Social Media watches

Yo dawg, I heard you liek social media! Well now you can show off your addiction with these social media watches. Only $18.

Wifi detecting hat. Yes, you're a real nerd

The guys over t ThinkGeek hve done it again and this might be one of the nerdiest items in their catalogue ever! You can now detect Wi-fi hotspots and show that their is wireless connection available with this cap! Yes, you’re the biggest nerd of all of us if you get one of these badass […]

Brand Keyboard

This one goes straight to the Dept. of WTF. Designer Ignacio Pilotto created a brand keyboard, where every letter/key is replaced by the logo of an international brand. Cool touch, when looking hard enough and trying to find something positive to say about this massive sell-out, are the extra fuction-hotkeys. Example: [www] + [f] = […]

Washable Mice (Mouses?)

So which is it? How do you pluralize “mouse,” the peripheral that you attach to your computer? I cannot count the number of times that this argument has come up at the office. In a room full of English teachers, you can just imagine the kind of debate that happens. Anyhow, either form is acceptable […]

Transformers Cufflinks

The second installment of the new Transformers franchise has been out for a couple of days now and I haven’t gotten to watch it yet! We are actually planning on doing that tonight, but I am not so sure that we can still get tickets. Apparently, in spite of the below average reviews of the […]

Food keyboard: chocolate and biscuits

Food and IT go hand in hand. If you manage to combine both in to one item you’re on the right path. I had to grin when I saw this s’mores keyboard. Sadly there is no indication of any functionality or if it really is made out of food or just plastic. Seems like we’ll […]

Hommage, Cylon inspired jet robot

Hommage is a unique creation by reaver, who has several robot inspired items in his Etsy store. Hommage is a humanoid transforming in to a jet plane and is 17″ when standing. The original piece is currently on display in the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you have $2.000 over you can […]

Meertrek, handmade Star Trek meerkats

Nifty Knits on Folksy is specialized in knitting meerkats. Her latest creation, Meertreks, is collection of awesome meerkats dressed as Trekkies. At £22 rather expensive but cool nevertheless.

Blingvaders, oversized HipHop jewelry for geeks

Oversized jewelry as we know it from the rappers scene has never really interested me, but things get different when you add Space Invaders to the mix. We are long term fans of the Space Invaders and anything with one of the best computer games all time will make us smile. But oversized rappers bling? […]

Rubik's Cube Post-it

Rubik’s Cube is one of our favourite toys ever here at FG HQ. This makes the surprise of us wanting the Rubik’s inspired Colorblock Note Cube rather unsurprising. Just a note block, but with ace design. 680 Pages Approx. 3.5″x3.1″ Available from Fred Flare for $12. Further picture after the jump.

Kokeshi Dolls, Star Trek version

Kokeshi are traditional Japanese wooden dolls, totally different from Matryoshka or nested Russian dolls. Craig Galentine has a large assortment of handmade and hand painted Kokeshi dolls in his Etsy store. Among the many ninja dolls, you also find all time favourites Cpt. Kirk and Spock, the original Trekkies. Definitely Dept. of Awesomeness worthy!

Yo-yo inspired MP3 player

French designer Nicholas Cinguion created the S.MP3, an yo-yo inspired MP3 player without yo-yo functionality. Instead the wire is the tangle for the headphones. At the end of the day, a really nice conceptual design. No word on the specs though.

RSS Icon Pillow

At the FG HQ we certainly love our coffee, but RSS is another hot topic for us geeks. Drink coasters are just a small sign of our addiction, we also love pillows and what better way to feed our feed addiction with this new RSS pillow? The pillow is 12″x12″ and can be bought from […]

The Guitar Hanger

The guitar hanger is a creative concept for musicians with little space in their house (or many guitars). Consisting of basic only two hooks, the Guitar Hanger allows to hang your guitars in your wardrobe. Video after the jump.

27 weird and cool pool balls and accessories

I love a good game of pool, but let’s face it, the standard equipment can be a bit boring. Here’s 27 ideas for jazzing up the pool balls, table and surroundings. Keep a bottle of wine fresh (if it lasts more than one sitting) with these pool ball adorned bottle stoppers. Link Pool balls with […]

Spreadsheet barbecue grill

Our favourite gadget designers at Art.Lebedev were at it again. This time they created a new barbecue grid aimed at office nerds. If you’re a fan of spreadsheets and would run the country on spreadsheets this barbecue grill is exactly what you need.

Customizable Message Tape

Charles and Marie have released customizable message tape. The tape comes in the form of LCD digits and you can black out the dots to display any message you want. At $15 for 50m of tape this seems a great accessory to customize package for a present. From Charles and Marie. On another note we […]

Concept Folding Coffee Machine

Designer Alisson Wilson Ströher has released a new folding concept coffee maker for the home market. Although right at the moment it is nothing more than a concept, there already are plans to market this awesomely looking caffeine producing shot machine (*grin*) at $130.

Spy Camera Sunglasses

You know you were born in the 80s if… Is this line familiar? I saw a note on Facebook this week that ran along these lines. Apparently, it has been going around and naturally, those of us who were tiny tots in the 80s found it hilarious. One of the things that I remember from […]

Grass Charge Valet

Here at the Forever Geek HQ we certainly like our green and eco gadgets. Recently we reported about the Timeless Garden and the water powered shower light, now Taylor Gifts has released a Grass Charge Valet. Instead of having your desk full of gadgets and with complete cable mess, making it hard to find that […]