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Brandalism Gives Ad Industry the Finger

Well, it may or may not be giving the figurative finger, but I have a feeling that I am not way off base in saying that. We’ve all had our encounters with advertising. In fact, a day does not go by without us being exposed to it. If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for […]

Target Does The Avengers

This is one of the times that it must suck to be in the US. If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of The Avengers, that is. When I woke up today, I saw my Twitter stream full of people talking about having seen The Avengers. Good for them, huh? If you’re still “patiently” waiting to […]

Weekly Poll: Best Superbowl Ads

Almost 60 epic ads were aired during Super Bowl XLVI. Here are ten of the funniest and geekiest. Which one is the best?

Best LEGO Ads Ever

How can something so simple be so genius? I’ve never seen a LEGO ad that better represents the spirit of imagination and fun that the famous building blocks embody than this clever series. Displaying the simple slogan, “Make your own story,” these five print ads are laugh-out-loud funny, depicting moments from Star Wars that never […]

L'Oreal marketing: MP3 better than Vinyl? Huh?

L’Oreal recently ran a TV ad campaign in the UK for its new hair care product “INOA”, suggesting that its funkily-named coloration product is altogether better than any existing system. Maybe it is, but to a music-appreciating tech geek, the comparisons fall a little flat. Take a look: (Hopefully that video is still there, though […]