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Feast Your Eyes on the First Stage of Super Mario 64 LEGO

Released for the Nintendo 64 in 1996, Super Mario 64 is a 3D action-adventure game that has captured the hearts of many a gamer. The first stage, in particular, has become such an iconic stage, and every Mario lover will know it by heart. Mario lover and LEGO savant Pepa Quin put together these two […]

Make the Legend of Zelda LEGO Set a Reality!

Cuusoo is the where awesome LEGO concepts are created, albeit not the only place. For those who are avid fans of LEGO and who want their other interests recreated in those iconic bricks and minifigs, the platform gives the best chance of actually turning their dreams into reality. Now, you have a chance to help […]

Wooden LEGO Bricks for the Naturalist AFOL

The way LEGO incites creativity is hard to beat. With the essence of the bricks and putting them together revolving around reaching inside you for creative inspiration, it is not a surprise that LEGO has survived the test of time and generations. Then there are those individuals who go the extra mile to build upon […]

Back to the Future LEGO Is Something to Look Forward to in 2013

There’s just no end to the joy that LEGO can bring, is there? Yesterday, we got wind of the life-sized LEGO Bag End creation, and we were treated to a video of how it came to be. I am sure that inspired an AFOL or two to come up with something just as epic. Moving […]

Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell in LEGO

Dante’s Divine Comedy is one of the most popular epic poems, and while I am pretty sure there are still a lot of people who have not read the work in its entirety ((Guilty as charged.)), the concept of the Nine Circles of Hell is rather widespread. Depending on your beliefs, of course, you may […]

This Hand-carved Wooden LEGO Minifig Will Make You Throw a Tantrum

I don’t know if you do Christmas, but for those of you who do, you’re probably deep into your holiday shopping endeavors by now. Or maybe, if you’re like many others, you’re totally leaving things to the last minute. Whichever group you may fall under, I am pretty sure that this hand-carved wooden LEGO minifig […]

A Look at LEGO Creations By Nathan Sawaya. Prepare to Be Amazed!

Nathan Sawaya is not a stranger to us at ForeverGeek. Over the years, we have taken a look at his work and shared some of the best with you. Just in case you need to refresh your memory or you have not really encountered him before, Nathan Sawaya is a renowned artist based in New […]

Iron Man by LEGO Prodigy Evan Bacon – WANT!

LEGO creations are always impressive, even in small scale. When you see a larger than life Iron Man made out of LEGO, however, impressive might just not be enough. This LEGO Iron Man is the creation of LEGO prodigy Evan Bacon, who is only 14 years old. He has been getting his fair share of […]

This Is How You Brighten Up a Drab City – With LEGO

Cities have not been called concrete jungles for nothing, and while I have been living in the city for most of my adult life, I cannot deny how ugly it can be at times. The pollution certainly does not help, and with the concrete walls of edifices getting dirtier as the years go by, sometimes […]

LEGO Microfig Star Wars Chess Set

Who wants to play grown up LEGO? With Star Wars, of course. I am not referring to LEGO Star Wars: The Movie, but if that’s what you want, no one’s stopping you. Then again, if you like playing a good game of chess to pass the time, I can offer you something better: a LEGO […]

Off Book Features LEGO Art

“LEGO blocks are one of the most beloved toys in the world, playing a role in many a person’s childhood. But for some creators, LEGO has evolved from toy to art form.” I will not argue about LEGO being one of the most beloved toys in the world. I might even go as far as […]

Battlestar Valkyrie in LEGO

We might never see the likes of Battlestar Galactica on TV again, but there is no doubt that we will keep seeing creations by enthusiasts. Whether it’s video or art or LEGO, we shall have to be somewhat content with what we can get. And with this Battlestar Valkyrie in LEGO creation, one cannot complain […]

Blade Runner LEGO

Blade Runner LEGO Love LEGO? Once you see Flickr user Legohaulic’s images, you just might utter the words “When I grow up, I want to be like him”. He recently showed off shared his set of Blade Runner LEGO figures on his Flickr account, much to the delight of other LEGO fans – AFOLs and […]

Back to the Future in LEGO

It was only recently that the news about Mattel coming out with real life hoverboards came out. While the devices will only glide over most surfaces and not actually hover, the idea is still pretty cool, especially for those of us who have been yearning to have a hoverboard just like Marty McFly did. I […]

Go Old School with LEGO Moleskine

Do still remember the good old days when you had to sit in class, listen to your professor give a long lecture, and write down notes in your trusty notebook? I certainly do! These days, I think kids still use notebooks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many university students these days use their smartphones, […]

LEGO Superman TV Actually Plays!

LEGO has just released its first toys in the new “LEGO DC Universe Superheroes” lineup (“LEGO Marvel Superheroes” sets are coming later this year). To celebrate, adult LEGO builder Rod Gillies created this awesome TV displaying a Superman minifigure TV show — and it really plays.

Taxidermy Deer LEGO Kit

Here’s a cool find for all of you LEGO fans out there. Whether you are a still a kid (for real) or you are an AFOL, this LEGO kit just might be on your wish list for Christmas. Now, if you can’t get enough of all things LEGO, and you are also into animals – […]

Time Twister: LEGO MINDSTORMS Clock

This week is good for LEGO lovers! Yesterday, we discovered The Cult of LEGO, a coffee book table that is due to be released next month. It is arguably the best present for any AFOL. Today, to end the week, we have a LEGO creation that will make it hard for LEGO enthusiasts not to […]

The Cult of LEGO: Coffee Table Book Every AFOL Must Have

Is there a correlation between AFOLs and the love for reading? There must be at least one study out there that we just do not know about, but it does not matter. If you are an AFOL, whether or not you love to read, you will want this coffee table for Christmas. Or even for […]