Battleship Galaxies: A classic game with a futuristic twist

battleship galaxies jayvee fernandez

I got what I wanted for Christmas. I’ve always been curious about a 2011 re-issue of Battleship but my mind was blown when Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast took the classic game I used to play when I was a kid and added a lot more depth into a foray in outer space. Battleship […]

Realizations while creating this desktop wallpaper tribute


EDIT: The original image is traced back to the young Jonathan Mak. I found an Apple logo with Steve’s silhouette serving as the bite mark. I don’t recall exactly where I found it, but I really wanted to turn it into a little tribute wallpaper. Problem was, the image was around 300 x 300 and […]

The Top Tech Companies Resolutions for 2011


Today most people are writing down or telling themselves what resolutions they will be making for 2011. I decided that I will make no resolutions, I don’t want to start the year with expectations for myself, expectations I most likely won’t meet. This year has been eventful for companies and websites alike. Apple’s iPhone 4 […]

There's nothing more manly: Painstaking efforts to land a "car" on Mars


Jerry Seinfeld once said that it has been a motivational desire for man to conquer the moon — and drive around when they got there. I think the same applies here, except that since the conditions for actual driving around are logistically unfavorable due to travel time to Mars from our good old Earth, scientists […]