It’s good to be the King! Presenting, a Godzilla vs kaiju 8-bit game!

Ask any fan of Japanese kaiju (giant monsters/beasts) films who the baddest one of all is, and you’ll still likely get the dreaded answer that has haunted our nuclear dreams: Godzilla! The 2012 release of Pacific Rim renewed interest in the kaiju genre, and this 8-bit tribute to the old 1991 Neo-Geo game, King of […]

The Hit Squad: World’s First Pixellated Feature Film

What do you get when Family Guy and Nintendo conceive a child at Spinal Tap orgy? The Hit Squad! If you are always on Twitter, and you have people in your circles who love the 80s and everything that goes with it – especially 8-bit stuff, then you might have gotten wind of the world’s […]

The 8-Bit Bar on Kickstarter

8-bit has become so popular in the recent times that I am not sure if the cool people think it’s still cool. I think I just confused myself with that statement, but if you like all things 8-bit, and you have a charitable heart, you might want to give these guys a Kickstarter hand. Tim […]

Pixel Heroes

The eighty superheroes on this art print may be tiny, but don’t let those itty-bitty pixels fool you. They could still take you down.

Handmade Mario and Princess Peach Bras. Get Your DIY Kit Out

Almost every day something new and geeky finds its way to an Etsy store and often it’s difficult to keep up with all new awesome items on Etsy – or we think they’re cool but just not cool enough. This time though, user SceeneShoes caught my attention with a serious of handmade bras aimed at […]

Get Your 8-Bit On

Nothing says geek like pixelated stuff in the real world. 8-bit is all the rage, because it playfully harkens back to the Atari/Commodore days of our youth. Plus, what’s cooler than holding in your hands something that Mario or Donkey Kong would use in one of their games? If you strive to reach the heights […]

Geeky Flowers

In honor of Spring’s arrival (up here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), here are ten of the geekiest flowers you’ll ever see.

8-Bit Terrariums Inspired by Videogames

Last year November I wrote about Jude Buffum’s pixel art; Yoshi: Tastes Like Chicken. These pixel arts showed characters form Super Mario as consumable meats. Yoshi and Koopa amongst other where dissected with information on what and how to eat their parts. This year for Game Over IV an upcoming show at Giant Robot San […]

Are You Ready for the Moss Invaders?

All sorts of theories about alien beings invading the earth have been concocted over the years, and I am pretty sure that there has been at least one story written with moss as the invading life form. What Kimi Spencer and Marko Manriquez have created is not meant to cause fright and paranoia about aliens […]

Yoshi: Tastes Like Chicken

For the upcoming show, “Pixel Pushers: An Exploration of 8‐Bit Digital Media”, curated by Giant Robot, artist Jude Buffum came with the idea to create pixel illustrations inspired by meat diagrams. These illustrations are not just any meat diagram, they are diagrams of 8-bit video game characters like our beloved Yoshi and the always present […]