movie, people would be pretty shocked by this. But this is what makes this franchise so badass. It wants to freak people out, and does so with chutzpah.

 Johnny Cage: Here’s Johnny

I hate to have two Cage’s on the list, but let’s be real for a second. This is genius. It is a reference to a real movie made by a fake movie actor while he is ripping someone in two and pushing his face through their guts in a video game. Does it get much funnier or twisted than that? Nope.

The Oscar fatality from 9 was close, but this one wins. Also, The Shining reference makes it really rise above.

Raiden: Eye Pop

I had to drop some love for THE classic Mortal Kombat character, Raiden. We all knew growing up that there were rumors that when someone got put in the electric chair, their eyes would pop out. It was one of those things we didn’t think too much about (because it is so damn disturbing), yet we always kept it in the back of our minds. Just kind of sitting there, creeping us out.

Though we did see an eye pop in part 9, something about this new generation of graphics brings it to a whole different level of gore and insanity. Your eyes actually hurt while you watch this.

Honorable Mentions: All Of Them

As I sat and played through this game, I found myself being constantly shocked by the fatalities (in the best way possible). This series has always prided itself on gore and knew how to have fun with that, and Mortal Kombat X is like that, but on steroids and after having seen every horror movie ever. Seriously, all horror movie directors need to play through this game, because death has never looked so damn brutal before. You like Mortal Kombat for the gore, X will have you foaming at the mouth.

mortal kombat X fatalities

5 Depressing Video Game Moments That Made Us Cry

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We’re Giving Away Two Geek T-Shirts from Teetbee! Tue, 21 Apr 2015 12:00:16 +0000 Attention fellow t-shirt geeks, we’ve got something freebies for you this week!

Meet Teetbee – one of the new coolest t-shirt shop on Earth. They’ve got an impressive collection of geek t-tshirts inspired by TV shows, games, movies, and cartoons, available 24/7. That means no need to worry about time constraints such as 24 hour-only offers!

Additionally, Teetbee allows users to submit their own work on and sell them through their portfolios. Each t-shirt sold means few more bucks in your pocket!

Going one step further, they even encourage total design noobs to post ideas for a t-shirt. It can then stand the chance to be picked by skilled graphic designer and turn the design into something “real”.

Teetbee doesn’t skimp on quality, using on pure cotton as material; and to make the prints,Teetbee uses safe DTG technique, which means that the t-shirts and graphics are of the finest quality and excellent detailed, have perfect colors and will last for ages.

Take a look at some of our favorite designs.

The Joker

geek t-shirts

Minions and R2D2

geek t-shirts

LEGO Goodness

geek t-shirts

Mix and Match

geek t-shirts

What do you think of these designs? See a whole lot more on Teetbee, where winners can choose whichever design they want!

How do you join?

So we’re giving away TWO geek t-shirts, which you can choose from the Teetbee gallery. The giveaway starts today and ends on Sunday. The winners will be announced on Monday, April 27.

You can join wherever in the world you are!

Send in your entries using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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#FandomFriday: 5 Sherlock Infographics for the #Sherlocked Fri, 17 Apr 2015 12:30:02 +0000 Sherlock is one of the biggest fandoms out there, especially considering the fact that it has a lot of versions.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock undoubtedly takes the number one spot, but Jonny Lee Miller’s Elementary is not far behind (surely also because of Lucy Liu). Then there’s Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock.

Bearing all these in mind, I’ve taken a look at some Sherlock infographics that will make your Friday even better. If you’ve been Sherlocked, that is.

Look the Part

Before we can go any further, we need to look the part, don’t we? Guy or gal, the scarf is an important part of being part of the Sherlock fandom. Here’s how to tie a scarf like Sherlock.

sherlock infographics

221B Baker Street

221B is a special “number” to all Sherlock fans, and it is but fitting to know all the details about the apartment. It may not be bigger on the inside like the TARDIS, but you will need some time to go through every nook and cranny.

sherlock infographics

Hardcore Sherlock fans, what do you think of this? Is it accurate?

Sherlock’s Resume Infographic

There’s been a rise in interest in resume infographics, and unsurprisingly, someone in that niche had to jump into the Sherlock bandwagon. Below is Sherlock’s resume infographic.

sherlock infographics


So does he stand out? Would you hire him? (Should I even have asked???)

Fact-checking Sherlock

This infographic is supposed to tell you everything you need to know, but you might find it lacking. Did you know, though, that Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in 1887 and has been played by 75 different actors in over 200 films?

Here’s more trivia that you may not know.

Sherlock Holmes trivia

A Guide to Modern Sherlockania

I have to admit I’ve never used the term “Sherlockania” before, but why not? If you’re obsessed enthralled by the modern Sherlocks, this is the infographic for you. Interestingly enough, while the infographic uses the word “modern”, it does not include Elementary. Perhaps the show is too modern for the creators.

The infographic compares BBC’s Sherlock, RDJ’s Sherlock, and Sherlock from the books. It’s interactive, so have fun clicking!

Here’s more good stuff:

Will You Make the Cut as Sherlock’s Assistant? [QUIZ]

When Sherlock Met the Doctor

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Movies That Will Make You Cry Like a Baby Thu, 16 Apr 2015 17:30:14 +0000 Movies provide a way to discover different worlds and live different lives vicariously.

Blah blah blah.

Seriously, we watch movies for a variety of reasons depending on our mood. There are times when we want to watch something stupid that doesn’t require brain cells. There are times when we want to watch testosterone overloaded movies. And there are times when we want movies that have profound themes.

But have you ever intentionally watched movies that will make you cry?

Whatever your answer to that may be, there are movies that, on the surface, don’t really seem to be the type that require a box (or two) of tissue beside you as you watch. However, when you do watch these movies, you’ll find yourself bawling like a baby. Or if you’re the more discreet type (and watches movies with other people), maybe you’ll find yourself carefully dabbing at the tears streaming down your cheeks all the while pretending that you’re totally okay.

Check out these movies that will make you cry. And yes, I’m writing out of personal experience.

[Note: I’m pretty sure there are no spoilers.]

Dancer in the Dark

Anyone familiar with Lars von Trier’s work would know that this movie is a mindf#ck – in one way or another. But I think anyone can be forgiven if he doesn’t know what hit him while watching the movie.

Set in 1964, the movie tells the story of Selma (Bjork) who moves to the US from Central Europe. Selma and her son suffer from the same disease, which eventually renders them blind.

There’s drama potential in those two lines alone, isn’t there? But watch the movie, and you’ll find just how good von Trier is. I swear, I never cried that hard (and almost non-stop throughout the movie) while watching a movie. You’ve been warned.

The Magic of Belle Isle

movies that will make you cry

This movie caught me off guard as well, and it comes a close second to Dancer in the Dark.

The Magic of Belle Isle will tug at the heartstrings of writers and creatives, washed out people who used to be successful, and people who are generally tired of life.

There is a huge difference in the reason this movie makes you cry and why Dancer in the Dark makes you cry. Why don’t you watch both to find out the difference?

Trust me, it’s worth your time.


movies that will make you cry

The ultimate underdog story, Rudy has made many a grown man cry.

Football. Testosterone overload. Butt-slapping.

Then comes a runt of a guy named Rudy who only has one dream: to play for his college football team and overcome the odds.

See where this is headed? When you watch the movie, make sure you finish it; and that’s all I’m going to say.

Meet Joe Black

sad movies

Okay, I admit Meet Joe Black wasn’t a great movie. Serious movie buffs would be turning their noses up right about now. But the family bond plus a bit of mystical element will make you shed tears. Unless you’re a stonecold B.

Oh, and Anthony Hopkins.


sad movies

Talk about old school. Young ones may not recognize the name Bette Midler, but she’ll make you cry. Oh she will.

I have to warn you, though, that it has that chick flickish feel to it, so if you won’t touch this genre with a 12-foot pole, then you might want to give it a pass. But if you want a heartwarming, tear-inducing tale of friendship, then go for it!

So you may think I’m a crybaby because of my choices. Sue me. You’ll change your mind once you watch these movies.

Want more tears? Read this: 5 Depressing Video Game Moments That Made Us Cry

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5 Depressing Video Game Moments That Made Us Cry Thu, 16 Apr 2015 13:00:01 +0000 Though some like to undermine the medium of video games and pretend it does not have the emotional heaviness of some other mediums like film or literature, I can plainly say they are wrong. While a death in a movie may hit you in the feels, a death in a game is very different. Often times, in a movie you spend 90 minutes with those people. But sometimes, in gaming, you spend countless hours with these people, getting to know them and adore them, and then they get killed on you. That is a very palpable sense of loss you do not feel when knowing a character for only 90 minutes. In that sense, I would say video games have surpassed film in the way they can muster true emotions from us. Like crying, for example. Here are 5 depressing video games that made us look like we were cutting onions during the final cut scene. Also, warning, SPOILERS AHEAD.

John’s Death: Red Dead Redemption

You can’t talk about depressing video games and not bring up the brilliant Red Dead Redemption. Though you had a sense this thing was not going to end well, it still made that final moment no easier to witness. I will be honest, I actually replayed it twice back-to-back in complete denial, because you do go bullet time for a second, which gives you the false hope that you might stand a chance.

Nope. You don’t. It’s kinda the point of the story and title. Still though, had me weeping like a school girl. I wept even harder when I then went on to play as his pansy-ass son, because that kid sucked.

Everything That Happens To Dom in Gears of War Series

So what is worse. When Dom finds his half dead wife being used as a husk in Gears of War 2, or when Dom essentially makes all grown men ever cry by sacrificing himself for the team in part 3? It really doesn’t matter, TBH. Dom was a truly tragic character from the first frame to his fitting final moments.

But man, both those moments in the Gears of War series got some eyes wet.

Shadow of Colossus Big Reveal

Oh man, are you serious, game? I just murdered the last remaining creatures of a now extinct race, and did so under false pretenses? I had a nagging feeling during those encounters that I was in the wrong, but when you reach the actual ending to this stellar game, it was hard not to be somewhat devastated by the outcome.

Granted, they allude at a somewhat more hopeful ending with that horned baby, but still, the game punched us in the emotional dick.

 Heavy Rain: Terrible Father Ending

Heavy Rain is a heavy game. You pretty much feel like shit through the entire game, but it is so enthralling you cannot pull yourself away from the mystery. While some of us solved it and saved our sons, some of us didn’t. We were then sent to jail, framed for said murders, and the game ends with you hanging yourself in your cell and terrible man walking free on the streets.

Yay, I played through hours and hours of depressing QTE’s just to suicide myself in a cell. Man, things have changed a LOT since Mario Bros. Make no mistakes, though, I love this game.

Walking Dead Season One: Lee’s Death

Though the Telltale Walking Dead games have been chock full of depressing video game moments that made us sob, few had the impact like the final moments in season one when you had to choose if you were going to let poor little Clementine kill Lee, or was that too much to make a little girl do, and were you just gonna let him turn and live the (after)life of a walker? Either way, you were walking out of that room in tears. I like to think everyone did the RIGHT thing, though, which was to put Lee down. That man (you playing AS that man) does everything he can to save her throughout the whole game. Though it’s tough, the respectful thing to do is put him down.

But, in a word, it sucks.

You sob, but therein lay the true power of video games. Not only do they want to make us feel powerful and destructive, they want to make us feel emotions, too. And man, these five games did just that and then some.

depressing video games

 5 Strange Anime Series That Will Blow Your Mind

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The 6 Coolest Video Game Shields Wed, 15 Apr 2015 16:50:47 +0000 When it comes to gaming, the same weapons always get props. You hear about guns with chainsaws on them, or swords with guns on them, or guns with swords attached to their guns that are attached to their swords on top of their chainsaws. What you rarely hear about are coolest video game shields. Granted, most people might not put the word “coolest” next to the word shield, but anything that can stop a sword from gutting you alive is pretty freaking cool if you ask us. Here are the 6 coolest video game shields, because the world needed a list like this. Defensive armaments in gaming never get lists!

Boom Shield from Gears of War 2

Cover was always an interesting mechanic in the Gears franchise, and the Boom Shield in part 2 changed this up dramatically. No longer were you forced into firefights in set spots, with the Boom Shield you could move it and plant it in the ground in front of you for maximum damage potential.

It not only changed up the gameplay a bit, but it also inspired this list of coolest video game shields. Hell, even the name of the shield has balls. And don’t even get me started on its offensive abilities.

Hylian Shield

You cannot think about coolest video game shields, and not automatically picture the Hylian shield, branded by Link with pride in the Legend of Zelda series. From the insignia on the shield, to its awesome ability to return projectiles (which is what all shield should do, actually) it is sort of the template for all video game shields that came after it.

There is not one geek alive who wouldn’t want one of these hanging on their wall. Right above the fireplace, as a matter of fact.

Spellbreaker Shield from Elder Scrolls Series

Obviously, you knew some Daedric action was happening on this list. You had to. This sword from the Elder Scrolls series is sort of like the ultimate prize when it comes to defensive armor. Worth it alone for its strong defense against all magic, it also has a 30 percent chance of reflecting said spell back at the projector, which has gotten many of us out of a bind in some crucial moments.

Doesn’t hurt that the shield, like most armor in this game, looks super badass.

Halo (Bubble) Shield

Though not a shield in the traditional sense we are used to, it would be foolhardy to leave off the gaming shield that sort of changed all shields in gaming. Though more of a holo-armor that absorbs damage and recharges, the shield in Halo would go on to be the new template for shields that most sci fi games now use.

Ah, the recharging shield. Cannot even imagine how many awesome games we would never have finished had Halo not made you a “thing.” Thanks Halo!

All Greatshields from Souls Series

Let’s be completely honest here for a moment. Were it not for the shields in Dark Souls games, we would never make it an inch into that game. When it comes to cool and important shields in video games, we could not make a list and leave the Greatshields from this series out. Problem was, picking one.

Hell, even the Eagle Shield (which is one of the first GOOD shields you find in Dark Souls) is miraculous and almost made the list by itself.


So what is your favorite shield in gaming? Did we leave it off our list? Take to our comments and let us know. Also, go check out….

 Crazy Fairytale Mugshots

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Yoda Fan Art That Will Awaken the Force In You Wed, 15 Apr 2015 12:30:34 +0000 Yoda is arguably the most loved character in Star Wars. At the very least, he is always at the top percentile of any “best characters” list.

With May coming up, here are is some eye-popping Yoda fan art that will delight any fan.

Yoda Yodels

yoda fan art

Let’s start with some silliness. His eyes are definitely popping, is all I can say.

Steampunk Yoda

yoda fan art

Created by Bjorn Hurri, a Swedish born concept artist currently living and working in London, this Steampunk version of Yoda is part of a series. This artist has some pretty impressive work, which you can see here.

Steampunk fans, what do you think of this piece?

Master Yoda

yoda fan art

I really like this piece by apfelgriebs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the artist manages to combine strength & steel with compassion & kindness. Of course, the “pixie dust” does add to everything as well.

Yoda Portrait – Realism Practice

yoda fan art

Artist oomizuao created this piece as a practice in realistic portraits. I don’t know about you, but considering how the tiny details are seen, this practice in realism is a success.

Yoda Fan Art – Copic Marker Drawing

yoda fan art

This piece of Yoda fan art is by LethalChris.

The artist used:

  1. A Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
  2. Copic Markers
  3. A Uni-ball Signo broad pigment ink white pen
  4. Prismacolor pencils

You can watch the time lapse video below.

San Francisco’s Yoda Statue

Ever been to San Francisco? There are tons of reasons to visit the city, but if you’re a Star Wars fans, then here’s one reason you just can’t resist: a sculpture of Yoda right smack in the middle of Union Square.

Do you have your own favorite piece of Yoda fan art? Or maybe you have your own creation. Share them with us!

Other fan art you’ll enjoy:

Eye Candy for the Week: Wonder Woman Fan Art

Doctor Who’s Clara Oswald: 20 Pieces of Fan Art

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6 Overlooked Sci Fi Television Shows Tue, 14 Apr 2015 16:57:31 +0000 When people think of science fiction TV, seems most folks always bring up the same shows. Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Trek, and so on. While those are all amazing shows, I am often shocked by how some of the best sci fi TV I have ever seen just seems to get openly ignored by the masses. Yes, X-Files was fun (with reboot on the way), but there are some seriously twisted and original shows that seem to be missed by most the populace out there. Here are 6 overlooked sci fi television shows you need to start watching STAT!

Black Mirror

When it comes to overlooked sci fi television shows, none are as marginally misunderstood and under appreciated quite as much as Black Mirror. Honestly, one of the best television shows ever made. A show that is like a modern day Twilight Zone that focuses on tech and future tech, Black Mirror shows us our own obsession with technology and reflects back to us how that will inevitably bring our downfall.

What sets Black Mirror apart is, each episode is like a stand-alone movie. It is a connected world, but each episode tackles new people and a new take on the future. In other words, you can start anywhere in the three seasons and work your way backward or forward, which is even MORE genius and just shows the level of ingenuity behind the show.

Orphan Black

I always say to people that Orphan Black and Black Mirror are cousins. Which, if you know Orphan Black, you know how fitting that is. Orphan Black is a very Whedon-esque take on cloning. The thing is, I almost feel like the more I tell you about this overlooked sci fi television show, the more joy I will take from you first watching it.

I will tell you this. The lead of the show, an actress named Tatiana Maslany, is an absolute revelation. Just seeing what she does on this show shows you all other actresses on sci fi TV should bow before her. Trust me, watch it, you’ll agree.


Misfits is about as good as procedural TV can get. A show about a group of young social miscreants who gain super powers during a freak storm, it was like the show Heroes, only really f*cking good. Though Misfits does the ‘rotating cast’ thing, go in knowing no cast can touch the cast of season one through three. Once they lose Nathan (played with aplomb by the freakishly charismatic Robert Sheehan) the show suffers a bit, but it still better than most mainstream TV.

Also, keep in mind, shows from other countries like this show and Black Mirror do not have to adhere to the strict ratings of American TV, so oft you get headier, heavier themes, which are far more enjoyable to watch than most TV drivel we normally get.

Danger 5

How do I even explain this show? First off, do not sit down to watch Danger 5 the same way you sit to watch all the other shows on this list. While the others are intense and thought-provoking, be prepared, because Danger 5 is absurd humor in the best way possible. A satire of 70’s spy films, the reason I can justify this being on this list is in one episode, they fight Hitler AND Nazi dinosaurs. It is like Land of the Lost if it was made by Hitler hating adults who took a bunch of LSD.

It may look insane, and sound insane, but I can assure you the show will have your sides splitting from how much you laugh. Also, the show has some great cocktail recipes.

That comment might be lost on those who have yet to see it.

Better Off Ted

I don’t quite know why this show didn’t get the love it deserved, especially among the geek community. Sort of Big Bang-esque in how it tells its jokes. Better Of Ted was a show about a guy named Ted who worked for a corporation that had a lot of money and no soul. They also had access to some interesting science fiction toys and concepts. It might have been this geek humor that set it apart but also doomed it.

May not appear sci fi on the surface, but get deep enough and the real roots start showing themselves. Witty, smart, and funny, it’s a shame Ted got left for dead.

Hemlock Grove

Perhaps leaning a bit more towards horror and Gothic than straight sci fi, Hemlock Grove deserves a nod for just how much it fits into its small package (sorry that sounds so weird). Werewolves, gypsies, Frankengirls, sex, death, and good looking teenagers feeling angst. A Netflix original produced by horror master Eli Roth, Hemlock Grove may not be all space ships and aliens, but it is pretty damn close.

If nothing else, these six shows can distract you from the same recommendations everyone seems to make when it comes to television and the science fiction and fantasy genres.


Best french kiss EVER!

6 Video Game Plot Twists That Blew Our Minds

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Emotiboxes: the Geeky Way to Send Greeting Cards Tue, 14 Apr 2015 14:30:55 +0000 Who sends old school greeting cards these days?

If you do, then you’re going to love Emotiboxes. If you don’t, you might just change your mind, and start sending tangible greeting cards.

Emotiboxes are paper greeting cards but not your usual ones. They’re actually cardboard boxes/cutouts of geeky characters.

Not only are the characters close to many a geek’s heart, but they are designed in a unique way.

Creator Despina Valla, a graphic designer from Greece describes Emotiboxes as:

“…there is a hidden drawer that you can easily pull out with the little wooden button and reveal your message to the receiver, written on a paper speech bubble! All of the boxes are handmade and hand-cut, made from recycled paper.”

Take a look at some samples, and you’ll agree without a doubt that these are the geeky greeting cards you’ve been looking for.

Star Wars Emotiboxes

geeky greeting cards

Harry Potter Emotiboxes

geeky greeting cards

Naruto Sasuke Itachi Emotiboxes

geeky greeting cards

Superhero Emotiboxes

geeky greeting cards

Zelda Link Emotiboxes

geeky greeting cards

Each of these cards come with speech bubbles inside the box, with pre-set messages related to the theme. They are witty and relieves you of the pressure of writing an appropriate message for an occasion. If you prefer your own words, you can customize the messages yourself.

Check out these cool Emotiboxes here.

Zelda Greeting Cards
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Stop-Motion Kart 64 – Mario Kart in Real Life Tue, 14 Apr 2015 12:30:37 +0000 What do you get when you have two grown men (I’m using the word grown loosely here) who are huge fans of the Mario Kart franchise and have stuntman/filmmaker friends?

A stop-motion video of something totally ridiculous but insanely fun, of course.

Rustic B is the stuntman/filmmaker from LA who enlisted his friends to create Mario Kart in real life in a one-minute video.

Short that may seem, you’ll have tons of fun watching two guys speeding up, down, left, and right a “race track”. Additionally, quite a bit of work went into this “tiny” video. Rustic shares:

It took us 5 hours of filming (scooting), as each frame is a separate picture and we had to get a total of ~650 frames. Hardest part was doing the sound effects from scratch (took me 2 days).

The video’s worth the effort, though, from banana peels to the music. Mario Kart addicts, this one’s for you. Make sure to thank Rustic B for his work.

A different kind of Mario Kart in Real Life
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Fandom Friday: More Game of Thrones Goodness Fri, 10 Apr 2015 12:00:21 +0000 We just can’t help it. Game of Throne is the only thing in our mind, so naturally, this week’s edition of Fandom Friday is all about the show.

We’ve covered your Season 5 premiere party needs: Game of Thrones Food Ideas for Your Season 5 Premiere Party.

We shared some Game of Thrones mashups fun: 16 Awesome Game of Thrones Mashups.

This time, we have three things for you. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones: The Kingsroadmap

game of thrones season 5

Spend today and tomorrow playing with Game of Thrones: The Kingsroadmap. It’s basically a recap of the previous seasons, and its interactive format makes the journey enjoyable.

Here’s a cool thing. According to its creators, “you can check back each week for breakdowns of each new episode of Season 5. Scroll through or skip to episodes below or even use your arrow keys to explore the map and see how the story unfolds”.


Road Trip!

It’s the perfect time to plan a trip (or go on one), and what better destination(s) than the filming locations of Game of Thrones?

Roadtrippers has put together the ultimate itinerary if you’re game. As they say in their blog, “grab your battle axe (and your merkin) and get ready to take the most legendary Game of Thrones road trip of all time. Dragons not included.

I think I’ll take Needle instead.

For the lovebirds

Weddings and George R.R. Martin aren’t exactly best friends, but in real life, some Game of Thrones fans have actually gotten away with saying their vows. In full Game of Thrones regalia.

If you’re planning your own wedding – or even just dreaming of it – then here’s the perfect guide.

game of thrones season 5

With that, we shall bid you adieu for the week.

Have a blast on Sunday!!!

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6 Video Game Plot Twists That Blew Our Minds Thu, 09 Apr 2015 16:09:59 +0000 Do you remember the first time a video game threw a plot twist at you that just blew your mind? You sat there, holding the controller, dumbfounded. Plot twists and twist endings in movies and books were a common thing, but your first video game plot twist is something you will never forget or get over (and we mean that as a positive thing). From a gender switch no one saw coming, to the moment you find out YOU are the bad guy from the game you just played, here are 6 video game plot twists that pretty much melted out faces.

Also, obviously SPOILERS AHEAD!

Samus From Metroid Was a Woman


First off, golf clap for this. Years before Gamergate and the world was going nuts about the roles of women in games (and game journalism), Nintendo decided to make one of their most badass characters revealed to be a woman at the end of the game, Metroid. Could have done without the bikini, but that was just because it was very hard to use 8-bit graphics to differentiate gender.

What this did for many young men was shifted the way we viewed the hero. Up to that point, the woman in the game always needed saving. Suddenly, it was like were playing Ripley from Aliens the whole time and had no idea. That made it even cooler, and set the video game plot twist wheels in motion for the rest of time.

Heavy Rain Shelby Reveal

Oh look, one of the bleakest games ever made wants you to know you just spent a third of this game playing as the bad guy without even knowing it. You are handling infants at one point, and trying to save a drowning woman. You do all this normal, heroic stuff, totally unaware that the man you are doing it with is secretly a monster.

You have to give them some credit, even if you take fault with all the QTE gaming. That was a genius twist that even the brightest of us did not see coming, and redefined the entire story that came before it as a result.

Silent Hill 2 Ending

I told you kids I would be bringing up Silent Hill 2 a lot, and again, that was no lie. Though it could be said this is like the above example, it isn’t. Though you do find out you murdered your wife at the end of Silent Hill 2 and the whole thing has been a hellish descent into the subconscious of your own guilt, we don’t get that deep with Heavy Rain or Scott Shelby. We just know we went through some awful shit, and did some awful shit as a result.

Silent Hill 2′s reveal is so much more powerful because you find out the entirety of your hell was because you mercy killed your sick wife because she was suffering (but you also secretly resented her for it, sexually and otherwise) and though all the puzzle pieces are there to spell it out for you, when it hits you, you get chills.

Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite Ending


Yes, I am putting the first Bioshock and the most recent Bioshock as two entries in one. That is not to undermine the sheer brilliance of both games, but rather, to give me a chance to praise both games in same breath. The “Would you kindly” twist from the first Bioshock rippled for years among gamers as what may be the greatest plot twist in all of gaming (and also a total riff on the fact that we, as gamers, are mindless sheep and do whatever we are told by whoever tells us). It was profound, and the kind of game you walked away from changed.

Infinite, on the other hand, threw more real world themes at us and gives us an ending that shows how the simplest choices in our lives can lead us down some VERY dark paths, and oft, paths there are only one way out of. Also, the multiverse theory used in Infinite was genius, and represents actual scientific theories that exist in our modern world, making the twists even more impressive in scope.

 You Are NOT The Hero in Braid

You play the entirety of the indie gem Braid thinking you are trying to rescue your beloved. Only when the moment arrives at the end (beginning, really), we find out the monster she was trying to get away from was actually you. I could also layer on more exposition here about how she doesn’t really exist and she represents your goal, which is mankind’s creation of the atom bomb. Not even kidding you. I shall spare you, though, as you get the point by now.

Twists within twists within enigmas. Such fun!

video game plot twists

6 Movies We’d Like To See Again For The First Time

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16 Awesome Game of Thrones Mashups Thu, 09 Apr 2015 12:30:29 +0000 A little more patience, my fellow Game of Thrones addicts. It’s been an agonizingly long wait, but we’ll get there. We’ll soon see Season 5.

In the meantime, you have time to prepare the grub for your Season 5 premiere party: Game of Thrones Food Ideas for Your Season 5 Premiere Party.

Also, in an effort to dampen my excitement for the premiere, I’ve been looking at some awesome Game of Thrones mashups. As it turns out, it didn’t do much for me as the mashups only made me think of the show even more. D’oh.

Still, I did find myself cracking up over these awesome Game of Thrones mashups. Let me share the fun with you today.

1. Princess of Thrones – The Princess Bride meets Game of Thrones

Let’s start off with a bang, which couldn’t be bigger if you think The Princess Bride is a must-watch. Look out for the famous line from Inigo Montoya…

2. Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda Intro Teaser – Game of Hyrule Opening

Creator Megasteakman says:
The Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past world map undergoes a Game of Thrones transformation in this epic, CG intro sequence. Netflix should hire us to do the intro for their ‘canceled’ Hyrule romp. I hope you guys like it, and remember: in the Game of Hyrule you win… or you look up the answer to that puzzle online.

3. Game of Thrones Muppets

If you think about it, we’re all muppets sometimes. Yehudi Mercado drew some really cool mashups, of which here are a few.

awesome great of thrones mashups

Animahl Drogo

awesome game of thrones mashups

Tyrion Fozzister

Game of Thrones muppets

Jaenerice Targaryen

See all the Game of Thrones muppets here.

4. My Little Pony Meets the Last Dragon

No words.

game of thrones my little pony

5. Community Meets Game of Thrones

Community confuses me right now. I feel like it’s going down the drain, but I still continue watching it. I won’t be wrong in saying that this mashup by Straniero is funnier, will I?

Community Game of Thrones

Community Game of Thrones

Community Game of Thrones

6. Men in Black Know Nothing

The perfect mashup in terms of wordplay. The art is not bad either.

awesome game of thrones mashups

You can purchase t-shirts with this design here.

7. Bart Snow

Jon Snow in detention. Because he knows nothing, the poor boy.

game of thrones mashup

8. Princess Mononoke Meets Ygritte and Jon

game of thrones mashup

He really does know nothing. On another note, wolves!

9. Grumpy Tyrion

So this may not exactly be a mashup but I just couldn’t resist adding this photo. It has made the Internet rounds, but Grumpy Tyrion has to be seen yet again.

awesome game of thrones mashup

10. Thanos: Game of Thrones

One word: amazing!

Meksicano of deviantART has to be commended for this piece of work.

thanos iron chair

11. The Dark Lord of Thrones

There has, of course, to be a Star Wars mashup. As dark as the elements are supposed to be, a little color is always welcome.

Star Wars game of thrones

12. Throne of Games

Can you identify all the items that make up this Throne of Games?

game of thrones mashup

13. The Wonderful World of Westeros

What can be more wonderful than the world of Disney? When Disney princesses become Game of Thrones characters, this is what we get. Can you name each one?

awesome game of thrones mashup

14. King Baymax

I don’t know about you, but the heir to the Throne is now undisputed. Falalalalalala…

Baymax Iron Throne

15. First Class Character Poster

This one’s so bad that it is rather good. I just feel for Theon, as awful as he has been.

game of thrones mashups

16. The Lord of Winterfell

Saving the best for last…If King Baymax is the undisputed heir to the Throne, then Lord Tony Stark is undoubtedly Ned Stark’s successor. Boy, doesn’t he look good?

Iron Man Game of Thrones

Scratch that Game of Thrones itch. Buy some:

Game of Thrones Merchandise

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5 Things We Pray We Get From New ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Series Wed, 08 Apr 2015 16:00:58 +0000 The Walking Dead is a daring show, bringing us to the darkest sides of humanity and showing us just what we become when faced with monsters (hint, we become monsters ourselves). With one of the show’s strongest seasons behind it, we cannot help and turn our attention to the new AMC Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead. Though we know very little about it outside of some cast members and its location, here are 5 things we hope the new Walking Dead spin-off covers to please fans of the first series, as well as usher in some new fans as well.

Origin Story

I know a big appeal of the TWD book is sort of not knowing the why’s and how’s of the zombie outbreak, but to go back to the beginning and get some insight into how it came to be and how it spread would be great. Don’t forget, by the time the original series starts, the outbreak was well underway and Rick wakes up to a world already overthrown by the living dead. How about we go back and get to see the first few walkers, how the media reacted, etc?

It would add a lot to the overall story, and would end up giving us more insight into the original crew in the process.

More Cannibals

fear the walking dead

A big part of the comic and a minor part of the show so far has been the fact that people turn nasty, real quick. The people end up being more of a threat than the zombies. What I hope for in Fear the Walking Dead is that we get to see more gangs of rovers and nomads, doing all they can to survive (which could mean the ingestion of human meat to survive).

Think the hunters in the video game The Last of Us to get a good idea of what I am talking about. They’ll do anything to survive. Anything. Let’s hope we get more of that.

Celebrity Zombies

fear the walking dead

I know this one is a shot in the dark, but the one thing we KNOW about Fear the Walking Dead is that it will take place in Hollywood. What this means is, if the dead came back, many of those dead would be former celebrities. Why not, just for laughs and Easter eggs, have a Micheal Jackson zombie dressed in his Thriller clothes walking by in one background shot?

Or maybe you can have a Paul WALKER?! Oh man, I have a feeling I may get in trouble for that line. I think you get my point here, though. That Hollywood angle has a lot of mileage.


I know because of timelines and locations, the probability of a crossover between the cast of TWD and the new cast of Fear the Walking Dead is unlikely. But, we can think ahead. We do not know how fast the spin off will catch up with the current show, so who’s to say we won’t see a moment when Rick (or maybe even an evil character) crosses paths with the protagonists of the new show. While a complete crossover would be unnecessary (why have two shows at that point?), to have to two converge at one point would be really cool.

Hell, maybe even a real curve ball like showing us the governor back before he was bad and while Penny was still alive. Just dreaming out loud here, people.

 Faster (Fresher?) Zombies

Do not make any mistakes here. I do not want Fear the Walking Dead to feature 28 Days Later “rage” victims. But, if you notice the slow decay of the zombies across the seasons, they are rotting. Doesn’t this mean that when the virus first hit, that initial batch of zombies (who were fresh, so to speak) would have been tougher to kill and perhaps a bit more nimble?

Even having something as simple as that could speak volumes about where the show is going as well. It would imply these things are rotting, which would imply they are on a finite timeline. That would, at least, hint that the Walking Dead universe is actually going somewhere and has an ending in mind. And no, not this one.

Speaking of Fear the Walking Dead….

7 Of The Scariest TV Shows Currently On The Air

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Game of Thrones Food Ideas for Your Season 5 Premiere Party Wed, 08 Apr 2015 12:30:14 +0000 April is here, and the long wait for season 5 of Game of Thrones is almost over!

The chances are, you’re planning a watching party, and you want to make it a grand one. A nice huge TV, awesome surround sound, fellow Game of Thrones fanatics, and of course, food and drink.

Make sure you’ve got enough mulled wine and free-flowing ale, and you’re pretty much all set.

But there has got to be Game of Thrones food as well, right? If you need help, here are awesome Game of Thrones food ideas for your season 5 premiere party. They’re sure to make the event a hit.

Honey-roasted chicken

game of thrones food ideas

In the first season, one of the most memorable occasions (if not the most memorable) was King Robert Baratheon’s visit to Winterfell. That was the turning point which changed everything for the Starks.

As befitting a king, the Starks served up a feast – although supposedly simple compared to what’s normally served at court. One of the mouthwatering dishes is the Honey-roasted Chicken, and if you’re planning a dinner party, this is a good choice.

Here’s a recipe which you can follow.

Cupcake-tin pork pies

game of thrones food ideas

Pork pies! I’d eat them any day, and I’m pretty sure that if served at a season premiere party, they will sell like hotcakes. These pork pies aren’t exactly the ones we see in the story, but they are handier to eat. Perfect for eating in front of the TV.

Learn how to make them here.

Meat and onion skewers

game of thrones food ideas


This dish is also from the first book of the series. Catelyn Stark visited her sister Lysa at the Eyrie, but before she was allowed to go up, she was offered some kabobs by the guard. The way Catelyn devoured the skewered kabobs was not exactly lady-like, but if they taste as good as they look…

This is easy enough to make for your party, and you’ll have high fives all around from your meat-loving friends.

Lemon cakes

game of thrones food ideas

For dessert, make sure you have some lemon cakes. The one pictured above are “Medieval Lemon Cakes”, which are Sansa’s favorite. Whether you like Sansa or not, want to bet that you’ll love these lemon cakes?

They’re also perfect finger food, which can be eaten while watching the show.

Recipe here.

Honeycake with blackberries

game of thrones food ideas

Another option for dessert is Honeycake with Blackberries. How can one resist these pretty little things? In fact, this cake doesn’t have to be served as dessert. Just lay them out on the table, and your guests will probably grab them as they go.

I’m not sure if other berries will work, but if you don’t particularly like blackberries, I don’t see why strawberries or blueberries won’t be just as good.

The recipe for this also comes from The Inn at the Crossroads, which we just love!

Sample menu

game of thrones food ideas

Now here’s a complete menu, courtesy of gordogg24p. You don’t have to think about food choices anymore, and your guests will have a blast with the names.

While you’re waiting…

Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Game of Thrones

Featured image source

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Dice POPR Gaming Board – A Dice Rolling Gadget for the Modern Age Wed, 08 Apr 2015 01:50:47 +0000 RPG tabletop players, this one’s for you.

Last year, we were fortunate to have partnered up with the guys at Geekify, who gave away cool items to our readers. This time, we have a chance to give them a helping hand.

They are running a campaign on Kickstarter for an RPG Dice Board, the likes of which you’ve probably not seen.

In one sentence: “A classy, spring-loaded, interchangeable dice popper game board for RPG gaming tabletop connoisseurs.

Called the Dice POPR Gaming Board, it’s akin to a shrine for your precious dice. Not only does it look good, it also protects your dice when you bring it along to to game night or tournaments. It is also versatile, accommodating all kinds of polyhedral dice, so whatever dice you prefer, you will be able to use the Dice POPR Gaming Board.

There are different models, with the larger models allowing you to store multiple dice.

Geekify needs your help to make the Dice POPR Gaming Board a reality. They have 23 days to go to reach their goal of $10,000, and they’ve got quite a ways to go.

So, tabletop gamers, this is your chance to support fellow gamers AND get finely crafted dice boards.

Check out the explainer video below, and see what it’s all about.

You can also back the project up below.

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