Jurassic Park is Going 3D

Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since Jurassic Park came to theaters? To celebrate, Universal is converting the film to 3D for a theatrical re-release. We’ve got a gallery of images from the movie that’s guaranteed to stir up your nostalgia, along with a special trailer and the killer movie poster.

Arkham Horror Open Beta for the PC: Sign up now!

A couple of days ago I found a link to a video of a college student who was recreating the popular Arkham Horror board game for the PC. It wasn’t an official release by Fantasy Flight Games, but rather a graduation requirement for school. Her plan seems to be pretty solid. Since this is a […]

Watch 3D Star Wars Like a Podracer

If you live near one of ten select AMC theaters, you (or rather, your kids) can watch the 3D edition of The Phantom Menace with special “young Anakin” 3D glasses, a collectible freebie, and take part in activities geared toward younglings children.

Does This Make You Want to See Episode I in 3D?

Star Wars is coming back to theaters next year — and this time it’s in 3D. But Lucasfilm is using the questionable strategy of starting with The Phantom Menace, easily the most reviled chapter in the saga. Here’s a new trailer for the 3D version of Episode I.

Amazing 3D Drawings by Fredo

Every now and then, you come across artwork that takes your breath away. I am no art expert, but I can appreciate good work. Sometimes, even those pieces of art that I don’t understand, I can feel good about. This new set of drawings that I came across, though, I totally get. I don’t know […]

Be Your Own Souvenir! Create an incredible 3D figurine of yourself

As a child my mother didn’t have the disposable income necessary to provide my brother and I with the latest and greatest toys on the market. Instead, on rare occasions we received a G.I. Joe action figure, but more often than not we were presented with a plastic bag of small, green, army figures. These […]

Amazing 3D, 360-degree fog display [Video]

Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek no doubt dream of the day when a 3D, 360-degree, on-demand, immersive, digital environment is made a reality for any and all who want it.

Star Wars in 3D is Coming

Big news for 3D movies: All six Star Wars films are coming to theaters with full 3D conversions. Only unlike recent films that were filmed in 2D and converted to 3D with less-than-spectacular results (*cough*ClashoftheTitans), this being Star Wars, Lucasfilm is not rushing the conversion process, using painstaking attention to detail to give it the best […]

Nintendo shows off the 3DS

“No glasses needed.” That was the message hammered home this morning at Nintendo’s E3 Media Briefing, where the new Nintendo 3DS was unveiled. No price or time frame was given, but E3 attendees are being offered the chance to play with the new device themselves. Nintendo has not yet revealed the 3DS‘ full specs, but […]

The World Cup: When Technology and Sports Collide

Sports fans are on the edge of their seats as the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals is about to begin on Friday, the 11th of June. I’ve already made plans to spend Friday night at a bar with friends to watch Les Bleus hopefully kick butt. What we should be a little more interested in […]