ForeverGeek Nerds are for Dorks Thu, 28 May 2015 16:17:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 5 Insane and Awesome Graphic Novels Every Geek Has To Read Thu, 28 May 2015 16:17:33 +0000 Sorry to say this, but comic books and graphic novels are as integral and important an aspect of geek culture as video games and sci fi movies (or long-winded high fantasy books). You may call yourself a geek, but if you have not experienced these five insane and awesome graphic novels for yourself, in my opinion, you are only partially a geek. A FULL geek knows that comics are a huge part of our culture, and were essential in forming us into antisocial dreamers we are today. Though everyone may know Batman and Superman and the X-Men, there is much more to comics and graphic novels than just dudes who wear spandex and fight bad guys (though not to undermine, that is a HUGE aspect of it). Here are 5 graphic novels you all have no excuse for not reading, as they will make you better at being a geek.

Black Hole

awesome graphic novels

Do you even understand how amazing and unsettling and unforgettable this graphic novel is? About a sexually transmitted disease passed around among a small sect of Seattle teens during the seventies. This particular disease actually changes the way the person who gets it looks. Basically, makes them go from normal teens to hideous mutants, but with the former psyche still in tact.

Or is it?

Written and illustrated by Charles Burns, there is really no way to describe this graphic novel. Taking YEARS to finish due to the intricate (woodcut) like style to the art, Black Hole takes you on a journey that is more horrifying and daunting that most movies, but it also works as an amazing allegory for the loneliness and isolation that we feel in our teen years. Very WTF, but very remarkable as well.



So I tell you no spandex in the intro and we end up on Watchmen. Yes, well, Alan Moore’s work had to make this list, and had this not made the list, the comment section would have awash in how much I suck and don’t know shit. Thought it might be best to avoid that by just plopping this down right here, saying nothing, and walking away, which is just what I am doing.

*Walks away

Scott Pilgrim


My Mom owned a book store for most of my life, and would sometimes get some strange things in. One day, she got in a volume one of some book that looked like a comic book, and it was called Scott Pilgrim. She brought it home and gave it to me. I thought nothing of it at first, but as I began reading, it hit me:


Drawn and written with an Eastern influence by a man named Bryan Lee O’Mally, this book series hits nerd culture directly on the head, and leaves you laughing and reeling while it does. I’m sure you know the plot because of the movie, but trust me here, fellow geeks. Get the book, stat! Movie was great fun, but book IS better (always).


We3 1

So imagine a future where pets are turned into mechanical war beasts who only purposes are to maim and murder. Now imagine if those same pets are taken from homes and can recall their former lives WHILE they are being used as war machines (against their own will). Does that sounds like one of the coolest, most intense things you have ever heard and something you NEED to know more about? Read We3, by writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely.

As you can see from the above panel, it is badassness at its most badass, but there is a real tragic element to it, as well. Poor, sweet, pets being used as mindless murderers. Sort of like when cops train innocent dogs to sniff out bombs and tackle drug dealers. Yes, it is like that, only in comic form.

Also, why this has not yet been made into a film is beyond me, as it is freaking stellar in every way.


awesome comic books

Listen, AMC is in the process of turning this PHENOMENAL comic book (what may very well be my favorite comic book of all time) into a TV show. Keep in mind, if anyone can do it justice it would AMC, so we shouldn’t get too scared. Still, before that happens you owe it to yourself to read the entire run of this phenomenal book about a man born with the powers of God after an angel and a demon have sex.

Yes, you read that correctly. May be one of the most insane and enjoyable reads in all of comics, and if you have not read it, how dare you call thy self a geek! Speaking of stuff to geek out on….

Why ‘Last Of Us’ Is The Best Video Game Ever Made


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This Super Mario Dinosaur Land Wood Map Will Take You Back in Time Thu, 28 May 2015 12:00:25 +0000 Remember one of our awesome giveaways with a Laser-etched Wood Hyrule Map up for grabs? Zelda fans went crazy over that, and rightly so.

This time, while we aren’t giving away anything, we’d like to give something back to Neutral Ground, who has just released their second item in their Woodland series. And it’s just as awesome as the Hyrule map. Maybe even more.

Meet the Super Mario Dinosaur Land map, also etched in wood.

Just like the Wood Hyrule Map, the second map in the Woodland series uses laser technology to etch the details – and how fine they are – onto hand-selected maple ply.

Super Mario Dinosaur Land Wood Map

Each map measures in at 18-1/2″ wide by 14″ tall, with a keyhole slot in the back so you can easily hang it in your man/woman cave. Or in your living room so that all your friends will envy you.

Super Mario Dinosaur Land Wood Map

There is no doubt that the finished product is nothing short of amazing, this hyperlapse video of its making will impress you even more.

Here's a quick process video of our latest map we made using @hyperlapse.

A video posted by Vincent Vumbaco (@neutralgroundco) on

The map costs the same as the first in the series – $150. If you want the ultimate Super Mario decor in your home, then this shouldn’t be much of an issue. If it is, just save up and stop buying too much coffee at Starbucks – or energy drinks.

Get the map here.

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Mr. Robot, a New Sci-fi Show About the Times Thu, 28 May 2015 05:59:24 +0000 Mr. Robot is a tech thriller that takes fantastic liberties with the real world. But as far-fetched as the plot elements of this one are, they never seem totally outside of the realm of possibility. Let me explain. Mr. Robot plays on the idea that the world is run by an elite Illuminati style group. But instead of wearing robes and using magic, this group (“the 1% of the 1%”) uses money and technology to play God (“without permission”).

Mr. Robot is about Elliot, played by Rami Malek. Elliot is a young computer programmer. He works cyber-security for his day job for a big corporate entity, but he is a hacker vigilante when not on the clock. Elliot discovers a lot about the way the world actually works from the stuff he learns as a hacker. Eventually, he meets the leader of an underground hacker network (played by Christian Slater). The group convinces them to help them destroy the corporate he works for, using his skills with cyber security and hacking.

Elliot doesn’t need any convincing that the world would be better off without the network of multinational CEOs that he believes are running the show. What follows is a tense thriller of cat and mouse, where those roles keep changing. Mr. Robot was produced by one of the guys who did True Detective, which is a show that I very much enjoyed.

Mr. Robot is a relevant show for the world we live in today. With more wealth disparity in America than in any other country in the world (or in history), with constant news of government information tapping, with Snowden and Assange having changed the world we live it, and with many people desiring a big change, USA’s Mr. Robot could be the canvas on which we project our own paranoid emotions.

6 Overlooked Sci Fi Television Shows

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6 Things Hollywood Could Learn From Video Games Right Now Wed, 27 May 2015 16:32:41 +0000 I want someone to tell me the last time Hollywood delivered something on the scale of Last Of Us? A movie that is, in all intents and purposes, epic and large, but still somehow intimate. Or think about the narrative arc in the Telltale Walking Dead games. When was the last time a film got you SO invested in their characters that when one of them passed, you felt actual sadness and guilt within your own self? The medium of video games has evolved so far in the last decade, and none of us could have seen it coming. I would even go so far as to say, they video game world has surpassed motion picture in the sense of the scale of what it can deliver, and just how hard hitting that delivery can be. It is what that in mind that I decided these are 7 things Hollywood could learn from video games right now.

Set Piece Moments

Movies have some major set piece moments. The moments when something huge happens and you are just awed by it. The problem is, on film they feel plastic and fake, and in games, those moments feel organic. So what is the difference?

This leads to point two….


Games know to throw these thing at us now and again to keep us entertained and hooked. Hollywood blockbusters throw set piece moments at the audience about one every thirty seconds. If they dialed that back a bit, they would find their actual set piece moments have that much more impact.

Just look at the above scene from one of the Uncharted games and slowly realize, you have not seen an action scene that cool in forever (Mad Max being the one exception right now). Pacing needs to be dialed back and evened out. All set piece moments all the time deter from said moments having impact.

You know what else helps with that……

Character Development

To gaming’s credit, some video games have forty plus hours to work on the development of a character, where most Hollywood movies only have about two hours, tops. One can understand why character development would be that much harder under those constraints.

Regardless, if you look at the evolution of a character like Laura Croft from the Tomb Raider reboot, you can feel that character change and numb and get harder across the adventure. But Hollywood forces character development like that, or avoids them altogether, and we end up having characters we know very little about (and as a result, care very little about).

And it doesn’t just apply to good guys, either….

Enemies We Actually Fear

Sorry to keep citing Last Of Us, but I want you to think about the clicker enemy types in that game. Now I want you to go through all the movies you have seen in the last decade and tell me ONE enemy who inspired as much fear. Can you find one? No, of course you can’t, and that is just my problem here.

From zombies to nazis to enemy soldiers, Hollywood bad guys have all fallen into the same blueprint. The end result is an audience who does not feel connected to not only the heroes, but has no concern about the droves of generic bad guys as well.

This leads wonderfully to my NEXT point. How about some freaking…..


So this year, we are getting a new Jurassic Park, a new Terminator, a new Mad Max, and a new Star Wars. While those are all franchises we love, you still spot what is wrong here, right? There are NO original scripts and specs being sold in Hollywood anymore. Everything is a reboot of a remake of a sequel.

Now I know, right now games are suffering from this problem, too, but think on a larger scale. One great example of the indie game, Limbo. Tell me the last time you saw a movie as atmospheric and haunting and lovely as that game (while also being as wholly original)?

Exactly my point, which leads to our closer, which ironically is….


Okay, this is the one that inspired the list. There are few things as annoying as going through an entire movie, only to get some hack, lame, weak ending that makes everyone walk away happy. We all know real life is not like that. Life is full of tragedy and pain, and rarely has the lame, story book endings we normally get force fed in Hollywood films.

But games know this. Posted above is the ending to the game Braid. Can you say holy shit? Now THAT is a plot twist, and one Hollywood writers should really learn from. Give us more movie endings like that, and you will have people walking away from theaters stunned, and in the best way possible.

So step it up, Hollywood. Gaming is lapping you right now, and you need to catch up or admit defeat. Speaking of games….

6 Truly Insane, WTF Video Games

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5 Netflix Daredevil Quotes that Can Teach Us About Life Wed, 27 May 2015 12:00:33 +0000 Netflix Daredevil has taken the TV viewing audience by storm, with even skeptics changing their mind. While the show is far from perfect, as hardcore fans will point out, there is a lot that makes it one of the most kickass-est TV shows this year.

You probably feel the same way as I do when it comes to the fighting, beating ups, and all those stunts that defy physics – awesome! But there is another aspect of the show that struck a chord with me. Call it old school values or whatever you wish, but Daredevil (maybe surprisingly) gave me a lot of life lessons to mull over.

You may or may not have had the same experience, but here are some Netflix Daredevil quotes that go beyond the usual badass superhero story.

1. “A woman who can be bought is not worth having at all.” – Fisk

This was the first quote that stuck with me, and I was truly surprised that I would “find” this quote while watching Netflix Daredevil. Of course, guys, this applies to you as well. ;)

2. “You’ve got to feel what’s not there as much as what is.” – Matt Murdock

Often, we look at what we have and get caught up in it – whether they’re material things or people with whom we interact. This may result in remaining in the same situation forever – which may not be the best – when all the time, what you need is right under your nose the whole time, which you either have been ignoring or you have simply not been aware of.

3. “Some fights just get you bloody.” – Silvio, mobster

It’s a fact of life. We all face fights of different natures. Some you win. Some you lose. Then there are those that are on a different level, where you just get darn bloody. The question is whether it’s worth the effort or not.

My take: Choose your battles.

4. “It is the clever man who plays the fool.” – Madam Gao

She doesn’t beat up people. She doesn’t shout. But Madam Gao is one of the strongest characters in the show in my eyes. And she’s got a trunkful of sayings.

This quote has been repeated so many times – in one version or another, but it is a good reminder that sometimes, it is better to lie low and keep your knowledge rather than flaunt it.

Bottom line: Don’t lay all your cards on the table.

5. “It may not seem like it, but everything is going to be okay.” – Foggy Nelson

Cliche alert!

Every parent, partner, or friend has said this a gazillion times to someone they love who needs to hear it. Sometimes “okay” doesn’t immediately happen. Often it takes time.

I don’t have to say this, but I’ll say it anyway, we all know that whatever happens, everything will be okay at some point. Even if it’s not exactly the outcome we were hoping for.

Hearing it from a good soul like Foggy just makes one feel a tad more positive. Even if it’s just a TV show.

There are probably more Netflix Daredevil quotes that I have missed, but I won’t complain if I have to rewatch the whole season just to spot them. How about you, did you spot quotes that you can consider to be life lessons? Let us know!

In case you missed this: 3 Things That Sucked and 3 Things That Ruled about Netflix Daredevil

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The Ideology of the Spider-Suit Wed, 27 May 2015 00:00:00 +0000 Editor’s note: This post was written by Morgan Kraljevich, a freelance writer by profession, and a video game addict by self-diagnosis. An avid reader and amateur coffee connoisseur, she can often be found bumming around the local cafes reading and writing in her worn-out journal. Hoping to one day set her sights on each square inch of the world, she often spends hours globetrotting in reverie. A lover of all things fuzzy, fantasy, and all things between here and infinity – which she hopes to completely understand, one day. Follow Morgan on Twitter.

It’s as classic as apple pie or Thanksgiving dinner; it’s blue and red, recognizable around the world. To some it’s a symbol of hope, to some it communicates a message of menace; the notion that the days of chaos and anarchy are over, something has stepped in to enact a change. It’s a figure of power and responsibility; an artifact that heightens its wearer to an idyllic identity. It is: The Spider-Suit.


Since 1962, Spider-Man has been recognized as one of the most notable characters in comic book history, with so many iterations through the years it’s impossible to keep them straight. He was Spider-Man; he hosted the sentient manifestation of the universe itself in the Uni-Power; he was even an Elizabethan gentleman in 1602. It’s a hard pill to swallow if you haven’t had a chance to read every single issue (and who honestly has?!), which is why it’s great that someone else has already done that. Or at least done a lot of research to come close enough to doing it that they were able to put together an infographic that timelines the majority of Spider-Man’s forms. Last year, Mashable put together a comprehensive infographic that collected most of the suits into one place, with a brief history and description of the artist paired with each.

The collection of characters was extensive and included a number of versions that have made their way into more mainstream culture, as well as some that some fans might not have even known existed, unless they’ve done some heavy reading. It’s a timeline that’s seemingly reminiscent of The History of the Bat-Suit infographic from a few years ago, and I think it’s a nice tool to use for those Spidey-fans out there that want an extensive resource – with a bit of history thrown in – to help keep the story straight as they’re navigating through the franchise.

At first glance the variety of suits is somewhat perplexing; the fact that one character can be a superhero at all is pretty amazing, but to have over 20 different versions of oneself is almost incomprehensible. And while the Spidey-Suit hasn’t only been reserved for best-known wearer Peter Parker, it still begs the question as to what is really lying behind all of those suits.

There’s more than purely aesthetics at play; each deviated storyline offers a representation of a deep reflection that Stan Lee might have been making at the time of creation, and the suits lend themselves as a visual representation of that. It’s a chronicling of Peter’s endeavor at making sense of his changing environment, which mirrors Lee’s thought process through its creative connectivity.

Take the Symbiote suit for instance (a personal favorite of mine); on the surface, it’s a simple black-and-white suit that Peter finds on an alien world. Beyond that though, it’s secretly a sentient organism that Perter unknowingly puts on, whereby it attempts to bond with his body. While Peter is in the suit his Spider-Skills are heightened – he’s faster and stronger than ever, and has unlimited webbing – but the amplification comes at a cost; wearing the suit drains Peter’s energy. To me this was a direct representation of life; the suit bonds with Peter, it becomes him. It’s a statement to remain true to oneself; Peter’s change seems positive at first glance, but once he loses himself, he starts to lose his very life force. It’s a reminder that nothing good in life is free, and that with great and unchecked power, comes great risk and responsibility.


Directly after Symbiote came what I would argue as one of the most peculiar versions of Spider-Man. And while it’s not on Mashable’s list, there is an infographic by Jonathan Sagovic that details it nicely. Enter: Bombastic Bag-Man.


It’s Peter’s answer to not having a suit at all once the Symbiote was removed, and though it’s strange in appearance, I think the representation is clear. Peter lost his identity first when he bonds with the Symbiote, and then is faced with another loss of character once that suit is gone. He is in a state of uncertainty, and must decide who he will become now that all previous identities have been stripped from him. In another reflection of life, Peter must rely on his friends for help and temporary self-distinction, and can then return to his superhero duties when he has finally pushed outside of himself.

And while there are a lot of subtle, philosophical implications that can be drawn from many of the suits, some of them are clearly aimed at having a bit of fun. The idea of Spider-Man being the last in a clan of ninjas in Legend of the Spider-Clan is much less serious, for example. Though the iterations may not follow an entirely linear path throughout the series, they can definitely be taken to embody the growth of Peter – physically, but also mentally and emotionally – as he becomes a fully established character.

Though it’s never explicitly been stated that Spider-Man represents a young male’s coming of age, I think that calling it a very fanciful, deeply developed bildungsroman would be fair. He is an average boy, who through a series of supernatural events, becomes a hero. He becomes the physical manifestation of what we all hope to be; he’s powerful, but he’s human. He’s tasked with monitoring the fate of the world, but does so with humility, and not without error.

The reason that Spider-Man works well as our heroic self-representation because deep down, there’s a little bit of Spider in all of us. There’s a drive to better the world in some form or another, and a desire to be more than the Average Joe. The human aspect of Spider-Man makes him relatable; it gives the reader that feeling of “maybe this could be me,” – if they could only come in contact with a fated radioactive spider.

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6 Weird Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie Tue, 26 May 2015 16:59:51 +0000 Right now, when it comes to comic book adaptations, anything goes. If you had told my teenage geek self that Deadpool and Ant Man and Avengers and Batman VS. Superman would have been eventual movies, I would’ve called you a liar and ran off crying because of your cruel lies. Thing is, here we are. We are in a modern comic book renaissance unlike anything the nerd world hath ever seen before. Yes, I used hath on purpose, as it sounded very epic. But if you look, they are pretty much tapping out all the main characters from the big name comics. Soon, they will be running out of characters they can make movies from. Nope. No they wont. Here are six weird comic book characters who deserve their own movies (and will probably all eventually get one at this rate).

Squirrel Girl


I bring up Squirrel Girl to non-comic book fans and they think I am making her up. Again, nope. She is LITERALLY a girl who can control squirrels. She is a member of the Marvel U, and honestly, in the last few years fans have began clamoring for her to get some screen time. Why? Because she is such a batshit insane character, many of us want to see how she would be portrayed on film.

There are some rumors that she MAY make an appearance in the Deadpool movie, but I have started those.


weird comic book characters

All I need to say is Michael Shannon playing Modok. If you think it might not be a good call or cannot think who that is, compare the above picture to the picture below:

weird comic book characters

See what I mean? Perfect. Who cares if he played Zod? So what or who is Modok? Just look at the intro above. He is another Marvel character who just makes no sense (but people love him for that exact reason). I mean, come on? The dude is just a head. A big, ugly face with tiny, purple appendages. Who WOULDN’T want to see a movie featuring just that?

A lot of people, probably, but shut up.


weird comic book characters

How about a kid (turned older kid) who can spew giant maggots out of his stomach that can eat through pretty much anything? Keep in mind, I am not sure how you would stretch this character into a 90 minute movie, but he spews maggots out of his (bleeping) guts. That’s a win any way you slice it.

At least give this dude an X-Men cameo at some point. Please?

Matter Eater Lad

weird comic book characters

I will be the first person to admit, you don’t see a weird comic book character list on the web without seeing this dude on it somewhere. What is his power, you may ask? Eating stuff. Like, um, anything. I mean, Google image the dude and you find tons of pictures of him eating through all sorts of insane shit.

Listen, don’t tell me this could not be a movie. Ant-Man is a friggin’ movie.

Dead Girl


Okay, on some real ish, I am not even kidding here. A Dead Girl movie would kick so much ass, there would be no ass left on the planet un-bruised. So what does Dead Girl do? Well, she is part ghost and part zombie (the movie just sold itself) and her power is to return from the dead, as well as communicate with the dead.

But it should be known, the comic is beautifully twisted and insane, and would and could be Guardians of the Galaxy levels of cool if it was handled right.

Doctor Bong

dr bong

No, no, it’s not what you think. Oh wait, he is a villain from Howard the Duck? Okay, he is probably exactly what you think, actually. I think the less I say about Doctor Bong the better.

Dude wins based on name alone. I just hope with a name like that Seth Rogen plays him.

Why ‘Last of Us’ Is the Best Video Game Ever Made

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Fandom Friday: 11 Funny LoTR Memes Fri, 22 May 2015 12:00:38 +0000 The Lord of the Rings has definitely one of the biggest followings in the fantasy genre. Many a teenager remember their young days burying their noses in the books, smelling that particular aroma that only paper can emit. Yeah, no Kindles or book readers back then…

With the movies, the Lord of the Rings became even more popular, increasing its fans tenfold. Perhaps even a hundredfold.

Naturally, the Internet did its thing, and memes sprouted all over the place. Some are awesome. Some are just plain bad. Others are overused.

For this week’s Fandom Friday, we bring you some funny LoTR memes. We tried to find the less popular ones mixed with a bit of ‘mainstream’ memes.

LoTR fans, happy Friday!

Funny LoTR memes

1. LoTR marathon

funny LoTr Memes

As long as the movies are, they probably have one of the highest re-watch values in all of moviedom. Personally, I can’t do LoTR marathons more than twice a year. That’s not because I don’t want to, but time just doesn’t allow it. Still, with Memorial Day weekend coming up, this is an opportunity to get your LoTR marathon on.

Suggestion: Prepare lots of food for First Breakfast, Second Breakfast, and so on.

Terms and conditions

funny lotr memes

Bilbo Baggins may have more quirks than the average hobbit, but he does pay attention to details. This meme has had its share of attention, but it’s worth adding to this list simply because…when was the last time you actually read the terms and conditions?

I am Gandalf the White

funny lotr memes

He may disappear when most needed, but he does reappear when he’s even more needed. Eagles and all.

I love this meme because of its reference. Tell me, how would Gandalf look if he were a hipster of today? (More than in this image)


funny lotr memes

Of all the funny LoTR memes, Boromir is probably the most overused. Then again, it is quite understandable. Boromir is Boromir, but I don’t know about you, some of it is getting old. However, Boromir has spoken. Once you pop, you can’t stop.

Chuck Norris and Mordor

meme mashup

There are people who think Chuck Norris is God’s gift to man, and yours truly may or may not be one of them. This mashup beats all walking into Mordor memes in my opinion. What say you?

Frodo and Mordor

frodo memes

Okay, fine. This detail has been buried under the pile of Mordor jokes. Frodo did get into Mordor, although I think I’m not far off the mark when I say that he kind of snuck in instead of walking into the enemy’s stronghold. So am I right, or am I right?

Natural Gollum

gollum memes

Let Gollum show you how it’s done. No filter FTW.


This is what Gollum thinks of certain celebrities. He doesn’t think they’re precious. At all.

The Homonculus

TBBT lotr

The next time someone questions what you do, take Leonard’s lead. That should end the conversation.

Orcs and exercise


While I don’t think the score is exactly conducive to running, thinking of chasing orcs – or being chased by orcs – should make you run like hell. At least you’ll get fit.

LoTR jokes

lotr jokes

I’ll just leave this here.

Do you have any funny LoTR memes that we probably haven’t heard of? Share them with us!

If you feel like shorter movies this weekend:

Fandom Friday: 5 Johnny Depp Movies That Are Worth Re-Watching

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Why ‘The Last Of Us’ Is The Best Video Game Ever Made Thu, 21 May 2015 21:03:24 +0000 There are video games that transcend their medium. They transport you into a different world that is so engrossing, it actually starts feeling real to you. Though these game worlds are few and far between (think Rapture from the original Bioshock as another example), when they happen, they stick with you. Not just for days or for weeks, but for life. Much in the same way a favorite book or favorite song would. It just settles down in your soul and never leaves. When I look upon my last twenty years of gaming, I genuinely believe no game has achieved that quite as perfectly as Last Of Us did. From the scares to the combat to the pacing and narrative, Last Of Us might just be the single greatest game ever made. Yes, that was just put into print. Before you toss me to a pile of ‘clickers’ please just hear me out first. By the way, SPOILERS AHEAD, obviously.

That Opening

I actually had someone close to me lend me this game after they beat it under ONE condition: they could come over and watch me play the first hour. Anyone who has played this game can tell you why she wanted to watch me play. That first twenty minutes of this game pretty much puts all of Hollywood to shame. Unsure what is going on, you rush out with your daughter to try to escape the impending catastrophe, only to have her shot dead in your arms. You had spent five minutes with the girl, but even as a gamer, you felt crushed, defeated.

And that was just the intro, for Christ’s sake.

The Story Line

We have ALL played zombie apocalypse games by now (and played dozens of them) but Last Of Us dared to approach the genre differently. Let’s make the violence feel real. Let’s make the characters feel real. Let’s make the setting feel real. Nothing about Last Of Us ever makes you feel like you are playing a video game. At one point, my mind clicked and was like: holy shit, THIS is what the scene evolved into since Mario. Can you even wrap your head around that? Once we only ran left to right. Now, I am practically pissing my pants on my actual couch while I struggle with all my might to keep this little girl alive.

No game before Last Of Us ever put that kind of weight on my shoulders. I actually CARED about Ellie. It messed me all up and made each play through that much more serious to me.


I am just gonna glaze over this aspect because we all know great graphics do not always make great games. There almost seems too much of an emphasis in making games look good, yet having no problem with said games being shallow. Last Of Us was the opposite of this. It looked stunning, and played amazing.

And seriously, even playing through the four seasons and seeing the change in weather and environment was a treat. Oh, and that giraffe scene:

Right outta Jurassic Park, and just as awesome a moment.


All I have to say is, have you EVER had a NPC character in a game you cared about MORE than Ellie? I have essentially played every game ever made, and can tell you, none can measure even touch how human Ellie feels, and she grows on you as a player the more time you spend with her.

I mean, as soon as I saw her air guitar’ing between battles, I knew that girl’s safety was my number one priority. And don’t even get me started on her incredibly charming and awful jokes.

The Scares

Clickers might just be the creepiest and best “zombie” variation…natch, enemy, I have ever encountered in a game. When they are walking, three inches away from you, and all you are doing is PRAYING you don’t mistakenly knock over a glass bottle on the ground. Man, that shit is pure tension, and makes for some AMAZING game play moments.

Few games are scary or tense anymore, but Last Of Us had that in spades, and didn’t even consider itself a horror game. That takes balls.

That Ending

Oh, come on. We all know you killed the surgeons and lied to Ellie. It may have been one of the BEST set ups for a sequel EVER in gaming, but it also left you feeling like shit (which is a profound thing for a game to do). Think about it. You shut the game off after it is over and YOU, an actual person, not binary code, feel bad for something your character did in a video game. How many games have you walked away from feeling like that?

Very few.

And it is with those exact thoughts in mind that I go on to say THAT, my friends and fellow geeks, is why Last Of Us is the best video game ever made. And hell, I could keep going…..

*Drops mic

last of us

Why Sex Scenes in Gaming Just Don’t Work (Yet)

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Sherlock Hound: Animated Steampunk Sherlock Holmes by Hayao Miyazaki Thu, 21 May 2015 12:00:48 +0000 Animated. Steampunk. Sherlock. Miyazaki.

That is too much awesome in one line that it might explode anytime!

But it’s not wishful thinking. It’s as true as all the other videos you can watch on YouTube, or TV shows and movies on Hulu and Netflix.

We all love Miyazaki for his works such as Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro, but he has a longer list of “lesser known” achievements under his belt. Perhaps that’s because Studio Ghibli is the first thing that comes to mind for many. But before he co-founded the renowned entity, he had creations that captured the attention and hearts of their viewers.

Like Sherlock Hound.

As you may already have surmised, Sherlock Hound is the canine version of the (arguably) world’s greatest detective. Sherlock is a corgi. Watson is a terrier.

No, it has nothing to do with Tin-tin.

Sherlock Hound is an animated steampunk Sherlock Holmes that expands your imagination like most of Miyazaki’s work. I don’t know what today’s (human) Sherlocks would say, but I have a feeling that what they have to say is positive. Who can find fault in two detective dogs???

Sherlock Hound is an Italian-Japanese collaboration and was aired between 1984 and 1985 as a TV series. The show has 26 episodes, 6 of which were directed by Miyazaki.

Here’s a taste of animated steampunk Sherlock Holmes, with the iconic Miyazaki touch.

Treasure Under the Sea

The Navy asks Holmes and Watson to help them recover a submarine stolen by Professor Moriarty.

The Sovereign Gold Coins

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are asked to investigate into the stolen Sovereign Gold Coins.

Mrs.Hudson is Taken Hostage

Professor Moriarty kidnaps Mrs.Hudson and demands Holmes to steal a treasure from an Art Museum if he wants her back.

Unfortunately, the above YouTube videos are geo-retarded, so some of you may not be able to view them. (Get a VPN!)

If you want to watch the entire series, Sherlock Hound is available on Hulu. Again, if you’re not in the US, VPN for the win.

The series starts with:

The story takes place at the end of the 19th century in London. A famous dog detective, Sherlock Hound, is relaxing with his pipe. Dr. Watson is, of course, with Sherlock. The night is very foggy. With the light from a street gas lamp, one can only see a few yards ahead.

From the distance, a coach comes dashing towards Baker Street and stops in front of Sherlock’s flat. Someone violently knocks at the door. “Watson, something’s afoot!!” Sherlock in his well-known deerstalker hat and inverness cape, leaves his flat in his prototype Benz with Dr. Watson. At the same time, Professor Moriarty, who calls himself the Napoleon of the criminal world, is planning an evil plot with his followers, Todd and Smiley. Well, well, what is going to happen next?

Whatever happens next, we know it’s not going to be boring.

Here’s another good watch: The Simpsons Pay Tribute to Studio Ghibli

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6 Truly Insane WTF Video Games Wed, 20 May 2015 16:47:38 +0000 When people think of video games, most people think of the same things. They either visualize a Mario Brothers game or a Call of Duty, and in doing so, they would be right. Most video games seem to follow the same blueprints and templates now, and most games just feel like cover versions of earlier games. Not to say that is a bad thing, but you would think by the eighth console generation there would be more original ideas. Truth is, there have been some VERY original (and very weird and WTF video games), but they weren’t always well received. Hell, sometimes they down right freaked people out, justifiably. Here are six insane, wtf video games that will melt your mind with just how out there they can get. Warning, some weird and shocking content ahead.

Mr. Mosquito

If want to talk about WTF video games, you cannot NOT mention Mr. Mosquito. A game based around the concept that you are a mosquito trapped in one family’s home and your job is to basically torture them and drink their blood without them swatting you.

While that, in itself, may sound kinda normal, did I mention one of the levels has you stinging the Mom in the family while she is bathing? Yes, very Japanese. Very WTF.


Seaman was a Dreamcast game that I still think of as one of the most ambitious games ever made (and one of the reasons I bought a Dreamcast). This game defined insane. It was like one of those virtual pets simulators that were so big in the late nineties, only this took it to insane heights.

So it starts out like a horseshoe crab and eventally evolves into a, well, it goes from a fish with a human face to things even weirder than that. But the catch with Seaman (yes, real name) was that you would use your mic and actually talk to it. And weirdest and awesomest of all, he was voiced by the late, great Leonard Nemoy.

Just watch the video above to get a better idea. I had some INSANE conversations with my Seamen in my 20’s. Yes that sentence sounded as awesome as I thought it would.

Katamri Damacy

Don’t care what anyone says, as odd as this game is, it is as addictive as crack. Katamari Damacy is about a prince whose Dad is the king of the cosmos and he needs you to roll everything you can on earth into giant balls that can be used as stars in the sky. Yes, really.

Did I mention the soundtrack? Well, it is batsh*t insane and awesome. Possibly the most mainstream title on the list, that doesn’t make it any less of a WTF video game experience.


Catherine was one of those games (like Katamari) that I was shocked to see got made for American audiences. Essentially, a dating sim mixed up with a puzzle game, Catherine was so wrought with insanity and psycho sexual oddities, that it is really hard to even describe the game. An Oedipal sexual nightmare seems fitting.

I know that explanation seems odd, but just watch the trailer and try to make sense of it yourself.

Revolution X

Hey, you know what would be the worst game ever? An arcade shooter based loosely around the band Aerosmith! Someome should get high on copious amounts of cocaine and go make that game….said the worst game designer ever.

Seriously, the less said about this game the better. Brace yourselves, though, all has been minor compared to what comes next….

Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Granted, I am stepping away from the more mainstream, console releases here, but this might just be the most WTF video game ever made. I know people would think Postal or Killing Floor might make the list, but the prerequisite for this list was not shocking or violent. Just WTF. And nothing makes me say WTF more loudly than playing a game where I get to recreate a school shooting where many lives were needlessly lost. Granted, this was a browser game for computers, and there are a great many people who still don’t know it even existed (which is exactly why it made my list).

The creators would go on to say they thought the game would spark conversation, but we all know, some people do try to be shocking just to be shocking. To me, that ideal could ruin gaming. Glad the game basically got shit on by the public. That is what it deserved. Speaking of WTF….


7 Brutal Death Scenes from Games

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Memorial Day Weekend Nerdy Destinations Wed, 20 May 2015 12:00:07 +0000 Yesterday, we gave you some ideas to spend Memorial Day Weekend in a geekier manner. You can always stay inside or close to home, but if you feel like venturing out and having a nerdy experience, there are even more options.

For those of you who feel like hitting the road, here are more ideas.

Check out our choices for Memorial Day Weekend nerdy destinations.


Computer History Museum

memorial day weekend nerdy destinations

Take a walk down computing memory lane by roaming the halls of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View (1401 N. Shoreline Blvd).

Find out why computer history is 2000 years old. Learn about computer history´s game-changers in our multimedia exhibitions. Play a game of Pong or Spacewar! Listen to computer pioneers tell their story from their own perspective. Discover the roots of today´s Internet and mobile devices. See over 1,100 historic artifacts, including some of the very first computers from the 1940s and 1950s.

Explore more before you venture out.

NASA’s Ames Research Center

The research center is integral to NASA’s operations, hence the necessity of security clearance in most areas. There is, however, a dedicated section for visitors, providing the opportunity for a nerdfest. Even if you don’t get to be an astronaut/engineer who messes up the plumbing in a space shuttle, a visit to NASA’s Ames Research Center will give you something to nerd out on for a while.

They’re closed on Memorial Day but open on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4PM.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Part of the innovation generation? Then head on over to this museum, where different experiences await you. Choose from (among others):

  • Body metrics
  • Social robots
  • Tech awards gallery
  • Tech gallery exploration

They’re open all weekend, and you can check out the ticket prices here.

New York

There are so many choices that your head may spin, but here are a few which will definitely entice you.

Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA)

If you haven’t visited this museum before, then there’s no better time than the coming long weekend. Comics, anime, cartoons, computer animation, and so much more can be found at the museum. This place is for hardcore fans, and you’ll probably have the best Memorial Day Weekend ever.

Located at 128 East 63rd Street, MoCCA is open Wed- Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 12-4pm, so you can easily slot it in. More info here.

Toy Tokyo Underground

For toy fans, Toy Tokyo Underground will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. Sponsored by Toy Tokyo, the retail store, this place will give you an eye-gasm – from toys to clothing to art in various mediums.

If you want to binge shop, then there’s the retail store in the same building.

They also have an online shop.

Location: 91 2nd Ave, New York, NY


memorial day weekend nerdy destinations

Feel like playing an arcade game (or two or three or four…) while having a beer (or two or…you know how this goes)? Then Barcade in Brooklyn is the place to go.

You can probably stay at the bar for as long as you can. Just make sure you bring enough quarters.

Visit their website for more info.

Other areas

The Pacific Science Center

memorial day weekend nerdy destinations

Head over to Seattle and enjoy the nerdy treats the Pacific Science Center has to offer. Currently, they have the Pompeii Exhibition, which will end on the 25th of May. They also have live science, planetarium, and laser dome shows. Irresistible!

Tickets and operating hours here.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center in Florida is known the world over, and where better to go if you’re obsessed with the final frontier?

Have a close encounter with real space shuttles, have a shuttle launch experience, or have lunch with a genuine astronaut.

The Kennedy Space Center is open 7 days a week.

These destinations are nerdy enough that even if you don’t make it this weekend, you have all the time in the world to plan your trips.

If you’re really into travel, check this out: Thinking of Your Next Vacation? Check Out These Geeky Hotels!

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3 Things That Sucked and 3 Things That Ruled about Netflix Daredevil Tue, 19 May 2015 16:02:52 +0000 Oh, Netflix Daredevil. I do not know what to make of thee. On one hand, when comparing you to the DC shows like Arrow, you clearly kick the most ass. You do not water down your show and clearly are not aiming it at teens, which works in your favor. But in the same breath, you do some things that just don’t work and keep the show from crossing over into “full awesome” territory. With the whole season behind me, I can now judge the show for its merits and flaws. I have come to the realization there is an equal mix of both. Here are 3 things that sucked and 3 things that kicked ass about Netflix Daredevil (and one thing I am really on the fence about still).

First The Sucked:

The Golored Gels Used For Lighting

netflix daredevil

So all of Hell’s Kitchen essentially looks like it is glowing a piss yellow or a lime green, huh? No one has curtains on their apartments, and the friggin’ place is always glowing like it’s located next to a nuclear plant. I understand these colored gels (director term when using special filters for lighting) are used for mood, but my god they are distracting and visually unappealing here. The director of Drive (Refn) knows how to use neon lights for mood and effect wonderfully.

Daredevil is the opposite of that, and it’s annoying.

Final Outfit


Sorry to say it, but waiting thirteen episodes for that outfit reveal was a joke. It would not have been a joke had the suit looked cool, but the f*cking thing has eyelids. Leather eyelids. Come on? I understand it from a body armor perspective, but outside of that, it looks kind of foolish. Like, did they ALREADY jump the shark? Truth is, I have been mocking him a little bit on Vine lately….

Reality is, the costume used through most of the season with the black mask was one of the coolest and most realistic costumes I have ever seen, and think they should’ve kept it (though the lack of eye holes should have made it pretty clear who man under the mask was).


netflix daredevil

Sorry, don’t mean to be mean to an actor just because he is awkward and ugly (as I am both of those as well) but something, natch, everything about the Foggy character goes up my ass. He is difficult to look at, whining all the time, the show wants us to buy that inexplicably hot women want to sleep with him, and he is mad at his blind friend for being a kick-ass crime fighter.

Maybe he will grow on me, but for now, I just wanna slap Foggy in the face with a dead fish. Why a dead fish? If you watched the show you would know he loves drunken fish auctions. Yup, pure WTF to that guy.

The Good:

The Fights

I know the fight in the second episode was pretty much a direct one-shot ripoff from Oldboy, but I kinda didn’t care. Why? Because the fight scene was THAT good. You don’t often see fight scenes like that outside of the movie theater, and Daredevil’s fights are often perfectly choreographed action ballets that just kick ass. This leads me to my second point about what works so well on this show….

The Gore and Violence

I’m sorry, but Marvel loves to play it safe when it comes to their material. They want it all mass-consumed by as large an audience as possible, and this often means making and keeping it all safe. Netflix Daredevil says “screw that shit” and people get their bones broken and heads smashed in and one dude even impales his own face on a friggin’ fence pole. You NEVER see that level of violence represented in Marvel, and honestly, here it is a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of deliciously fresh air…..

Rosario Dawson

netflix daredevil

I am sorry. Not to get all shallow here, but that woman is like watching a painting from the renaissance come to life. She is beauty incarnate, so to see her playing Claire always brought a smile to my face. Yes, she may not have been on the show enough. And yes, they may have pretended to write her off (they didn’t by the way, she is in the now confirmed season two), but she brought an heir of class and elegance to this otherwise bloody, bright neon show.

One Final Spit Decision:

Vincent D’Onofrio

I love this man as an actor. Full Metal Jacket to Chained, he is utterly mesmerizing on-screen, especially when he plays a bad guy. BUT, the “sensitive and tortured” mad man he plays the Kingpin as I am still not sold on. He is a little TOO emo so far, and his love story is just such an odd thing to put in a show where he is the bad guy.

Here’s hoping season two shines with a little less neon and little bit better show overall, but off to a great start, especially for a blind guy. Speaking of comic books…..

6 Reasons Marvel’s Civil War Will Be Best Comic Movie Ever

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4 Ways to Have a Geeky Memorial Day Weekend Tue, 19 May 2015 12:00:48 +0000 Memorial Day is coming up, and that means a long weekend for most. Woohoo!

For many, this means parades, picnics, and the usual barbecue get-togethers. Others may not celebrate at all and just have a totally lazy weekend.

If you’re somewhere in between and want to do spice things up for Memorial Day Weekend, allow us to help you out.

Here are some ways to have a geeky Memorial Day Weekend.

Renaissance Fairs

Want to get out and enjoy the good old outdoors? Why not?

Renaissance fairs are held all year round all over the country, and there are a lot of choices during this time of the year. Is there a better thing to do to have a geeky Memorial Day weekend?

If you’re California, check out the Koroneburg Old World Festival. You can also look at an extensive list of Renaissance fairs here.

TV/movie marathon

geeky memorial day weekend

If you’d rather stay inside and avoid people, we totally get it. There is so much to do indoors that one doesn’t really need to go out, right? All you need is to stock up on your favorite food and drink, and you’re all set.

Got Netflix? You have the TV/movie world at your fingertips.

Don’t know what to watch? Here are some great choices:

There is, of course, the option of watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter – or whatever franchise tickles your fancy – again.

Gaming tournament

Chances are you have friends who feel the same way as you do. They may or may not have expressed the same sentiments, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. You can ask them to join you for your watching marathon, or you can go the healthy route (why not?) and organize a gaming tournament.

Nevermind that it’s just you and your best friend (if it comes to that). It’s the thought, the company, and the game(s) that count.

No matter what console you decide to use – heck, use the iPad if you want to – just do an all weekender and play till you get RSI in record time.


geeky memorial day weekendSource

If you can’t get out of the family gathering, time to get your tricky on. Volunteer to be the coordinator and LARP it up!

When (or if) anyone complains, tell them you’re the boss for the day so everyone suit up. It can go one of two ways:

  • You convert your family.
  • You’ll confirm their belief that you’re weird. But who cares?

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?

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Giveaway: An Awesome Geeky Jersey Mon, 18 May 2015 12:00:25 +0000 Sporty geeks (yes, we exist), this week is yours!

If you haven’t heard of Geeky Jerseys, then it’s about time that you did. While there are tons of geek t-shirt sites (and we love them), geeky jerseys are not that common. For geeks who dig jerseys and want to show off their passion, then you’ll really want to win this giveaway.

Geeky Jerseys was born when a sports nut and a geek came together over an argument about the best looking jerseys, and how they could be improved.

This is what happened.

Geeky Jerseys Designs

geeky Jerseys

Link 4.0

geeky jerseys


geeky jerseys

Gigawatts 2.0

Correct me if I’m wrong, but even if you’re not really into jerseys, these designs might just make you a convert.

Not only do the designs look good, they are original and unique, and Geeky Jerseys make their products from scratch. And since it takes a while to complete each jersey, each month, “Now Available” designs change. So if there’s a design available that catches your eye, you ought to get it at once.

This month, the available jerseys are the Gigawatts 2.0 and the Troopers.

Browse through Geeky Jerseys collection to see more.

Oh, and if you’re a baseball fan, then check the site out again next month as Geeky Jerseys is releasing a new line of baseball jerseys and hats.

The Giveaway

We’re giving away a gift certificate redeemable for one jersey that is on offer. That’s $99 worth. The certificate is redeemable for one year, so you can wait if you don’t like either of the two designs available right now. (But how can you not???)

There are no shipping restrictions, so everyone can join.

The giveaway starts today, May 18 and ends on May 24. The winner will be announced on May 25.

You know the rules, so send in your entries below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On another note: The 10 Geekiest Movie Cars Ever
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5 Superhero Accessories That Make Them Who They Are Mon, 18 May 2015 08:02:35 +0000 The way a superhero looks – particularly in what they wear – is crucial to who they are and what they do. After all, Spiderman might not have quite the effect during his crime fighting duties if he ditched the iconic outfit and just rocked up in a pair of jeans instead.

However, it’s not just about the costumes when it comes to indentify and making a superhero come to life. Their accessories have a big role to play, too. We’ve taken a look at 5 of the most iconic accessories in the world of superheroes, and why they’re so important to their owners.

1. Batman’s utility belt



Ok so this is probably the accessory on the list that we’re most jealous of, and the one we wished we had most in real life, because let’s face it…what doesn’t Batman have in there?! In its first appearance, the belt contained chocking gas capsules, and it’s come a long way since then. Each of the ten pouches or cylinders contains various tools integral to Batman’s war on crime, with the cylinders being interchangeable with each other.

Related: Alternative 1970’s Batman

2. Thor’s hammer



The Nordic god of thunder – aka Thor – also has an accessory that would be pretty cool to get out at parties. His hammer; the Mjolnir is depicted in Nordic mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons in creation, with the power to level mountains, only available to those who are deemed ‘worthy’. You can read more about those who were deemed worthy to lift Thor’s hammer here.

RelatedThor Meets Swamp Thing With Added Nazis!

3. Wolverine’s claws



Perhaps not very practical to the average Joe, but pretty damn cool, no list of superhero accessories would be complete without Wolverine’s iconic claws. The claws are so iconic in fact, that actor Hugh Jackman who brought the role to life in the X Men franchise got himself 176k likes on Instagram for a photo his posted with them. Though it’s worth mentioning the caption; ‘WOLVERINE. ONE LAST TIME. HJ’. Emotional stuff!

Related: What Is the Deal With Wolverine’s Hair?

4. Green Lantern’s ring



We’ve all put any old ring on and pretended we were Green Lantern – there’s no shame in that. After all, the rings that vary slightly depending on the Green Lantern in question are considered by some to be the most powerful weapons in the known universe. Depending on the skill and willpower of the wearer, it can allow the wearer to do almost anything.

Related: A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings!

5. Spiderman’s web shooters




Where would a spider be without its web, and where would our favourite arachnid superhero be without his web shooters? Enabling him to swing from place to place, tie up his enemies and build webs, Spiderman’s web shooters have pretty much remained the same throughout his life.

It’s also well worth mentioning one of the most iconic accessories of the alter ego of Spiderman – Peter Parker. His glasses (along with the glasses of many other superhero alter egos) have become a huge staple of who they are, and have meant that they’ve translated well into the lives of their fans. There’s a great infographic here from that has taken a look at the top superheroes for whom glasses are a main part of their appearance.


Featured image

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Surprising (and Unsurprising) Items That Can Make Your Lifestyle Way Better Sun, 17 May 2015 10:12:41 +0000 We’d all love to live in that perfect world where we could simply sack off all our regular chores and live a life of dedication to the internet, streaming out favourite TV shows and listening to our favourite albums all day long. The fact is, however, that that’s simply not possible. At least if you’re not a trust-fund baby or have a dedicated team of carers and wealth managers that take care of all of life’s stressors for you.

But what if you could improve your lifestyle, free up your time and otherwise be more efficient in the management of such chores by simply investing in a smart series of appliances or objects? Here we take a look at a few of them, all which offer the sunny promise of making your lifestyle a heck of a lot better.

The more unusual…

Heated Butter Knife


Who knew that a heated butter knife could bring so much joy to your life and save you from all the hollering and swearing that follows the usual impossible act of cutting something hard like butter when all you desperately want to eat is a piece of toast? Now it’s all yours, thanks to the handy invention and constant evolution of household appliances that combine two things with one (in this case a heater and knife).

Washing Machines



Chances are you know nothing about how to repair a washing machine but are even less keen to indulge in the weekly chore of heading down to your local laundrette to start rinsing and drying the tattered remnants of a wardrobe once worth being proud of. Investing in a sturdy washing machine then is definitely a surprising item that can help make your lifestyle several times better. Not only do you not have to leave your house to get your pants clean but you can also save time by doing more productive things in the meantime while you wait. Like cleaning your room or kitchen for instance. Or doing some other undesirable task you’ve been putting off for ages.


Related: Stormtrooper Helmet Made of Sneakers


Scrap Tap



Cutting things in the kitchen and then letting the debris fall all over the floor is usually the way you cook and prepare food right? Hardly economical in terms of cleanliness and you’re only making more work for yourself in terms of vacuum cleaning and sweeping too. Now though, thanks to the handy scrap tap that affixes on kitchen counter stations, you can just sweep all the little left-overs into the container and then collect them in the garbage can later.


Bookmark for later: Recycled Technology Art


Multi-Bladed Scissors



Scissors are something you probably find yourself using more than you expect. You cut open packaging with them and make handy new stuff with them, all the time hardly noticing the extreme versatility they offer as a household item. Multi-bladed scissors however, which combine different blade sizes in one item, make cutting all the things you desperately need to cut way more useful and safer too. Great for saving time cutting hair, opening annoying plastic wraps and shaving herbs and spices for your kitchen experiments.

And the more usual…

Double-Doored Fridge

Double-Doored Fridge


Storing as much food in your fridge without it bursting out and having water leak everywhere can now be a thing of the past if only you choose to opt for the handy double-door fridges that now find themselves on the market. Open up from both sides and now you have something quick to access and more roomy to cram things into. Double win.

So there you have it. The perfect combination of the obvious and not so obvious things that can help make your lifestyle a lot better.


Up next: Awesome Geeky Drinking Glasses


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6 Reasons Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Will Be Their Best Cinematic Event Thu, 14 May 2015 16:51:13 +0000 As you all know, there are a bunch of Marvel movies coming in the next five years. Like, a BUNCH. And while some of them sound really good, there is one all fans of Marvel are really keeping their eyes peeled for. The Civil War that takes place between Marvel’s heroes that will happen in the third Captain America movie. It was such a monumental and well-written story line, that as long as they don’t water it down, we might just have one of the best comic movies of all time on our hands. Here are 6 things that make Marvel’s Civil War so freaking amazing. Keep in mind, some spoilers here for the comic, but can’t be sure what will or will not land in movie at this point, so use caution if you wish while reading.

How It Starts


The reason for the Civil War in the comics is simple. There is a super hero reality show, and some of the super heroes are trying to catch a guy named Nitro (but they also want to make sure it gets caught on tape). In the process, Nitro is like: Screw this, and decides to blow himself up (his name IS Nitro, duh) and he takes about 600 innocents with him. This is when they decided to start the Superhuman Registration Act. Some heroes see it as a problem and an insult, some see it as necessary.

Thus, the lines are clearly drawn in the sand.

Captain America Hates It

marvel civil war

So you register and you have to work with S.H.I.E.L.D and Cap wants nothing to do with it. He has been fighting for America for as long as he can recall, and thinks it an awful idea. S.H.I.E.L.D shows up to take him forcefully, and he beats everyone’s ass in the room and friggin’ jumps onto a moving jet and escapes.

It may sound lame, but my God will it make for an awesome movie scene.

Spider-Man’s Reveal

marvel civil war

That’s right. We will be getting a new Spidey in the Marvel U, and guess what, in Civil War Iron Man convinces him that showing his true identity will make people less fearful about heroes and will help with the act, so he agrees. He has a press conference just like Tony did and he reveals himself to be Peter Parker.

Suffice it to say, things do NOT go well for him after that. But he DOES get a badass suit from Tony (The Iron Spider) that I really hope makes it into the flick.

Heroes Die


There needs to be some weight behind death in comic book movies, and there rarely are. We almost ALWAYS get clones or twins or whatever. No one stays dead. But the thing about Civil War is, some of these heroes fall at the hands of OTHER heroes, and that is what makes the comic so damn powerful.

I won’t spoil it here for you and say who or how, but I will say, for this film to have the impact it needs, a few beloved (and B level) characters need to meet their permanent ends. War isn’t pretty, and this shows that.

Iron Man Hiring Bad Guys

marvel civil war

Tony Stark pretty much goes full asshole in Civil War even though he thinks he is on the side of right. This means that, at one point, he pardons a bunch of REALLY BAD GUYS and gives them freedom if they help him hunt down the heroes who won’t register. We are talking the likes of Venom and Bullseye here. Like, REAL bad guys.

This is also the first real sign that this is a dark descent for Tony and will not end well for anybody.

The Iron Man, Captain America Fight

marvel civil war

We know these two have had issues since day one (I am the alpha, no, I am the alpha etc) and in Civil War, it comes to a bloody head with an epic and nasty fight that draws itself out across many issues. But this is also the defining moment when we see just how dark and twisted this whole thing has made everyone. You realize just how serious it is when you see Captain America raise his shield like a blade, about to bring it down on Stark’s skull.

There, get you excited for Marvel’s Civil War yet? Good, because if they do it right, this could be the best damn comic book movie ever made.

5 Things We Pray We Get From New ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Series

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5 Reasons ‘Terminator Genisys’ Looks Like It ‘Jumps The Shark’ Wed, 13 May 2015 16:42:21 +0000 I can still recall the EXACT feelings of jubilation I had while seeing Terminator 2 in the movie theater as a teen. That movie blew my mind, and I had to go see it multiple times on the big screen just to process how amazing it was. But since that entry, seems the Terminator franchise has taken a serious swan dive, face first, and looks to continue that with the newest entry in this series, Terminator Genisys. Hell, even that misspelled name makes me want to punch someone in the T-800. But honestly, this looks like the entry that will finally cause the Terminator to ‘jump the shark.’ If you do not know what that term means, just click on the link and learn (but side note, as a true geek, you SHOULD know). Here are 5 reasons the new Terminator movie looks like it will kill the franchise, once and for all.

Every Terminator Ever Is In It

Okay, so let’s see. Last time I watched the trailer and counted, there seemed to be a representation of every type of Terminator that has been on-screen so far in this series, all crammed into this movie. This means liquid metal terminators fighting Arnie terminators fighting female terminators fighting tank terminators fighting dog terminators fighting tin can terminators, or something to that extent.

My point is, they threw everything and the kitchen sink at this movie, and this reeks of “trying way too hard.” That rarely ever works out.

Major Spoilers in Trailer

Oh, come on? What is worse than when a bleeping trailer ruins some major plot twists of the film they are advertising? Who in their common sense working on doing press for this movie decided it would be a good idea to put the plot twist in the final trailer? For anyone who somehow missed it, quick spoiler that is openly in the trailers. John Connor finally turns bad and wants to go back in time and murder his mom. That is actually a damn cool plot twist, but only if I were to find it out, mid-movie. To find it out before even going in really detracts from my interest in seeing it.

Again, very cool plot twist, don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of potential there. Problem is, we already know it. Why they would allow or encourage that is beyond me, and works as major points against this film.

Game of Terminators


Listen, I adore Emilia Clark on Game of Thrones. I find her exceptional as “the mother of dragons” and cannot imagine anyone else in that role. BUT does that mean she will automatically work as Sarah Connor in the Terminator Genisys world? To be honest, the trailers indicate to me that she feels a bit pasted-on. Granted, a strong woman is something she can definitely pull off with ease, but there was also a vulnerability to Sarah Connor before, and from the trailers, that aspects seems to be missing. She also almost seems a little too cocky in certain aspects. Remember, Sarah Connor was plagued with doubt, which is what made the character feel so human among all the machines.

If she is just kicking ass and spouting one liners the whole time, she will just end up feeling like a machine, too. Maybe THAT will be the real plot twist. Sarah has been a sentient machine the whole time. At this point, even that wouldn’t surprise me.

Do We Forgive Last Two?

Not for nothing, but the last two Terminator movies sucked ass. They really did. They felt copied and pasted from the other movies, and just did not work nearly as well as the first two. So are we supposed to go at this one just pretending the last two crappy Terminator movies didn’t happen? That might be kind of difficult to do, as they are still fresh on the brain. Plus, the last one already gave us a crappy, shiny looking CG Arnie, and this trailer has the same exact thing. It just looks and feels recycled, and the franchise might be damaged beyond repair to bounce back at this point.

We will try to reserve judgement for final product, but it is not looking good.

Maybe They Kill Sarah and End It!

terminator genisys

I know, it is a long shot, but maybe this will be the miraculous nail in the coffin and they are doing that on purpose. Maybe John will kill his mother, cease to exist, and this series can go crawl off to die like the metal exoskeleton it is. Hey, someone has to say this sh*t. By the way, bad sci fi talk leads to…..

6 Most Underrated Sci Fi Movies of Recent Years

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Check Out LUNALUXX, a Levitating Lamp Wed, 13 May 2015 14:30:30 +0000 Yes, you read that right.

Levitating lamp.

Seriously, even without seeing it or knowing its details, the fact that the word levitating is attached to the lamp is enough to make one curious!

I’m not pulling your leg. LUNALUXX is a real levitating lamp, although maybe not in the way you think.

The concept:

It is truly the first of its kind featuring a minimalistic design, generating a smooth atmospheric light with a futuristic touch.
 By combining both magnetic suspension and remote-phosphor lightning technologies, a light emitting disc is freely suspended in mid air!

While it is “only” the disc (which serves as the bulb) that levitates, that is still pretty cool!

The LUNALUXX levitating lamp not only looks good, but it is functional in that it is dimmable, perfect for when you have special company over. Or if you are watching TV home alone and want the lighting to match your mood.

levitating lamp

You only have to tap the base to change the light intensity.

What happens when there is no power? Well, it’s obvious. The disc will rest at the base.

Here’s another cool thing: turning the LUNALUXX on and off. Forget switches! Take a look.

Turn on

Turn off

How cool is that???

Now this is where you come in. LUNALUXX has 13 days to go. They still need help in reaching their goal, and if you think that it’s an awesome concept, you might want to pitch in.

Be a backer. Tweet about it. Share it on Facebook. I’m sure the project owners will appreciate whatever you do. So here’s where you can help.

What do you think about the LUNALUXX?

Here are more awesome lamps:
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Do You Know Your Superhero Supertech? Wed, 13 May 2015 12:00:21 +0000 Not all superheroes are created alike. They have their own gifts and talents, some inherent, some acquired. Some superheroes don’t even have superpowers and rely on gizmos and gadgets – plus the super ability to take/give a massive beating.

Still, what’s in a name?

Perhaps a superhero is called that not because of superpowers but because of what they do and what they stand for. Not to mention the constant element of daddy issues in DC characters.

Anyhow, let’s give the topic a lighter tone.

Lime IT an IT support company has created an amusing infographic that looks at superhero supertech and rates them accordingly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover as many superheroes as I would want, but it does have some of the more popular characters.

You may or may not agree with the ratings, but bear in mind that while the infographic’s content is based on comic and technical facts, it’s all in the name of fun.

Without further ado, here is the infographic about superhero supertech. Let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Superhero supertech

Marvel fans will want to look at this: Most Popular Marvel Superheroes
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7 Brutal Death Scenes from Video Games Tue, 12 May 2015 16:16:33 +0000 Many aspects of gaming have changed and evolved over the years. From basic mechanics to visuals, one could say it is an ever-changing and evolving medium. One way games have really changed is their violence. Once upon a time, you would die in a game and your character would make a surprised face and fall off the screen. Those days are over, my friend, replaced with brutal death scenes from video games that can involve things like getting impaled on a tree or getting your head severed off with a chainsaw. While some may squirm at these, I love horror, so these are right up my sick and twisted alley. Here are 7 brutal death scenes from video games. Warning, some violent imagery is about to assault the eyeballs so NSFW.

Dead Space 2: Eyeball Surgery

If I started this list with anything but this, I would have been laughed away from the geek-gore-gaming scene for the rest of my life. Of all the brutal death scenes from video games, few sit with me the way the failed eyeball surgery scene from Dead Space 2 did.

Honestly, this was the moment I knew games had even surpassed horror films.

Resident Evil 6: Blender Head

Though the Resident Evil games from part 4 on had some great deaths, seeing your head get jammed into giant, whirring blades is not only gory, but pretty bleak as well. Thing is, this is from Resident Evil 6, which means no one actually saw it because the game was so sh*tty. Enough with the sequels, RE.

But man, it had some pretty gnarly death scenes for sure.

Tomb Raider (Reboot): Tree Through Brain

Man, they put Laura Croft through HELL in the most recent reboot, huh. There are SO many ways Laura can die brutally in this game if you miss a QTE, it was almost hard to pick just one. For me, though, when you are flowing down the river and you get the frigging tree jammed into your eye socket actually caused me to yell out loud while I was playing.

The wolf was pretty great, too.

Heavy Rain: Death by Psychotic Doc

If you get to the crazy doctor part in Heavy Rain, it can go two ways. You can escape traumatized by what the sicko was about to do to you. Or you can WITNESS what the sicko will do to you. This is one of the most brutal death scenes in video games because up to this point, you don’t even see it coming.

On top of that, unlike these other deaths on the list, you character stays dead after this encounter. Upsetting stuff for sure.

Dead Rising 2: Clown Saw-i-cide

Well, when a bad guys dies it is not as scarring as when the hero dies, but in this case, it made as much of an impression. Clowns suck enough, and are scary enough, but seeing one fall down on two working chainsaws is a death I never saw coming in video games.

I’ll admit, I kinda laughed when it happened, though. I was grateful the sick bastard finished the job for me.

Manhunt: Scythe to the Crotch

The Manhunt games are wonderfully awash in gore and blood and brutal deaths, so to pick one was hard. Then I recalled the scythe to the crotch, and it was a lot less hard, pun intended.

Yes, some other deaths may be gorier, but because I have actual balls, this one really stands out to me.

Mortal Kombat X: All of Them

If there is one game that has exemplified the growth of violence and gore in video games it is the Mortal Kombat series. And though most of the gore up until now has been somewhat safe and silly, with X, it is like they watched every horror movie and every death scene from any game or movie ever and upped them considerably.

To try to pick one fatality out of the hundreds in the new game to call the most gruesome would be impossible, so I thought just a nod to all of them felt like a fitting ending to a blood soaked list. Speaking of violence, why don’t we talk about sex now…..


Why Sex Scenes in Gaming Just Don’t Work (Yet)

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Win a Laser-etched Wood Hyrule Map [Giveaway] Tue, 12 May 2015 12:00:39 +0000 Zelda-obsessed ForeverGeek fans, this is one collectible you will want to get your hands on! The iconic setting in most Zelda games, Hyrule is probably your happy place, with its awe-inspiring beauty and diverse environments. No doubt you’ve spent many a night (or day) dreaming about it.

With this week’s giveaway, you can have Hyrule right in front of you.

Vincent, an artist who recently started what a “digital woodshop” in New Orleans has released the first product of a series which he calls Woodlands: a laser-etched wood Hyrule map. He’s got a one-person studio outfitted with laser cutters where he works with illustrators and graphic designers, and their debut Woodlands product is nothing short of awesome.

Vincent describes his work:

We grew up during a time when video games came with packed-in manuals. Sometimes, those manuals included a beautiful map of the world you were soon to discover. Our Woodlands series of laser-etched wood maps is a salute to those who love exploring in fiction and being immersed in the artwork that defines those worlds.

The first in the series is our version of Hyrule inspired by Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Our Woodlands maps are a collaboration with Alex Griendling, a very talented graphic designer based out of Minneapolis.

The maps are etched on beautiful pieces of hand-selected maple ply that measure about 18-1/2″ wide by 14″ tall.

Includes a keyhole slot on the rear for hanging.

He’s definitely one of us, and he wants to share his work with you guys, so we’re giving one wood Hyrule map away.

First, let’s take a closer look.

wood hyrule map

wood hyrule map

wood hyrule map

Like what you see?

You can buy this beauty from Vincent’s store for $150 – awesome doesn’t come cheap, plus it’s on sale right now.

You can also explore more of Vincent’s work on his web site.

Now let’s go to the giveaway details.

How to win the wood Hyrule map

The rules:

  • Anyone can join the giveaway – no geo-restrictions!
  • As usual, you can tweet once every day to get more entries.
  • Other ways to get entries are in the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • The giveaway starts today, May 12, and ends on May 17. The winner will be announced on May 18.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Zelda while you wait for the giveaway to end:
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#FandomFriday: 10 #TheFlash Merchandise You’ll Want to Buy in a Flash Fri, 08 May 2015 12:00:42 +0000 The CW’s The Flash is one of our favorite TV series for easy watching. It’s lighter than other superhero series on TV right now, and who can resist Barry Allen’s childlike charm?

If you like The Flash, then you’ll want to take a look at our selection of The Flash merchandise.

You’re welcome.

1. Flash Jack Daniels Style T-shirt

the flash merchandise

The Flash and red go hand in hand, but who says we can’t change colors once in a while? This Jack Daniels style t-shirt is awesomely designed to justify going black. Plus, we know that Barry can drink anyone under the table, so it’s a perfect match.

Get your one-of-a-kind Flash tee.

2. The Flash 8 Bit Pixels Sublimation White T-Shirt

the flash merchandise

A superhero t-shirt and 8-bit. What more can you want? You’ll definitely stand out among the usual red shirt-wearing crowd with this one.

You can get The Flash 8 Bit Pixels Sublimation White T-Shirt here.

3. The Flash DC Comics Mens Vintage Superhero Bolt Logo Tee Shirt

The Flash t-shirts

You’re probably thinking, “Another The Flash t-shirt?”. Well, we love the vintage touch, so we’re including it on the list.

Get this t-shirt on Amazon.

4. Funko POP TV: The Flash Action Figure

the flash funko tv

Of course, there has to be a Funko toy! This one’s Barry Allen from the TV show, and it’s only available for pre-order as of this writing. It will ship on May 22, so make sure you’re one of the first guys to get it. Go on Amazon now!

5. Domo The Flash

funko domo flash

How can you resist this crossover??? Available here.

6. DC Comics Justice League Flash Morphing Mug

the flash merchandise

If you can’t live without your coffee (or tea), then you have to get this morphing mug and add a little zing to your day. You can even probably bring it to your favorite coffee shop. Just because.

Get the morphing mug now.

7. Grant Gustin reprint signed autographed photo #1

the flash cw

How much do you adore Grant Gustin? If you’re that much of a fan of his, then this reprint with his autograph must be part of your collection. There are only 12 left, so get it while you can.

8. The Flash: A Celebration of 75 years

the flash merchandise

Learn more about The Flash with this volume:

THE FLASH: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS collects a wide range of stories featuring the Scarlet Speedster, ranging his seven decades as a mainstay in the DC Comics universe. From the original Flash, Jay Garrick, to his successors Barry Allen and Wally West, the mantle of this beloved hero has made him burst beyond the printed page into a pop culture symbol. This anthology graphic novel collects stories from the industry’s legendary talents, including Gardner Fox, John Broome and Geoff Johns.

The book is available for Kindle and in hardcover.

9. Flash TV Series Reverse-Flash Ring Prop Replica

reverse flash ring

How do you feel about the Reverse Flash? Villain he may be, there is something to him, and this ring prop replica is pretty cool. It’s coming in August, so you’ll have to pre-order.

10. The Flash Seatbelt

the flash merchandise

Keep yourself – and everyone in the car – safe with this Flash seatbelt. While you won’t reach the speeds Flash can go, you’ll still be safe in case of an accident.

Get it here.

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Why Sex Scenes in Gaming Just Don’t Work (Yet) Thu, 07 May 2015 16:30:17 +0000 I’m sorry video game industry. I know you are trying (and slowly becoming) way bigger than Hollywood, and you want to produce titles akin to those levels, but sex scenes in gaming still do little more than conjure laughter and slight discomfort. The one thing they do NOT do (which sex scenes in film often do) is get us somewhat turned on. They are also used in movies to often show the intimacy between two characters, and how they are getting closer. In most games, sex in either shoehorned into a mini-game (how can you NOT laugh at that?) or it is put into a weird cut scene that makes you feel like you are looking through a peephole that you kind of don’t want to be looking through. So if sex scenes in gaming rarely work and don’t further the story, why are they there? Same reason sex is everywhere, friends. Because sex sells, even when it’s just weird binary code doing it.

A Mini Game? REALLY?

The first time I played God of War, I played it at my cousin’s house. I was so blown away that when he had to go to work, I asked if I could stick around his house and keep playing. He had no problem with it, and I was overjoyed. Wouldn’t you know it, my Aunt walks in just as I am playing a mini game to have a threesome. I am virtually banging these women off camera to timed button presses and my aunt is just standing there, trying to NOT seem mortified.

The thing is, I was even more mortified than her. It was pure machismo, and so much so, it felt like satire. The funniest thing was, you could KEEP playing the mini game and depending on how perverse you were, you could bang those fake women for hours on end. Something that would break any mortal man’s penis AND soul over time. But even then, as my first exposure (pun intended) to sex in gaming, I was vastly underwhelmed and kind of ashamed and how silly and demeaning it was to women (just like real sex!)

Mass Effect Fixed It (a Little)

Mass Effect actually has to be the one game that handled sex somewhat realistically and with some class (on the surface). You work at wooing fellow team members, and eventually, if you get them at the right time and say all the right shit, you end up hooking up with them. It is done classy, they show some kissing, but pan away and play sexy music. You get the idea they had sex without having to have blue space boobies shoved into your face. Also, the idea you could play and have same sex relationships was pretty mature and awesome of them. But there is fine print here, too.

Even Mass Effect made a mistake. Put it this way, by the end of the game I got an achievement for banging most of my crew. If sex is used to further a story line or connection between two characters, why I am able to bang every single person? Seems to undermine the genuine connection of sex, doesn’t it? So it was basically one step forward and two back. Quick side note, Jack (the bald chick) is the best lay on the Normandy. I should know. I am a space-ho.

Where To Next

Another game (that I loved) that shoehorned sex into it was Far Cry 3. Great game, but island man saves the darker people and bangs their jungle queen. Again, felt like sex was being used the same way it was movies in the 80’s. Not to further stories, but rather, to give guy’s wood. At that point, it is just a joke. If you are playing games to get your sexual needs met, you may have some issues that run quite deep and might need some help.

Heavy Rain on the other hand, handled (not sex, but sexuality) perfectly. The above scene was needed to further the story and was actually used to make the player uncomfortable. That is kind of brilliant, but a very rare example.

So How Should It Be Handled

sex scenes in gaming

This is tougher to answer because no one seems to know yet, and that places it into a precarious state of limbo. If we are getting sex scenes in games just to sell copies of said games to young men, something is way off. That is also not the way to represent females in gaming (as sex objects), but there is a chance writers will start to understand that establishing that sort of connection between two people can, indeed, up the emotional investment of the audience. The problem is, they just need to do it in a more organic way than button mashing threesomes and raging space commander pimps.

*Drops mic

8 Manly Games That Ooze Too Much Testosterone 

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