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Fandom Friday: Valentine’s Gifts for Dragon Lovers

Dragons are part of many a fandom, and it just doesn’t seem right not to have an exclusive post for these magnificent creatures. So okay, I am more than a hundred percent biased. I love dragons like nothing else. If there is a dragon lover in your life, then on Valentine’s Day (or any other […]

LEGO Watches Are Adult-Friendly Too

Hear that? Is it the sound of your wallet thinning? Maybe. But it’ll soon be replaced by the quiet ticking of a kickass LEGO watch by Clictime. No one will judge you for spending hours checking their collections because you can’t decide which one to get. Trust us. They’re called ‘adult LEGO watches‘ and it’s perfectly alright […]

Official Game of Thrones Jewelry Is Coming!

There’s no such thing as having too much merch. This is especially true when it’s as gorgeous and bad-ass as this new line of Game of Thrones jewelry. HBO and Pyrrha teamed up to create this line of necklaces and rings that feature the sigils of the most prominent houses: Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Tyrell, and Greyjoy. […]

Stamp Yo Face Gets Our Stamp Of Approval

When you really like something, there comes a point where pimping it to your friends gets annoying (for them). When friends and family are a bit tired of your saying “This is the BEST thing EVER” every week or so, then it’s time you got yourself a better way to express your stamp of approval. […]

Le Chuck Cross Stitch Pattern

There’s nothing more manly (and geeky) than cross stitching the legendary pirate, Le Chuck. LARGE VERSION HERE.

Geek Jewelry Christmas Present Ideas [Hint!]

A comment notification in my Inbox led me to an old post that I might have otherwise forgotten: the Caffeine Molecule Necklace. Thanks to Kaya, I discovered an online jewelry shop that kicks butt; and trust me, it is not your ordinary jewelry store! Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, and here are […]

Geeky Christmas Tree Ornaments

Where I come from, the Christmas season starts when we hit the “-ber months”. That means at the stroke of midnight, on September 1, you will hear radio stations playing Christmas songs. Unbelievable, maybe, but true! I don’t know if you decorate for Christmas – I don’t. If I were to put up my own […]

When Pac-Man Goes Wrong

Wait – is that even possible?  How can you go wrong with Pac-Man?  We’ve seen some of the coolest pieces of merchandise following the Pac-Man theme, but who would have thought that there is some really bad (in the original sense) stuff out there?  I came across a collection of the 10 Absolutely Horrible Pieces […]

Accessorizing, TRON Style

Disney believes that the look of  Tron: Legacy is the future of fashion accessorizing, and is ready to make the future today. Hence, this collection of fine jewelry and couture inspired by the movie. Disney Consumer Products has partnered with high-end designers like Rousseau, Hayden-Harnett, Rotenier and TomTom to create what they call “luxury accessories for […]

TRON LEGACY Suits: Am Lovin’ All the Leather

The original Tron movie has been sitting idle in my hard drive for the longest time, and I really do have to watch it before the new movie comes out.  While I wait for the chance to sit down and focus on that movie, I shall content myself with drooling at these new suits from […]

If Pink Is Your Color…

…why not grab some pink gadgets this month and join a worthy cause? I know I keep saying that I do not like the color pink, but for some reason, I keep running across this color. If you do not know yet, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is usually commemorated with the […]

The Ever Increasing Watch

There are some people who are simply into watches. While one can only really wear one watch at a time, these people will not hesitate to pick up a new watch that catches their fancy. Most of the time, though, watches such as those made by Breitling, Rolex, and the other big boys are the […]

Dammit. I'm Gonna Have to Get an iPad

Normally I’d write this over at Apple Gazette – your source for excellent Apple news, reviews and commentary – but let’s face it; there’s nothing geekier right now than the iPad. I originally thought that it wasn’t worth my time. There was no reason for me to get an iPad when my laptop and iPhone […]

Gagdets For The Gangsta Geek

I have never met a gangsta who calls himself a geek, or a geek who dubs himself a gangsta. I am pretty sure that if I look hard enough, I’ll find someone who fits this description. There is no denying it – gangsta culture has become quite prominent in the recent years, and people who […]

Accessory Geeks Can Help You Personalize Your Phone

If you’re an iPhone user, you probably wouldn’t care, but you might get something out of this anyway. I just discovered this web site called Accessory Geeks and they claim to “kindly and persistently apply our geeky image to enhance our customer service, provide unconventional products, and build A Geek memory with all our customers […]

New Travel Gadget: Neuber Energy Sun Bag

One of the main things that concerns me when packing for a trip (whether it’s to the beach or to visit my hometown) is how I am going to lug around all my gadgets and their respective chargers. Most of the time, I just have a separate bag where I put all the cords and […]

Retro floppy disc notebook

Although I am big fan of the simplicity of Field Notes, and actually a plain boring notebook use, I love the concept of this retro floppy disc notebook. Maybe not as simple or practical to put in your pocket as Field Notes, this one’s got the looks. More than just the front, the back of […]

Optimus Prime iPod dock

BigBadToyStore comes with the awesome Optimus Prime iPod Docking bay. The trailer has 2 speakers and is fully ‘licensed’ by Apple. This edition of Music Label Convoy is limited to 100 pieces, and is a collaboration between TakaraTomy and Exile, a Japanese pop band.

Cassette tapes floor lamp

The Cassette Tapes Floor Lamp by OOO My Design is one of those you wished you had thought of yourself! You can get this lamp for only €40 or alternatively you can also get the ‘shade’ for only €35.